I was sitting, waiting, wishing

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Kind of forgot to mention that yesterday I received official acceptance to grad school! I’ll be going to the university here where I went undergrad, but in a totally different area of study – I’ll be doing my Masters of Public Health. I was pretty certain that I would be accepted, but it’s nice to have been told officially, and also so early…I didn’t expect to know until mid-March. So that’s very nice. 🙂

Went down to campus for a meeting with my advisor this morning fairly early. As I was walking down the main campus mall to the building, I heard a guy yell out behind me and then a big crash – I knew what it was even before I turned around and, yep, somehow two bicyclists had crashed into one another.  😦 I called 911 and sat with the girl who seemed to have injured her back and was quite hysterical. The guy appeared to have a broken wrist. It was not a great scene. I felt so bad for them both.

However, it could have been a lot worse as neither of the bicyclists (and I’m talking non-motorized, normal bicycles here, not mopeds or anything) were wearing helmets! I’ll never forget years ago when a professor at this same university had an accident on his bicycle, landed on his head…and died! Please, if you ride a bike at all, wear a helmet.

Meeting went well and I was in a good mood and decided to treat myself to a breakfast burrito from a drive-thru Mexican place near campus. Simple and yummy: eggs, cheese, potatoes, and bacon in a freshly made flour tortilla. I really love good homemade flour tortillas. So much so that – like I think I have admitted about corn tortilla chips – I rarely keep them in the house because I have trouble controlling myself with them, lol. I don’t know what it is with me and tortillas.

Here it is unwrapped on the kitchen counter:


And closeup after a few bites…


Yum. 🙂

I don’t know if the pictures show how huge that thing was, so I wasn’t really hungry for the rest of the afternoon. Before work, though, I got hungry again and decided to make a nice Middle Eastern-inspired dinner.

I made tabouli last night in anticipation of this meal. I used one of the little boxed mixes (I think the brand is called Fantastic?) that you add water and fresh tomatoes to, but I also always add chopped cucumber, garbanzo beans, and artichoke hearts. It’s always better to make tabouli ahead of time, in my experience, because the flavors really marry and meld in the fridge overnight. I had also cooked a packet of yellow rice the night before. The rice mix is one by Goya which I know is Spanish food, but it reminds me of the yellow rice that they serve at the local Middle Eastern restaurant and that’s what I was basing this meal upon.

So I heated up some of the falafel that I made in the crockpot a few days ago with the yellow rice. Then I added a big handful of salad mix, topped by tabouli, and a spoonful of Cucumber-Dill flavor hummus.


So much yum! I scooped it all up with a piece of pita bread which I didn’t photograph. My eating disordered mind was telling me that it was too many carbohydrates, but I ignored it for the most part and enjoyed all the flavors and nutrients. I’m totally going to have this again, probably tomorrow. 😀

Work was good, had nice people and made money. I’m not particularly hungry now and it’s late so I think I’ll go to bed and make some nice big breakfast in the morning.


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Slept in a little today – I was so tired last night that I fell asleep almost immediately but then woke up at 2.00 am and dozed/dreamed from there. So annoying, really, this is the story of my life. Anyone have good experiences with a sleeping pill that helps you sleep through the night?

Got up at 7.00 and made a big huge egg white omelet with a diced up potato and sauteed mushrooms, little bit of lite cheese. And taco sauce, of course.


Headed off for a few things after that, and got home at 2.30 pm very hungry. Had more red beans & quinoa – what a lovely combination.


I went to work after that. When I got home I had a Clif Chocolate Mint bar.


Yum. This made me glad that I turned down the Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of the store today.

Ok, some of my favorite food bloggers have been posting their kitchens, and I love mine so here I go:


Here it is. I love my kitchen.


And there again.


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can't think of a clever title today

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I’m super tired tonight so this will be quick.

Woke up, had a bowl of my turkey meatball barley soup for breakfast.


Went to class and a meeting and got home around lunchtime. Had some more of last night’s red beans and quinoa…


Did homework stuff all afternoon and then had another bowl of turkey soup before work. I dunno, my stomach is sometimes really disagreeable, and today it wasn’t happy.

Stopped at the bar after work with friends but I just had a club soda with lime to try to settle my stomach a little. I’m just going to bed – that usually helps – and hopefully it will be better in the morning.

Night! 🙂

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there should be a song of joy about new computers…

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…but I don’t know of one. 😛 Got my computer back early this morning with 300% more memory than before and WOW it is so much faster! It’s like a brand new laptop. I’m very, very, happy.

