i can't wake up every day and find the same me

March 31, 2009 at 8:38 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I woke up this morning early as usual…but then remembered it was my day off so I snuggled back into my amazingly comfortable bed for a while longer. Got up around 8.00 and had my last serving of ham hash (not forever! just from this batch! :P)…


Had a nice leisurely morning at home – doing some homework and house-cleaning followed by a nice long shower.

Went out to lunch at the great restaurant that we went to a few weeks ago, Jax Kitchen. I’m not a big bread person but their bread is really lovely. I’m also not big into that whole dipping-bread-in-olive-oil thing but, again, they serve a garlic-infused olive oil with their bread that is truly amazing. For lunch I had a really delicious salad that was basically a take on a shrimp caesar salad: large crisp pieces of romaine with grilled shrimp, thinly sliced red onions, and little pieces of bacon. It was so fresh and garlicky and the perfect portion size, not too big like a lot of places. They really do food right at that place, and as we know the owner, it makes me happy to see them apparently doing well.

I watched a documentary recently that I’ve had saved on DVR for months. It was very, very good. If you saw Schindler’s List, you should definitely look for this to be shown on PBS again or rent it (it’s on Netflix): Inheritance. Phenomenal.

I’ve been watching so many movies lately! It’s really unlike me. I’m enjoying it…I haven’t had much free time for the past few years and I don’t think I’ll have much time starting in the fall again, so I’m trying to relax and socialize and do non-school stuff for a while here.

I went to the grocery store after that and then came home and decided to make chilaquiles. I had chilaquiles for breakfast when I was in Los Angeles and was reminded how yummy they are, so I came home determined to make some of my own. Essentially, though, classic chilaquiles are made to use up stale tortillas and they are fried, then layered with sauce and cheese. Not too healthy and not much nutrition there. So I looked around online and found a recipe for slightly more healthy and nutritious chilaquiles. Made it tonight and oh, my. SO yummy!

Here’s how they looked out of the oven:


I was planning to have lentil soup for dinner, but I couldn’t resist a little taste of these…put a little dab on a plate (it looks like a big piece but that’s a small plate, not the normal dinner plates I use)…


…omg so good! So I went back and got another piece and that was dinner. 😀

Here’s a link to the recipe of anyone wants to try it: Chilaquiles from Eating Well. I followed the recipe almost exactly (amazing!) but just used a little more cumin because I freakin’ love cumin. I think when I make it again I’ll probably add more veggies, like double the zucchini and maybe chopped mushrooms too. You’ll be seeing this for the next few days.

Probably staying home tonight – have kind of a full day tomorrow. Hope you had a good day!

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what did you dream? it's alright, we told you what to dream

March 31, 2009 at 12:18 am (Uncategorized)

Had strange, strange dreams last night. I hope most of them don’t come true.

Yesterday I had ham hash with eggs, lentil soup, the same as the day before yada yada yada…so I’m not posting photos because you all have seen this before. Went out to IHOP for dinner and had a yummy turkey club sandwich with fries dipped in ranch dressing. It was good. I always get club sandwiches on white toast even though I rarely (if ever) have white bread otherwise.

Watched a documentary recently about Star Wars fans that was introduced to me while on Spring Break by my lovely friends in Los Angeles – it’s called StarWoids and you should all see it – it’s on Netflix.

Today I had more ham hash with fried eggs…it’s a good thing my cholesterol levels are healthy with all the fried eggs I’ve been eating lately. One more serving of ham hash left, so expect to see it again tomorrow. 🙂 After that, back to egg whites as usual for a while. Hash just isn’t as good without the nice gooey egg yolks.


For lunch I had a Gardenburger – a real, classic Gardenburger. It was SO, SO good – I’m just not messing around with other meatless patties anymore. I’ve loved Gardenburgers since the early 1990s and I’m just not trying others anymore…I love these best.


On a whole wheat bun with light mayo, pickle, spinach…yum. I need tomatoes, though – why am I always out of tomatoes, lol.

Made a little snack before work – this is so seriously delicious, I need to remember to have it more often: All Bran Garlic & Herb crackers smeared with dabs of Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb cheese, and then each topped with a slice of cucumber.



