"I've always said that, if done properly, armed robbery doesn't have to be a totally unpleasant experience"

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I was watching Thelma and Louise this afternoon on tv (for about the millionth time) and trying to decide who was hotter in that movie, Brad Pitt or Michael Madsen, when Brad Pitt’s character threw out that line and it made me laugh. Great movie. If you’ve seen it, who do you think is hotter (the way they looked then, not now!) of the two? I think they’re perfectly cast for what I’d want them for: young cowboy Brad Pitt for a lil’ lovin’ and then sweet rugged Michael Madsen to marry, haha.



But the two girls are obviously the coolest characters in the whole movie, hands down. Mmm hmm. 🙂


Okay, enough randomness! On to foods!

Went out early this morning for some appointments and running errands. Took a ton of water and a big cup of Diet Mountain Dew with me (yes, I know, artificial sweetener is poison but it’s about my one remaining vice in this life so I let it go…for now) and didn’t have any breakfast. I don’t know – I like breakfast when I have time but I don’t always feel that I *need* it. Everything I read says how important it is and all, but I have honestly never noticed a difference between the times that I have eaten it religiously and times when I haven’t. Yeah. If you have any thoughts on this, post ’em. I’d be curious to hear what other people have experienced with the whole breakfast/no breakfast thing.

Anyway. Got home around noon and of course was pretty hungry by then. So was my cat! One of the appointments had been her monthly bath at the groomer, which she actually doesn’t mind, but she always returns home STARVING! So we ate.

I had bought some brown rice sushi (California rolls) from the local natural foods store while I was out, so I ate that…


…while I cooked up a pot of shrimp and soba noodle soup. You may be starting to get the feeling that I love soup – yep, I do! Always have. When I was a little girl, I used to love soup for breakfast and I stil love it for pretty much any meal.

I adapted this recipe from one I found in a magazine. Another thing you’ll see when you follow my food habits is that I almost never make recipes exactly as they are written. I love to add more veggies, switch out things I don’t like for things I do, etc. This came out pretty good! At first, it was decent but the broth was kind of boring…then I remembered a little can of instant won ton soup broth granules in the pantry that I bought at the asian market not long ago, so I added some of that and THEN it was super yum.


I made up a new batch of iced peppermint tea today, so I thought I’d show you all my nifty little tea brewer. I get my tea loose leaf from http://www.adagio.com (they have great tea, good prices, fast shipping!) and brew it in a neat little thing that I got from them, too. It’s pretty cool – first you put your tea leaves into it


Then you pour boiling water into the pitcher over all of the nice peppermint leaves, and let it steep for a while.


And then – this is the cool part – you pick up the little pitcher off its base and set it on top of the container that you want your tea in. It causes some kind of valve to open so the tea pours into the container, but all the leaves stay in the pitcher! Super cool.


I make it pretty strong because it only fills about a quarter of my container so then I fill the container the rest of the way up with water and – voila! – perfect iced tea!

Laid on the sofa with my sleepy, fluffy, clean kitty and watched Thelma & Louise while I did some homework. I’m only taking one actual class this semester – which is why I’m home a lot, because I only have to go to campus on Monday & Wednesday mornings – but I’m finishing up two independent research projects so I spend a lot of time working on the computer at home. It’s kind of nice because I get to hang out in my pjs a lot, but it also requires a lot of self-motivation and can be easy to fall behind. In the fall, I’ll be starting my Masters of Public Health (assuming I get accepted to the program) and will be actually at school/on campus a lot, so I’m enjoying this stay-at-home semester for what it is. My sweet kitty definitely likes having me home.


I wasn’t particularly hungry before leaving for work, but I know from past experience that if I don’t eat anything before work, I’ll end up REALLY hungry and sometimes even shaky halfway through my shift. So I had the end of my egg salad on some spinach and romaine with grape tomatoes, a sprinkle of flax oil and a little light ranch dressing.


I may be going out for a few drinks with friends after work, so I’ll post this now and update when I get home later tonight – hope you all have a great Friday night, whether it be socializing, relaxing at home, or something else altogether!


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