Last night I could not sleep, even though I’d been tired all day. I think I was overtired, plus I had a very busy night at work and it’s hard to wind down from that sometimes. I laid on the sofa with my cat purring on my chest and watched some tv. I saw the end of the movie Bull Durham, which I used to love but hadn’t seen in years. I know Kevin Costner doesn’t look so great these days, but man, seeing him in that movie last night was a vivid reminder as to why I used to think he was so hot. Mmm hmm. Then I watched most of Good Will Hunting, which is also a great movie I hadn’t seen in a long time. I had forgotten that most of the soundtrack was by Elliott Smith, too, amazing music. Finally went to bed right before 3 am and even then tossed and turned a lot.

Got up at 8-ish and went to collect my computer. Stopped by to visit my parents since the tech-place was near their house and hung out in the sun with them and their cats for a while. Today was my day off and I was still craving something Mexican-ish – my little healthy burrito yesterday didn’t do it, I guess – so I stopped at the drive-thru place near my house called El Taco (I know, such an original name) and got a bean tostada for brunch.


That’s how it looked straight from the place, although I put it on a plate because I don’t like eating out of styrofoam containers – just seems really…undignified or something. But I added a little taco sauce from my fridge before I ate it.


As I was eating it, I was kind of laughing in my head at how I put it on a plate to be “dignified” but then picked it up and ate it like some kind of not-very-dignified-and-in-fact-very-messy person, lol. It was yummy, simple and good. I don’t know why refried beans always taste so much better from restaurants than they do at home, even from restaurants that I know use canned beans.

Had a lazy-ish morning after that – nice long shower, made some phone calls, etc. Around lunch I decided to try this soup that I made last night…okay, this is a long and maybe not very interesting story.

So I bought this instant soup from the bulk bin of the natural food store a while ago. It’s called Curried Lentil and you just add hot water, so I thought it would be nice to have on hand for when I had no food and was in a hurry. Tried it last night when I got home and it was so…completely boring. No curry flavor, and the lentils didn’t reconstitute well and tasted freeze-dried. I had a few bites and just gave up and didn’t eat dinner, but I put it in the fridge overnight thinking maybe it would improve as it sat. So I tasted some today and it was still super-boring. I hate wasting food, though, so I looked in the pantry and found this can of tomatoes with herbs and thought I’d try adding that to it. Now I should add that I had another can of these same tomatoes a while ago and they were really weird and super salty, so I have been reluctant to use them again. But I thought, well, the soup is incredibly bland, so maybe it will dilute the salty-ness and…yeah, you can probably see this isn’t going to end well, right? But I tried it, and threw in a little fresh spinach as well while it heated up.


Looks good, right?

Ugh. Just…FAIL. I normally don’t throw out food just because it tastes bad – like I’ll only toss it if it’s gone bad or something, but not just because I’m being picky. But a few bites of this and I said, forget it.

Lesson learned: Combining two bad-tasting foods =/= one good-tasting food, hehe.

So I threw it out and actually didn’t feel too guilty about it. I have this new saying/mantra in my head lately that I tell myself when I make mistakes – as I normally beat myself up a lot in my head – and it’s what I told myself: This is how we learn. It makes me feel better when I say this to myself. Sounds cheesy, I know, but it works. 🙂

So I decided to go grocery shopping and come home and make some good food! It was a gorgeous sunny day and I went to WalMart for some boring stuff but also picked up another pair of corduroy pants. I bought a cute pair of black cords there a few weeks ago for $13 and I like them so much that today I bought them in grey as well. I really like corduroy.

Then I went to Trader Joe’s, which I just love so much. Got loads of nice things there, including more Greek yogurt, spinach, some chicken & basil pesto sausages, breaded eggplant, Clif bars, and…I don’t remember what else. And I went to the regular grocery store, too, for more regular stuff.

Came home and cooked up a storm! I randomly decided when I found some ham on sale at Albertson’s to make Red Beans & Rice. Got home and sort of just threw it together without a recipe. It came out really good! I love it when that happens. I wasn’t sure if brown rice would be good with it – I used to always have it with white rice when I was growing up – so I looked at all the grain options in my pantry and went with quinoa instead. It worked really well – nice and light.


Pretty meat heavy (ham and salami) for me, and certainly not very authentic New Orleans-style with all those added veggies, but super yummy! Good thing, too, because I ended up with a lot of it so you’ll be seeing this all week.

I also made a big pot of my Turkey Meatball and Barley soup, but didn’t eat any of it tonight…another one you’ll see as the week goes on. I love this soup. I’ll post some of my favorite recipes soon.

And I decided to try an experiment in cooking. I can’t remember where I found a recipe for making falafel in the crockpot, but I tried it tonight. I used a box mix of falafel because I’ve had it for at least a couple of years but have never made it because I’m kind of freaky about frying foods in a lot of oil. The crockpot recipe only uses 2 Tbsp. of oil on the bottom of the crockpot and seems to have worked fairly well, although it was kind of tricky turning the little patties over on the bottom of the pot so some of them crumbled a little. But it’s amazing how nicely they browned up and with no supervision – just mix up and throw them in there! I need to buy pita bread and hummus tomorrow and will report then as to how they taste.