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i understand about indecision

March 28, 2009 at 11:55 pm (Uncategorized)

I vacillate wildly from day to day, heck, minute to minute about whether I want to look for a new job. There are many good things about my job. There are also many things that I wish were different.

This is true of probably almost every job. And so I stay.

Today’s foods were minimal, delicious, and not the most nutritious day ever.

I made ham hash this morning. I have declared my love for fried eggs over ham hash before and it was just as fabulous today.


I made a pretty big batch so this will be reappearing for a few days. 🙂

And then I didn’t eat anything else all day until after work when I went to the bar with friends and split an order of tater tots dipped in ketchup and ranch dressing. And that was dinner, with some blueberry vodka and Rose’s lime juice.

Yep. Good thing I eat pretty well most of the time, it will counteract today I suppose.

Funny conversation from work tonight…I should include more of these. A guy wanted a salad with no onions, no shallots, he’s making it very clear that he’s allergic to these things and telling me that he’ll start having seizures if they are present. So I order the salad in this way, and then Chef tells me that there are onions in the dressing. So I go back to the guy to ask what he wants to do.

I say, “Do you want oil and vinegar as your dressing?”
He says, “No. Do you have honey-mustard?”
I say, “We can make that.” thinking, great, easy enough
He says, “Don’t walk away yet”
I say, “Okay”…thinking, oh god, WHAT
He says, “Caddyshack – what is the name of the guy who plays the groundskeeper?”

**I should insert here that I know NOTHING about most movies – but I DO know this one***

I say, “Bill Murray”

And the whole table sighs with relief and says “YES, that’s the name!”. 😀

Watched a crazy documentary after getting home – Crazy Love. It’s just…nutty. I’d recommend it. I got it from NetFlix if you are interested..

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truth be told I've tried my best

March 27, 2009 at 11:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Just heard “Fallen” by Sarah MacLachlan while driving home from work – great song. Fits my mood – I’m a bit down. Nothing serious, mostly exacerbated by a rough night at work. It’ll all be better after a good night’s sleep, I imagine.

Foods today were pretty nice. Made a lovely fried egg sandwich for breakfast. It was perfect – yolks were just soft enough to be a little gooey but not so much that they ran all down my face.


Later I decided to make a big pot of lentil soup. I kept it pretty simple – just mirepoix, lentils, barley, mushroom stock, and some spinach added at the end. It came out really nice. I snacked on some baby carrots and green grapes while it was cooking, then had a bowl of it for a late lunch.


Took a nice nap before work. And then work was crazytown – I had nothing but extremely high-maintenance guests and it really stressed me out. I made them all very happy but I swear I nearly had a nervous breakdown in the process, lol.

But it’s over now. Had another bowl of lentil soup when I got home and now I’m having a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea which I’m glad I bought a few extra boxes of right after the holidays when it was on markdown.


In my favorite snowflake tea mug. 🙂


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the prodigal blogger returns…

March 27, 2009 at 9:51 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Finally getting back into normal life routines after Spring Break…sadly. I think I’d rather my normal life routines mimicked the Spring Break routines, heh.

Yesterday’s foods!

I had soba noodles with tofu and veggies in a peanut sauce for breakfast. I made a big bowl of this at the beginning of the week and it turned out really good…it’s practically all I’ve been eating this week.

Went out for some appointments, errands, and then came home and made a veggie burger for lunch. I got this new kind recently, Dr. Praeger’s Tex-Mex flavor, and tried them for the first time. They were good, but maybe a little spicy for me. I’m not a spicy food person, and these were slightly too flavorful. I imagine other people would like them a lot. I really just like classic Gardenburgers and should probably stick to those.


After that I had a new bar that I got in the mail through a consumer tasting program that sends free samples.



It was okay. I didn’t like the mocha flavor, I’d rather it was just chocolate chip. But it was soft and chewy.

I had the rest of the soba noodles for dinner. So now I guess I need to cook a big pot of something else.

Thanks for reading, anyone who still is. 🙂

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the world is bound with secret knots

March 19, 2009 at 7:11 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Strange little quote from a strange little museum we went to today.

I’ve been pathetic about taking food photos and blogging, but actually managed to pull it together a little today. Been having a great time in Los Angeles with my lovely friends who have been incredibly gracious hosts as I’ve been staying at their amazing house. It’s been a great trip – lots of fun and laughs and great weather and seeing cool sights.

