little gorgeous things

April 30, 2009 at 1:03 am (Uncategorized)

I’m watching Absolutely Fabulous right now and just dying of laughter. Best. Show. Ever.

So. I’ve been a bad blogger. But just busy…and life…and stuff. Busy, mostly.

I don’t think I’ve been dressing too fabulously – haven’t many pictures to show for the week. Just this one which was, I dunno, cords with a very old (late 90’s) leather jacket from the Gap with a cute hood. outfit-4-17-09

I have eaten a few nice things, though. Omelet with ham, bell peppers, onions, cheese + grapes.


Amazing grilled portabello “burger” I made today with brie cheese – so yum.

And finally had the last of these lovely sweet bean cakes – I need more.

Pretty tired. Just wanted to check in. I’ll be back soon. 🙂

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lucky to have been where I have been

April 24, 2009 at 10:19 pm (Uncategorized)

I am lucky to have been where I have been (quoted from a totally cute Jason Mraz/Colbie Caillat song). I read this article today (I know it’s in Huffington Post which I’m sure many people hate, but it’s a legitimate study regardless): Why Your Zip Code May Be More Important Than Your Genetic Code and this accompanying graphic, Differences In How Well And How Long We Live. I *knew* all of this on some level, but to see it presented scientifically is just…so depressing.

Okay. Otherwise, a good day yesterday. Went to appointments in the morning and then met a friend for sushi. So much for my I’m-going-to-cook-at-home resolutions, lol. It was fun. I was wearing a kind of silly outfit that probably wasn’t very flattering, but hell, I liked it.


So my legs look like tree stumps – but it was worth it to wear these freakin’ adorable boots that I bought recently at Forever21:


Kind of a hectic, but very productive afternoon. Work was very, very crazy, but then we had a super fun wine class – we’re going to be taking classes (optional) to become educated enough to be certified as Sommeliers – which is great. I’m very excited about it.

Today I wore boring clothes. Unexpectedly got the night off from work, so hung out at a friend’s drinking really yummy Frank Family chardonnay and watching the film Groundhog Day, which I had never seen before. It was really good, as most of you probably know. 😛

Going to bed soon, I think. 🙂

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i know where i belong

April 23, 2009 at 12:30 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

I have LOTS of photos to share today! 🙂 I don’t know what I did all weekend – worked, did schoolwork, hung out with J, the usual.

To be honest, I haven’t been eating very well for the past 2 weeks…as in, not enough. It hit me on Saturday night, when at the end of my shift I felt really, really light-headed and dizzy. I usually go out with work people on Saturday nights and it’s the most fun night out – so I was sitting with my head between my legs in the managers’ office thinking, “is this what you want? You want to not be able to go out with your friends because you’re obsessing over not eating more than XXX calories per day?” And I realized, NO, that’s not a life to which I want to return. Maybe I don’t like having a few extra vanity pounds on my tummy, but I’m in a healthy BMI range and ultimately have really enjoyed being healthy and able to do whatever I want the past few years with no issues of being too weak or to obsessive to socialize.

Yesterday I went to class in the morning, then went to this great local market where they sell tons of international foods that are hard to find in even the natural food stores here. Lots of yummy Asian food – which I’m not terribly good at making so it’s one area of cooking where I sometimes turn to pre-packaged food. I wanted to buy some different foods than my diet normally is composed of in order to get motivated on eating.

This is about the only frozen entree I’ve ever had that actually tastes as delicious as it looks on the package:


Noodles in brown sauce with pork, edamame, and tofu. Freakin’ delicious.

Got some sweet-filled bean cakes for dessert:


Also bought some nice little pantry staples for times when I don’t have time to cook.


Good stuff!

Went to lunch with friends at one of the best restaurants in town – in my opinion (and the opinions of many people I know), Cafe Poca Cosa. It was super yummy and the service and ambiance were great.