Here’s how they looked in the crockpot after I turned them – a little crumbly…


But don’t they look lovely and golden-browned? I didn’t know you could brown things in a crockpot.


The boxed mix has instructions for baking them, which I might try next time, but this was an interesting experiment nevertheless. If anyone knows where I got the crockpot falafel recipe (I’m sure it was off a food blog but I have no idea which ons), let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

This is how we learn, right? 🙂

I have had a lot of thoughts lately about balance, portion-size, learning to recognize hunger and satiety, learning to eat “normally”…but I think I’ll wait until these thoughts are a little better formed to post them. And also this is already a really long post.

Thanks for reading, anyone who does.

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what a long strange trip it's been

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This weekend was really long and strange…and actually very fun, for the most part. It’s funny how in life the boys I want never want me, and the boys who do want me are never the ones I want. But there’s definitely something to be said for good friends. 🙂

I ate random foods this weekend and spent too many nights drinking blueberry vodka at the bar with friends, lol. And didn’t take any photos.

Saturday I was tired and lazy and ate frozen breaded eggplant (well, I heated it up) from Trader Joe’s with pasta sauce and melted cheese. It was good, I’ve had it in my freezer for a while and will definitely buy it again. When I got home from the bar, super late (like 2.30 am) I had the last of those not-so-great portabello flavor Boca burgers with a slice of cheese on top.

Sunday I ate a little tabouli and then went out to Red Lobster with a friend for an early dinner. I’ve never eaten there before…well, at least not since I was like 10 years old and used to go there when I’d visit my grandparents in Michigan. It was pretty good, I have to say. I had parmesan-crusted tilapia with mashed potatoes, and we split a lobster-spinach-cheese dip thing with tortilla chips. And then we all went out again last night because it was a friend’s last night working with us.

So I was out late again, and then had class at 9.00 this morning. Pretty much rolled out of bed at the last possible minute, gulped down a bunch of water and went to class. On my way home, I thought about stopping at this great little drive-thru Mexican place near my house for a burrito, but then I decided to come home and make my own – save money, healthier, etc.

I used a whole grain Flat-Out as the wrap and added some refried beans, a little lowfat cheese, salsa, Greek yogurt, sprouts, and sauteed crimini mushrooms. Mushrooms? I know, mushrooms and sprouts aren’t very Mexican-food but I love mushrooms and they needed to be used before they rotted in the vegetable drawer. It came out pretty good.



And then I took a nap. 🙂

Woke up and was craving a grilled cheese sandwich but for some reason it seemed like too much trouble to actually cook one, so I made a turkey sandwich and melted the cheese a little in the microwave. Turkey, cheese, mayo, dijon, sprouts, pickles on a whole wheat bun.


I’m posting this early today because I’m about to take my computer over to this techie place so they can install a whole bunch of new memory I just bought – yay! But they’re keeping it overnight so hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with a much faster computer.

See you then!

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i know it's over…

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…and it never really began

Oh – my -confusion galore these days in my personal life.

But FOOD – not so confusing. 🙂

Went to my parents’ house this morning for breakfast with my cousin and her husband. It was really nice. Dad made some casserole of hashbrowns, sausage, and eggs. I added ketchup to mine but didn’t take any pictures. I also drank a lot of coffee.

When I came home at 2.00 I was kind of buzzing from the caffeine. I made a sandwich for lunch – and it was really good – whole wheat bun with a Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb wedge, sliced tomato, 1/4 of a big avocado, and some sprouts.



Added a shake of sea salt & pepper and it was really good.

And then went to work. And when I got home, had more veggie meatball & spinach soup:


And I’m so tired of thinking about everything.


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happiness is a warm gun

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I had yogurt and blueberries for a late breakfast today. Super yummy.


And then I went to the shooting range with a friend. I’m not a gun person, but I’ve shot them a few times in my life – in a shooting range and then skeet shooting when I was summer camp counselor – although that’s all been a long time ago. So I was kind of nervous about shooting my friend’s 9 mm Glock. As it turned out, I did really well! He had warned me that there might be a lot of kickback and it would be hard to control and might hurt my hands. But I did awesome, and hit the target quite close to where I intended to hit it, and held tough. It was super fun.

We went to Chipotle for a late lunch after that. I had a Veggie Burrito Bol but didn’t take photos. It’s basically black beans, seasoned rice, sauteed peppers and onions, lettuce, a little cheese, salsa and guacamole. I love their guacamole. It was good.

Went to work, it was busy and I made money. 😀 When I got home I threw together a random fast soup – heated some meatless meatballs in some chicken stock with spinach. Filled me up but not too heavy.