Had a great breakfast of chilequiles topped with fried eggs at a local Mexican place…but I forgot to take a pic. 😦

But I did take a picture of lunch, which was right up my alley, foodwise – it was Shrimp with Yellow Rice from a Cuban restaurant called Versailles:


Super yummy.

We went to this great little Farmer’s Market where my friends hang out a lot for St. Patrick’s Day celebrating. Met with another friend of ours from high school. It was really fun – relaxed, lots of laughs, some beer. 🙂

I had corned beef and cabbage from a place that has been doing it since like 1919. It was yummy.


Super fun day. I didn’t take any other food pics on my trip – was just having too much fun in good company to remember to photograph! But I’m off now onto the next leg of my vacation and will – maybe – remember to photograph there. Thanks for hanging in here with me during my blogging hiatus!

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i've been a bad, bad girl

March 14, 2009 at 1:02 am (Uncategorized)

I have totally abandoned my blog this week! I’m so sorry. It’s been a crazy week. I don’t want to go into details, and I’m totally fine…there’s just been a lot of drama with work and school and my friend J…and I’ve been stressed. But, in general, things are better now. Kind of.

I ate out a lot this week. And didn’t take one picture to prove it.

Lunch today was amazing – went for the first time to this restaurant which is owned by an incredibly nice and genuine guy that I know. I would highly recommend it: Jax Kitchen. We then stopped by and walked around this incredibly beautiful guest ranch that my friend had never been to before, and that I love: Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch.

So although I don’t have photos, I have good links to offer!

Work was good – very, very busy. And then I went out with friends for a bit. And now I’m home.
I’m leaving on Sunday for a week away (Spring Break!) and have a lot to do tomorrow.


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i don't like mondays

March 10, 2009 at 12:50 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Today was okay. But in general, yeah, I don’t like Mondays.

Didn’t blog last night because I was lame and didn’t take any food photos again! I went to lunch with at a place I’ve never been before that gets good reviews – and the food was really, really boring. Too boring to even talk about.

Then I went to my parents’ house for the whole afternoon as my brother and his wife and kids were in town. My dad made a delicious pork roast. It was a fun day.

Today I didn’t eat before class. Went to Target and Trader Joe’s after class, so I was pretty hungry by the time I got home. I bought a Soychorizo breakfast burrito at TJ’s – they’re in the deli/sandwich refrigerated section.


Here’s a shot of the nutritional info in case anyone is interested:


As I was cutting the wrapper off, I accidentally sliced into the burrito with my kitchen shears, so you get a nice clean look into the contents after I heated it up in the microwave, lol.


It was really quite good. Flavorful, but not spicy (I’m kind of wussy about spicy food). It would be easy to make on my own, too, which I will attempt soon.

I did something uncharacteristic of me after that and threw away the roasted veggies I had made the other night. They just weren’t good, and I didn’t feel like forcing myself to eat them. So I made up a new batch of roasted veggies: eggplant, mushrooms, yellow and green squash, orange bell pepper, and an onion. These came out good. 🙂


So, in the afternoon I heated up some of the frozen breaded eggplant slices from Trader Joe’s, topped them with roasted veggies, some pasta sauce, and a little lowfat mozzarella cheese.


Realized after I made this that it was a lot of food! So I ate half before work and had the other half when I got home tonight. It was really good.

Tomorrow is normally my day off but I have to meet with my advisor in the morning and then I picked up a shift at work tomorrow night – I was being nice to my manager who needed it covered because he’s giving me Spring Break off with no complaints. I kind of just realized today that Spring Break starts at the end of this week! I have a lot to do this week before I leave. I’m driving on Sunday to Los Angeles to visit friends for a few days…and am determined to be good about taking food pictures while I’m there!

My foods might get kind of boring/weird, though, as this week goes on because I need to use up the stuff in my fridge that would go bad while I’m gone.

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but I keep hoping you are the same as me

March 8, 2009 at 1:00 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

This is the lamest entry of this blog so far…because I took NO photos today of my foods! I was just totally unmotivated about eating and didn’t feel like photographing food that I was unexcited about.

