there's a restaurant down the street where hungry people like to eat

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So I did end up going out after work last night for a few drinks and a lot of laughs with friends. My new favorite drink was recommended to me last week by a co-worker, L, and it’s so yummy – blueberry vodka + a few splashes of Rose’s Lime Juice on the rocks. Ask for it next time you go to a bar – it’s so simple and surprisingly yummy. Well, I guess not that surprising considering I love pretty much any flavored vodka with Crystal Light lemonade when I’m at home.

Got home kind of late (like 3 am) and gobbled down a bowl of broccoli soup before bed. Slept in a little this morning – nice. Woke up and showered and went out to lunch with my friend B. We went to a longtime local favorite Mexican restaurant, Rosa’s. It’s really close to where I live, hence the song lyrics/post title today. 🙂 I forgot my camera and have been having issues getting photos off my Blackberry lately, so I didn’t take any pictures but Google Image Search will help me out here.

Here’s what Rosa’s looks like: Not much.


I was sitting on the bench just like that girl waiting for B, but I was sitting in the sun and talking to a guy who was selling tangelos and grapefruits from a cardboard box. The restaurant is just a little hole-in-the-wall in a strip mall, but it’s pretty cute inside and very authentic Mexican. I don’t know, I used to think it was a really good place but in recent years I’ve found it sort of disappointing. I have another Mexican place that I like a lot better, but B never wants to go there for some reason.

So we had some chips and salsa, of course. I absolutely love chips and salsa and never get sick of them, to the point that I rarely buy tortilla chips because I can (and will) eat a family size bag all by myself. But I managed to keep myself to only a few today. The salsa at Rosa’s was good, you could tell they roasted the tomatoes and chiles first. Looked a lot like this:


I got a topopo with shredded beef. I thought it was really weird that I hardly found any photos online when I searched “topopo” but then I remembered that probably more people call it a “taco salad” and, yep, that search yielded more results. This kind of looks like the one I had…


…except mine didn’t have those big hunks of cheese going up the sides, and had a nice glob of cottage cheese on top. But it gives you an idea of what it looked like. It was pretty good. I didn’t finish it, though, too big. I was a wee bit hungover/overtired and the nice icy Diet RC tasted better than the food.

I got kind of snacky later when I was home and wanted something sweet, so I had a Clif Mint Chocolate bar.


These are so good – they’re like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, but better because they’re chewy and have more texture. Love ’em. I really like all Clif bars but they don’t really make me feel full, so I kind of save them for dessert and don’t have them too too often. What are your favorite brands/flavors of bars?

Oh, and I almost forgot the cutest thing from today…when I got home from lunch, this had been carefully placed on my doorstep:


A little wildflower, left as a gift for me! It had to have been put there on purpose, it was just too perfectly placed and the bushes those flowers grow on aren’t anywhere near my house. I was pretty sure I knew who my secret admirer was – there’s a family in my complex with two little girls who I’ve sort of befriended when their football ended up on my roof and I climbed up on a ladder to retrieve it for them. They’re SUPER cute and have unbelievably good manners. And sure enough, a little later I heard one of them outside say, “mommy, she got the flower we left her!” when they went walking by. So sweet – that really made my day. 🙂

Did some homework and cleaning, then dozed on the sofa with kitty while watching What Not To Wear. Had a bowl of broccoli soup before heading off to work.


Got home around 11:00 pm and had a baked potato with turkey chili and Greek yogurt.


I also had a whole wheat hamburger bun with strawberry jam on it but didn’t take any pictures.

Had two Viactiv for dessert, one chocolate and one caramel – tastes like a Rolo when you eat them together!

Pretty sleepy now. Night! 🙂


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