never should you worry about society

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Just a line from an old P.I.L. song I’ve had in my head all day.

It was a good day! I guess I should stay up too late being weird with a friend and get no sleep more often, lol. Class was okay, we watched a movie which I had seen before so I was kind of antsy for it to be over. Decided to go to the grocery store afterward…I’ve been wanting to make a veggie lasagna so I went looking for ingredients. Plus I was out of soda and I definitely needed some caffeine, haha.

I couldn’t find whole wheat lasagna noodles anywhere! Well, okay, I only looked at Albertson’s and Trader Joe’s, but I didn’t feel like trying anywhere else. And I didn’t want to use regular refined wheat noodles. One of the “issues” I’ve had with eating in the past has been a fear of carbs, but I’m generally okay with carbs these days…much more so when they are whole grain-based. So I changed plans a little and decided to make mock lasagna using sliced eggplant in place of noodles. Which is essentially just a vegetable and cheese bake with pasta sauce. More to come on that.

Came home and ate the leftovers from last night’s yummy Italian restaurant dinner. Which is kind of funny because I was just saying how regular pasta freaks me out…but I give myself exceptions for eating out on occasion, and this was one of those. Here’s how it looked before I heated it up…


Looks a little cold and coagulated because it is, ha.

Here it is heated.


I heated it up in the microwave, and while it was good, the cream sauce “broke” and it turned into a puddle of oil at the bottom of the bowl. Luckily the garlic and basil kept it tasting delicious. But I think I’ve had this happen before when I’ve brought this dish home…I wonder how I can heat it up without breaking the sauce? Anyone know?

I took a small nap with my sweet kitty. And then watched a really funny episode of What Not To Wear that I hadn’t seen before. And then I decided to try to throw together some kind of vegetable mock-lasagna bake.

I layered eggplant (which I sliced and roasted for 10 minutes first) with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, cottage cheese, mozzarella, and Newman’s pasta sauce in a baking dish. Covered it and baked for a while. It bubbled over a little and set off my very sensitive smoke alarm in the kitchen. Turned on the hood fan, fanned the smoke alarm with a potholder until it stopped squawking, took out the casserole, opened the windows and doors of the house.  Closed the windows and doors about ten minutes later because it was getting so HOT in the house – it has been 90 degrees here for the past few days, which I know sounds fabulous to everyone in cold climates but when you’re facing May-October of 100+ temperatures everyday, it’s a little depressing to have virtually no winter, in my opinion.

Okay, but back to the mock-lasagna bake – I let it sit for a long time and then when I uncovered it…same thing that very often happens when I try to make something like this – watery. How do you make veggie lasagna/bakes that don’t turn out watery? I know I could saute the veggies first and drain off the residual liquid before layering it into the baking dish, but wouldn’t that result in overcooked veggies? I’ve just never figured out how to do this.

So I poured off the excess liquid into the sink, which bothers me because I feel like there goes nutrients down the drain (I know, I’m so obsessive). And then I put the casserole in the fridge without even tasting it. Can you believe I just told that whole cooking story and then didn’t even give it an ending as to whether it turned out well or not?? Guess you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out what happens, as will I. 😛

But here’s what it looked like after draining:


Looks pretty good, eh? We’ll see!

I had a tangelo before work…


So pretty. Isn’t fruit so pretty? You just want to cup it in your hand and admire the beautiful pigmentation and lovely scent. I need to eat more fruit.


It was great.

Work was good tonight. It wasn’t particularly busy, which sometimes is really nice. I like an occasional slow night when my favorite people are working and I can just goof around and play with them. I especially like nights like that when I have just enough tables of nice people to make money, too, without ever feeling stressed, and that’s what happened tonight.

Not really hungry tonight, so I’m not eating. I have the day off tomorrow and am thinking I might make a nice breakfast of…well, you’ll just have to come back to see. 🙂

Edited: Got hungry after I posted this so I had the end of my red beans & quinoa – it wasn’t that much and I didn’t take a new picture but here’s what it looked like earlier in the week.


And THEN I went to bed. 🙂


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