I was sitting, waiting, wishing

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Kind of forgot to mention that yesterday I received official acceptance to grad school! I’ll be going to the university here where I went undergrad, but in a totally different area of study – I’ll be doing my Masters of Public Health. I was pretty certain that I would be accepted, but it’s nice to have been told officially, and also so early…I didn’t expect to know until mid-March. So that’s very nice. 🙂

Went down to campus for a meeting with my advisor this morning fairly early. As I was walking down the main campus mall to the building, I heard a guy yell out behind me and then a big crash – I knew what it was even before I turned around and, yep, somehow two bicyclists had crashed into one another.  😦 I called 911 and sat with the girl who seemed to have injured her back and was quite hysterical. The guy appeared to have a broken wrist. It was not a great scene. I felt so bad for them both.

However, it could have been a lot worse as neither of the bicyclists (and I’m talking non-motorized, normal bicycles here, not mopeds or anything) were wearing helmets! I’ll never forget years ago when a professor at this same university had an accident on his bicycle, landed on his head…and died! Please, if you ride a bike at all, wear a helmet.

Meeting went well and I was in a good mood and decided to treat myself to a breakfast burrito from a drive-thru Mexican place near campus. Simple and yummy: eggs, cheese, potatoes, and bacon in a freshly made flour tortilla. I really love good homemade flour tortillas. So much so that – like I think I have admitted about corn tortilla chips – I rarely keep them in the house because I have trouble controlling myself with them, lol. I don’t know what it is with me and tortillas.

Here it is unwrapped on the kitchen counter:


And closeup after a few bites…


Yum. 🙂

I don’t know if the pictures show how huge that thing was, so I wasn’t really hungry for the rest of the afternoon. Before work, though, I got hungry again and decided to make a nice Middle Eastern-inspired dinner.

I made tabouli last night in anticipation of this meal. I used one of the little boxed mixes (I think the brand is called Fantastic?) that you add water and fresh tomatoes to, but I also always add chopped cucumber, garbanzo beans, and artichoke hearts. It’s always better to make tabouli ahead of time, in my experience, because the flavors really marry and meld in the fridge overnight. I had also cooked a packet of yellow rice the night before. The rice mix is one by Goya which I know is Spanish food, but it reminds me of the yellow rice that they serve at the local Middle Eastern restaurant and that’s what I was basing this meal upon.

So I heated up some of the falafel that I made in the crockpot a few days ago with the yellow rice. Then I added a big handful of salad mix, topped by tabouli, and a spoonful of Cucumber-Dill flavor hummus.


So much yum! I scooped it all up with a piece of pita bread which I didn’t photograph. My eating disordered mind was telling me that it was too many carbohydrates, but I ignored it for the most part and enjoyed all the flavors and nutrients. I’m totally going to have this again, probably tomorrow. 😀

Work was good, had nice people and made money. I’m not particularly hungry now and it’s late so I think I’ll go to bed and make some nice big breakfast in the morning.



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