I don’t remember what I did all afternoon – oh, yes I do! I was watching my favorite soap opera from the 1990’s which was sadly canceled in the late 90’s: Another World. Oh, the memories of my favorite characters and storylines…and the amazingly bad 90’s fashion. So fun.

Went out for happy hour with friends. I decided to wear my pleather leggings because everyone hates them haha, so there! Wore them with a cute silk shirt/dress thing that I got at Zara in L.A. over Spring Break…


…and these awesome shoes that I just got from Payless – zomg I love them so, so much!


They’re super cute, super tall, and super-comfortable. And they have adorable bright pink soles

Sometimes Payless really rocks. 😀

This morning I wore this to class:

Skirt is old and thrifted, sweater vest is old and thrifted, shirt is last spring’s Old Navy, sandals are last spring’s WalMart. I wore it with a small collection of vintage lockets:


Came home and ate some of my favorite Southwestern crockpot beans & rice that I made a batch of this weekend:


Did some schoolwork and then went out shopping for all kinds of fresh produce at Trader Joe’s – I’m really intent on getting back on track with my eating. Too much eating out lately, I’m sick of it. And too little overall food in the past few weeks. I want to feel good about everything I eat.

Had my favorite snack in the afternoon – I’ve posted this before:

Laughing Cow light Garlic & Herb cheese wedge on All-Bran Garlic & Herb crackers, topped with cucumber slices and a shake of salt and pepper. Yum.

Work was fine – I feel sort of dizzy/stumbling when I run around at work lately. I think it must be a side effect of the sleep meds I’m on. It’s hard to balance everything.

I was going to make a portabello burger tonight but I don’t feel like expending the effort. I’ll make a big breakfast in the morning. Instead I’m watching an amazing documentary that I saw on tv a few years ago, that’s now available complete on YouTube: The Falling Man. It’s about September 11th, and it’s heartbreaking, but very good.

Thanks for reading. Please comment if you like/dislike/feel anything about this blog, lol…it’s always nice to know that someone is reading. Night. 🙂

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why do we crucify ourselves every day?

April 17, 2009 at 12:42 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Was listening to classic Tori Amos on the way home and this song still resonates so much with me.

Woke up this morning and did a little laundry, cleaned up the house a little bit. Went to an appointment at 11.00. Wore a pencil skirt and twinset – felt kind of retro in a cute way.


Grey pencil skirt from Newport News, twin set with beaded trim is at least 6 years old and is August Silk but I found it in a thrift shop, same Ann Taylor boots as yesterday. Figured the beaded trim was enough bling, but I decided to wear my new bracelet from Target because my skirt was grey and because the bracelet reminds me of the costume jewelry my mom used to have from the 1950s-1960s.


Met a friend for sushi and then we went shopping at a mall I rarely go to because it seems far away. But a big department store there closed recently and Forever 21 moved in, so I wanted to check out the huge new Forever 21. It was huge indeed. Bought a pair of boots that I had gone there looking for – I’ll post them sometime soon. Went to Sephora and wandered around generally.

Came home and lazed around a little watching stuff on tv, and then to work. After work I went with a friend to IHOP. I like this omelet on their “light” menu that is egg substitute with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, and Swiss cheese with fruit on the side – tastes good, isn’t too heavy to eat at 10.30 pm. I had about half.

Off to bed now! 🙂

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April 16, 2009 at 9:07 am (Uncategorized)

Good day yesterday. 🙂

Went to class in the morning, then ran all over campus doing stuff that I needed to do, then met with a grad student for whom I’m going to be doing some data entry.

Came home, ate some Morningstar Veggie “Chicken Nuggets” with ketchup and ranch dressing. They were…okay. A little too much kid’s food rather than an adult meal.


I was wearing what I thought was a cute outfit yesterday but I couldn’t seem to photograph it very well…


…which would make me think it wasn’t very flattering except that people kept telling me all day how cute I looked and how figure flattering it was.

