it's just another day…

February 7, 2009 at 12:19 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Still kind of sick. Laid around a lot today. I think I’ll be better after another day…I hope. I don’t like being sick.

When I woke I made some tea…


While I was looking through my cabinet that has a million boxes of tea in it, I found this box of chocolate covered coffee beans that someone gave me a while ago…


…so I decided to try them and either eat them or throw them out if I didn’t like them. They were good!


I ended up snacking on them off and on all day and finishing the box – it wasn’t a very big box and was meant to be a single serving according to the nutritional info. It also gave me an idea for a breakfast shake – I wasn’t much in the mood to eat (no appetite from my cold) but wanted to have something in my stomach because I started a new medication today that can supposedly cause nausea…so I decided to use some of the chilled coffee I keep in the fridge for iced coffee and make a chocolate-coffee smoothie. I used coffee, chocolate protein powder, 1/3 of a frozen banana, and a splash of fat free half & half, all blended up with some ice cubes.




Lazed around all day, did some homework and watched some tv and took a nap. Before going to work I made a baked potato with the last of my broccoli soup on top and a little cheese.


Work was kind of hard…it’s just hard to be a super-duper-cheery waitress when your nose is wanting to drip and your voice is scratchy. We were busy, too, and they kind of sat me a whole bunch of tables at once. It worked out okay, but I was kind of stressed and really worn out by the end. A sweet, sweet cook made me some green tea with honey, fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, and some blend of citrus juices – it was SO good! And another nice co-worker let me leave early and took over my closing duties, which was incredibly nice. I’m usually pretty much a trooper at work so I think people can tell when I’m really not feeling well.

Got home and finished up the rest of the corn-potato soup.


I really need to cook this weekend so I have some easy things to heat up for the week, as I’ve used up almost everything in the past few days!

I’m sorry this blog has been kind of boring the past few days. I’ll stop whining about my cold very soon, and cook up some fun new foods! Thanks for reading, anyone who is, anyway! 🙂


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