i understand about indecision

March 28, 2009 at 11:55 pm (Uncategorized)

I vacillate wildly from day to day, heck, minute to minute about whether I want to look for a new job. There are many good things about my job. There are also many things that I wish were different.

This is true of probably almost every job. And so I stay.

Today’s foods were minimal, delicious, and not the most nutritious day ever.

I made ham hash this morning. I have declared my love for fried eggs over ham hash before and it was just as fabulous today.


I made a pretty big batch so this will be reappearing for a few days. 🙂

And then I didn’t eat anything else all day until after work when I went to the bar with friends and split an order of tater tots dipped in ketchup and ranch dressing. And that was dinner, with some blueberry vodka and Rose’s lime juice.

Yep. Good thing I eat pretty well most of the time, it will counteract today I suppose.

Funny conversation from work tonight…I should include more of these. A guy wanted a salad with no onions, no shallots, he’s making it very clear that he’s allergic to these things and telling me that he’ll start having seizures if they are present. So I order the salad in this way, and then Chef tells me that there are onions in the dressing. So I go back to the guy to ask what he wants to do.

I say, “Do you want oil and vinegar as your dressing?”
He says, “No. Do you have honey-mustard?”
I say, “We can make that.” thinking, great, easy enough
He says, “Don’t walk away yet”
I say, “Okay”…thinking, oh god, WHAT
He says, “Caddyshack – what is the name of the guy who plays the groundskeeper?”

**I should insert here that I know NOTHING about most movies – but I DO know this one***

I say, “Bill Murray”

And the whole table sighs with relief and says “YES, that’s the name!”. 😀

Watched a crazy documentary after getting home – Crazy Love. It’s just…nutty. I’d recommend it. I got it from NetFlix if you are interested..


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