oh happy day

March 4, 2009 at 11:51 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

I love days off.

I was off yesterday and was nice and lazy. Didn’t sleep in very much (I just cannot sleep late these days, no matter how late I go to bed!) but stayed in pjs for most of the morning.

I made a great breakfast – had noticed the night before that I still had a little bit of ham left over from when I made the red beans and quinoa, and that I also had some red potatoes that I baked for some purpose that I have forgotten. So I decided to make ham hash. Sauteed up some onion and orange bell pepper with the chopped potatoes, ham, and lots of rosemary.  I did it over fairly high heat and didn’t stir it too much so it got nice and browned up.

Fried two eggs and plopped those on top. I use egg whites when I make omelets, but you have to have whole eggs over hash so the yolks can drip into the hash…sooooo good. I would have this every day if it wasn’t a little over-the-top with calories and time consuming.

Here’s the hash alone…


And then with the eggs on top – accidentally broke the yolk of one in the pan…


Sat around and caught up on some stuff online that I needed to do, and also on some blogs and stuff that I didn’t “need” to do quite as much, heh.

Had turkey meatball soup for lunch.


This is like the never-ending pot of soup, it’s crazy. It was reminding me of that biblical story about the never-ending fish and loaves of bread, lol. Still have one more bowl left.

Watched a little tv (What Not To Wear, of course) and then went out to do some errands. I stopped by to talk to my running coach because I’m getting those damn shin splints again. She and I decided that I should step back and go even slower than the program/clinic I’m enrolled in. So I’m going to cut down and do other stuff instead with running/walking only 1-2 times a week.

Came home and decided to try the veggie/mock-lasagna bake. I don’t know why but I really didn’t have high hopes for this. I was wrong, it’s actually pretty good! Nice and cheesy and the veggies are cooked perfectly.


I really love eggplant. I think I might add some garbanzo or white beans to it when I have it again, though. But it’s good and kind of light.

Look at the adorable shoes that showed up in the mail today, too! I found these at endless.com the other day on sale – I think they came to $24 including shipping.


I wasn’t going to go out last night but friends texted at 10.30 and were going to a nice little bar/restaurant place near my house, so I went over to meet them. It was fun. I ate one piece of calamari and had a Stoli with cranberry juice. Came home around…I don’t even remember? Probably about 12.30.

Nice, relaxing day off. 🙂


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