Now I’m off to bed. I’m going to my parents’ tomorrow for breakfast with my visiting cousin and her husband. Trying to get to bed decently early as I didn’t sleep last night well.

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geez, what a slacker I am

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Totally haven’t been updating here but I intend to get back to it starting now. 🙂

I don’t know what I’ve been doing but I feel like I’ve been busy and not eating very interesting things. Need to do some cooking.

I also haven’t been particularly hungry lately for some reason, so I haven’t been very inspired about food. Have been having turkey sandwiches, yogurt and fruit, just sort of boring staples.

Today I started with egg whites…


…with spinach and a little cheese, topped with salsa.

Later I had the end of some lentils with Soyrizo and vegetarian Italian sausage. This is a recipe my mom used to make, and when I was vegetarian I used to make it with the soy sausages. Even though I’m not vegetarian anymore, I still like it that way.


And this box of candies for dessert…


After work I had a little bit of leftover gnocchi with tomato sauce and spinach, but I forgot to take a picture.

Sorry this is kind of a boring post. I’ll be back tomorrow with more interesting stuff.

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so we go from year to year

February 12, 2009 at 12:08 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

I made pumpkin raisin oatmeal for breakfast. I didn’t add protein powder this time, but added some egg whites instead and it tasted better without the protein powder.


For lunch I had a bowl of the ham and blackeyed pea soup I made yesterday – it’s pretty good and simple, has lots of carrots, celery, pearl onions, and chard in a beef broth. I had it with a slice of the dark rye bread that I made yesterday as well…and since I had these both yesterday, I didn’t take new pictures, so these might look familiar.



It was good. So good that I had it again for dinner before work, haha. I won’t repost the pictures to bore you.

Wasn’t hungry after work so I guess that’s it for today.

I really need to cook. I feel like I have a kitchen full of ingredients and nothing to eat right now. So tomorrow I hope to get some cooking done and have some new interesting foods to post. Night.

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you say goodbye and I say hello

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I’m back! I was sick and then I was busy but now I’m back. 🙂

One thing that helped my cold immensely was making tea similar to that my friend/cook at work made for me – I combined these ingredients in the morning and I swear it helped my throat and sinuses:


That’s tea (ginger & honey flavor but I don’t think the flavor would matter much), honey, cayenne pepper, and a Trader Joe’s version of Emergen-C. Such a weird combination, right? But it worked very well.

Okay, so I’m feeling much better now. I didn’t track/photograph foods for a few days, though. Went out to eat at Claim Jumpers on Sunday night with my friend J. It was the first time I’d been there and, yep, the portion sizes were pretty huge as I had heard. It was okay. I don’t really love chain restaurants.

SO ANYWAY, foods for today. I had my parents coming over today to help me with some home stuff (they recently helped me completely renovate my house and there are still some finishing touches to be done) so I woke up early and went out to buy a full-length mirror…

(because I bought one the other day at Target and then brought it into the house on Sunday night and DROPPED IT on the front porch and it shattered EVERYWHERE haha…please don’t tell me about seven years bad luck)

…at Walmart and found a completely cute pair of wide-leg black corduroy trousers for $13 at the same time. Came home and cleaned a little because my mom is an amazing housekeeper and I always want my generally clean house to look even more clean for her. I had some lunch around 11.30, one of the last pieces of that Krab frittata with a very simple greens and grape tomato salad on the side, drizzled with bottled Paul Newman balsamic vinaigrette:


I still wanted something carby-munchy-sweet after that so I had a double fiber English muffin with PB2 and some apricot jam. I’ve seen PB2 mentioned on a few food blogs, but not too many so I’ll show what it is in case people don’t know.


Here’s the nutritional info:


And here it is all mixed up with jam:


And a little closer in case you want to see more of the consistency of the PB2


I like PB2 for some instances. The sugar content squicks me out a little, because I usually buy natural peanut butter with no added ingredients, but it’s very low fat and low calorie compared to regular peanut butter. I use it for times when I just want a little pb taste, but I haven’t used it to replace regular peanut butter.  I don’t know, I guess I’m a little conflicted about how I feel about PB2.

Later, after my parents came, I made some soup. I kind of just threw it together with some things that needed using up – ham, pearl onions, mirepoix, chard, and black-eyed peas. It turned out well. I had a bowl of it for dinner.


I also tried a new bread machine recipe today – I bought a bread machine a few weeks ago and have been experimenting with it. Today I tried a recipe for a Dark Rye bread…it turned out nicely!


It looked decent when it came out but it looked even better when I cut into it…holy yum


That little tear at the lower right? Oh yeah, that’s where I started tearing off part of the slice because it smelled so damn good. 🙂 It tasted good, too, nice and moist.

I went to running class and then had another slice of that lovely bread, and then to bed.

Night, all!

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