caught a lite sneeze, caught a lite breeze…

February 5, 2009 at 11:01 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Cold is hanging around and just being annoying. It’s only been two days, I know, but I’m tired of sniffling and sneezing already. Luckily I don’t think it’ll get much worse and hopefully will get better soon – I’m supposed to get in another short run tomorrow and I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

Took it easy this morning after a restless night and made some “chocolate tea” – it’s this stuff called Coco Pure that a friend gave me a few canisters of a while back and I really haven’t tried more than once. It sounded better than tea when I got up, so I made a cup and it was actually a lot better than I remembered. I didn’t take a photo of it in the cup, but here’s the container:


It tastes like hot cocoa, but not quite as thick. It’s good. Here’s the nutritional info off the back of the canister:


I’m suspicious of the claim that it has “no calories”, but presumably it’s quite low calorie at least.

Decided later in the morning to have some nice, comforting oatmeal. Mixed in some pumpkin, vanilla protein powder, and a few splashes of pumpkin spice flavor coffee creamer – the last from the holiday season, I wish they would carry that flavor all year round. Topped the oatmeal with cinnamon and it was good!


Matches my bowls nicely, doesn’t it? 🙂

Took a nap and then went out for an appointment at 1.00 that went a lot longer than I expected it to, so I got home pretty hungry at 3.00. Had some more of that Krab frittata thing from last night with a little tomato/pasta sauce on top. Not bad.


I didn’t go into work tonight. My boss said they could do without me. I don’t feel so horrible, but it’s hard to wait tables when your nose is constantly running and you’re sneezing – the guests don’t like it, either, for some crazy reason! 😛 So I laid around talking on the phone to my mom for a while (with all of the doors and windows of my house open – it was like 82 degrees today!) and then went out in the early evening to Target and the supermarket. Finally got tomatoes, haha! Target is so dangerous, though, you go there for one $4 prescription and the next thing you know you’re buying a new little jacket, headband, and the $4 trip has turned into a $40 trip (or is this just me?).

Came home and decided to make a burrito in order to use up a little more of that dratted Krab that I couldn’t fit into the frittata. Made some Spanish rice, which took almost an hour because I used brown rice. While that was cooking, I snacked on a little veggie spring roll that I had picked up at the natural foods store.


The avocado was a bit brown because they make these up in the morning and I bought it at 6.00 pm, but it tasted good.


I also had some carrots dipped in salsa + lite ranch dressing.

When the rice was done, I assembled my burrito on a Flat Out Multi Grain Wrap. Spanish brown rice, Krab, shrimp, black beans, Greek yogurt (I always use this in place of sour cream), salsa, and romaine lettuce.


And then wrapped it all up!


It was good. I dunno, I think this cold is just blunting all my taste because nothing tasted as good as it looked today. But at least I’m getting healthy, balanced nutrition in to help my body get better quickly!

Had a couple of Viactiv for dessert and am going to try to turn in relatively early tonight. Good night!


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