every day is like Sunday…

March 2, 2009 at 8:22 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

…or at least I WISH every day was like Sundays, as they’re my day off and generally fun and relaxing.

Yesterday (Sunday) was no exception. Slept in a little. Did some errands. Lazed around. DIDN’T clean out the litter box which I will definitely be doing today. 😛

Had another big falafel/tabouli plate for a late breakfast/early lunch…same as before: falafel, tabouli on greens, yellow rice, cucumber-dill hummus, and a pita.


And close-up…


Went out to dinner with a friend. I took my camera and was all ready to take photos but we went really early (like 4.45) and the place was really quiet, plus I know the owner and he’s kind of a tyrant so I didn’t want him to come scream at me (which is entirely possible)…so I didn’t take any. But it was super yummy. Local Italian place.

We split a salmon carpaccio to start – big bunch of smoked salmon over greens with red onion and capers and a very light vinaigrette. Delicious. The bread was good, too. Simple salad with some of the best bleu cheese dressing I’ve ever tasted. And then I had the same thing I always have when I go there, cheese tortellini with pesto crema. Their pesto is different than most places I’ve eaten in that it’s a light cream sauce tossed with fresh basil chiffonade and garlic – it’s so good. I’ll post a picture of the leftovers that I brought home when I eat them.

We had a lot of fun and were very, very full when we left.


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