So I’ll post some other pictures to keep this interesting.

My breakfast this morning was one I’ve had before, so here’s the photo I took of it another time. Greek yogurt and blueberries.


For lunch I heated up some Trader Joe’s breaded eggplant and topped it with some roasted veggies that I made last night, a little pasta sauce, and some mozzarella cheese. It was pretty good. I don’t know why but the roasted veggies didn’t come out as well as they usually do. But the breaded eggplant is rockin’, I highly recommend it. Along with Newman’s Own Sockarooni pasta sauce which I only discovered a few months ago and it has become my favorite pasta sauce.

Stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work tonight and for some reason the idea of a bologna sandwich was appealing to me – so I bought some 98% fat-free bologna. I generally avoid processed sandwich meat but it won’t hurt me once in a while. I had it on wheat bread with slice cheese and yellow mustard. Tasted great to me. 🙂

Didn’t go out tonight after work! It has become sort of tradition to go out on Saturday nights but I was kinf of tired and work was annoying tonight, so I decided to just come home. And now I’m in my pj’s watching DVRd What Not To Wear episodes.

Okay, so some pictures for entertainment value…

First, a food-related one. Here is my pantry. I’m so lucky to have a nice big pantry. I tend to hoard food, especially non-perishables, and so it’s nice to have a nice big place for it all.


Er, it’s a little messy now that I look at this photo.

Here is one of the shoes I bought at Target last night. I really, really like these. They’re very distressed and I think they’re going to be awesome for spring and summer with jeans, skirts, maybe even shorts.


And of course a picture of my beautiful cat.


She loves shoes, too. 😛

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i want to be the girl with the most cake

March 7, 2009 at 12:48 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Just a little Courtney Love lyric that a friend of mine referenced on facebook today, but it reminded me of a) how much I really love that song and b) that I meant to elaborate more yesterday on my disappointment in the carrot cake Clif bar I had.

Don’t get me wrong, Clif bars, and many other bars, are really awesome. They taste great, travel well, and are a wonderful source of portable nutrition. But they just don’t really work for me, other than as a treat or dessert. They don’t make me feel full or satisfied, and they do leave me feel that I wish I’d had a lot more of a “whole” and filling meal for the calories. So I’m going to avoid them, unless I’m using them as an on-the-go meal replacement or occasional treat. I know they work well for others, but they just don’t…for me.

Okay, enough about that. 🙂

Actually managed to sleep in a little this morning, although I wish I could sleep through the morning instead of waking every half hour after 3.00 am. Sigh. This is just who I am, it appears.

Woke up and decided to have a fried egg sandwich. It’s been a very whole-egg week, I guess, which doesn’t actually bother me. Egg yolks don’t freak me out – they’re full of good fats and nutrients in moderation – and normally I make egg white omelets just because I like them. So I splurged and made a fried egg sandwich on a whole wheat hamburger bun with some mayo, a slice of cheese, and spinach for crunch.

Holy yum.


Broke the yolks deliberately this time, because as much as I love runny yolks on ham hash, I don’t love them running down my chin when I’m eating a sammich. 🙂

Went to an appointment, stopped by my parents’ house and played for a bit with their crazy kitten…oh, want to see him? He’s flippin’ adorable! They found him in their woodpile a few months ago and he looked like this then:


And then after they got him to come inside and live with them:


He’s a lot bigger now but still so damn cute. My mom takes him outside on a leash, wearing this harness thing, because he’s still so little and there are a lot of coyotes and hawks in their neighborhood.


He’s learning from watching my parents’ other cat, who found them a little over a year ago, and who looks remarkably like this kitten, but was “fixed” when they found her, so can’t be his mama. She’s a beauty, and super smart.


Okay, sorry, enough about cats! (Although it’s never enough about them for me – I love cats, especially those in my family).

Came home and had some of that veggie bake – I didn’t care for the lima/broad beans so I opened a can of white beans to top it…much better. Really yummy, in fact.


Later I snacked on some carrots before work.

Work was kind of lame and I didn’t make much money, but I got out early at least. And went to Target and bought a cute pair of shoes afterward, lol.

I heard a quote today that really spoke to me: “We must be willing to get rid of the life we had planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” (by Joseph Campbell)


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