a dreaded sunny day, so lets go where we're happy…

February 3, 2009 at 10:09 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

It’s silly to complain about a beautiful, sunny, 78-degree day, I know…it’s just a little, well, much on February 3rd. I’d like a tad more winter before we go into the perpetual summer again. Went out a did a little thrift store shopping today, though, and it was fun, even though I was a little warm in a short-sleeved dress with boots. Crazy.

Foods were a little repetitive and then became random today. Started with more egg whites with broccoli, mushrooms, little lite cheese and taco sauce.


The taco sauce looks a kind of unappetizing brown color in pictures, but it’s yummy, I swear.

Later, I guess for lunch, I had some Greek yogurt with strawberries. I took a picture of the strawberries alone because they were just so beautiful…


Holy yum! They were as good as they looked – with the yogurt, it was like eating something decadent.


I had a smallish meal at 4.00 pm because I was going to my first running clinic at 6.00! I’m doing a weekly running clinic on Tuesday nights. So I wanted something in my stomach, but not too much. Had a Boca burger that was exactly the same as the one I had yesterday…


The running class was good – I think it’s exactly what I need to get back into running and avoid some of the injury issues I was having this past spring and summer. I stopped at Walmart and the supermarket afterward, so by the time I got home it was 8.00 and I was ready to eat! Here’s where the food gets a little random, haha.

I was craving a baked potato with broccoli and cheese, so I decided to use up some of the broccoli soup that I made a while ago which I’m, frankly, a little tired of. Put that with a little lite cheese and some bacon bits on a potato and it was really yummy!


I wanted a little more protein, though, and had been thinking that I’m not eating enough fish lately, so – and here’s where I may lose any readers of this blog who exist – I decided to have a can of sardines. That’s not the grossest part, though…when I eat sardines, or herrings, I like them straight out of the can at room temperature, topped with grainy mustard. I don’t know why – I don’t eat any other foods out of the can but I always do with canned fish.


Yup, good stuff. 🙂

After that I was definitely full. Had a little hot tea and Viactiv for dessert – I swear, if you pop two Viactiv in your mouth at once – one milk chocolate flavor and one caramel flavor – it tastes like a Rolo candy.

I’m afraid I might be developing/fighting off a cold – woke with a sore throat this morning that hasn’t gone away, and after running my chest felt kind of, well, phlegmy. So I’m going to try to go to bed at a decent hour tonight (which, for me = before midnight) as generally I find that sleep is the only thing that really helps when I’m fighting illness. I haven’t actually had anything even as serious as a cold in well over a year, so I’m probably due…but I don’t want to get sick!

So off to bed with me shortly, and I’ll be back tomorrow. If I feel decent tomorrow, I’m going to cook a few things, so hopefully new foods will be forthcoming!


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