do you wanna eat, do you wanna sleep, do you wanna drown…?

February 3, 2009 at 9:38 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Yesterday (Monday) was kind of a weird day. I was tired and a little cranky and although I wasn’t really hungry all day,  I was munchy and nothing I ate seemed to satisfy me…so I kept eating.

Started with a bowl of the lovely creamy potato-corn-green chile soup I made over the weekend.


And then I had a whole wheat hamburger roll with some jam on it – didn’t take a picture but I tried Trader Joe’s Reduced Sugar Blueberry Jam for the first time and it was really quite nice.

Later I had an Amy’s bean & rice burrito. I love these but they’re a bit expensive for just a bean & rice burrito that I can make myself, so I get them on sale and try not to eat them too too often. Anyway, it was this kind:


And I topped it with salsa and Greek yogurt, as I always do. So yummy.


Before leaving for work, I made a Boca Burger on a whole wheat hamburger bun. I’ve had these in the freezer for a while, and they’re a portobello mushroom variety which turned out to be, eh, okay. I actually like Gardenburgers better than Boca, but Boca have more protein so I often go with them. I think I’ll stick to the more classic flavors after this box is gone, though.


Topped it with a slice of American cheese, some mayo, mustard, ketchup, romaine lettuce, and pickles. Didn’t have any tomatoes.

Got home from work at 11.00 pm and had another bowl of that corn soup, and then, still munchy, had a Clif bar…


…Black Cherry Almond flavor. And was I done then? Apparently not, because I had another Clif bar…


…which of course didn’t taste that great because let’s face it, at that point I was just doing some weird bingey thing.

So I went to bed. 🙂


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