This skirt is super cute but it’s too big and I need to have it taken in at the waist. It’s from Walmart. The blouse is last season’s Old Navy (and I liked it so much that I bought it in three colors), the sweater vest is thrifted, and then multi-layered charm necklace and cuff bracelet are from Forever 21. Oh, and the boots are Ann Taylor from last year.

Watched a movie with a friend in the afternoon (warning: audio and video and maybe NSFW)…Happiness. Holy. Wow. That trailer actually gives you no idea how black the comedy is in this film. I don’t know that I’d recommend it to everyone, but if you have a sick sense of humor, by all means watch this movie.

After work I stopped by a friend’s and we watched (warning: more audio and video) Religulous. It was good, actually better than I thought it would be. I knew I’d agree with Bill Maher on most points but I thought it might be a little over-the-top…it was actually just spot on, in my opinion.

And that’s it for the day!

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happy zombie jesus day

April 14, 2009 at 10:47 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I saw this graffiti on a dumpster this morning and it made me laugh so much – I’m not trying to denigrate Christianity but it’s just funny to think about that zombies rise from the dead and Jesus…well, yeah.

So, Easter aka Zombie Jesus Day, was okay. I worked a double shift at work and didn’t make much money but OMG it’s so nice to feel like myself again. Two days of sleeping pills have made an amazing difference, I mean SERIOUSLY amazing. I thought I was losing my mind last week – I’m not. I’m completely stable and even happy now. It’s just…indescribable what a difference sleep has made. 🙂

I wore all of my Saints jewelry at work in hopes of garnering good/guilty tips from Christians. I really like Catholic saint stuff so this wasn’t entirely whoring myself out for tips, LOL. Here’s what I wore:

A bracelet from the $.99 cent store with many saints on it:


Earrings I made with little charms of “my” saint on hoops:


And a really cool necklace I got off ebay that has saint charms, and milagros, which I adore:


So, that was Sunday. Monday I wore skinny jeans with motorcycle boots (this is a really bad picture):


So I decided to go with “tough girl” jewelry, hehe (it’s not that tough). Chain hoop earrings that I got probably 5 years ago at Big Lots:

Stacked chain rings that I think came from Forever 21?

Two awesome bracelets I got recently from Forever 21:

The outfit is all old/cheap stuff: cardigan from Target last year, t-shirt from Old Navy a few years ago, jeans from TJ Maxx a couple years ago, motorcycle boots from Payless this past fall.

Went to class, then to lunch at Oregano’s where I had the shrimp caesar salad that I’m obsessed with…here’s a picture of it from last time. I seriously get three meals out of this thing.


We came back to my house and watched this amazing documentary – you must, must see this film (this link is the trailer, so be warned of audio): The King Of Kong.

I went to work and it was decent, and then met the gang at the bar for a while and watched the guys play pool. Came home, ate the end of my soba noodles…


…and went to bed. 🙂

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if the rain comes, if the rain comes

April 12, 2009 at 1:58 am (Uncategorized)

It was so nice and grey and rainy today. Only in Arizona do people say things like that, lol. But it was lovely.

I actually slept some last night! I guess about 6 hours, but hell, that’s so much better than 3 hours. I wouldn’t say I feel rested but I feel…not insane. And that’s good.

I lounged about a bit this morning and then took a long shower (so therapeutic, isn’t it?) and went out to run a few errands. My outfit was comfy but maybe not so flattering…I’m kind of “apple-shaped” and therefore “should” wear darker colored, fitted tops with lighter colored, flared bottoms to balance things out. But I freakin’ love black leggings with oversized tops. And it was a lazy day so I said, fuck it, I’m doing what I like.

Stopped at the bar after work for a few drinks with people from work and it was fun – we laughed a lot. I’m not at all excited about working a double-shift tomorrow but, hey, it’s Easter.

Tired. Night.

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do you sleep, do you count sheep anymore?

April 11, 2009 at 12:42 am (Uncategorized) ()

Left the house this morning expecting to just go to my doctor appointment at 8.00 and then come home and do some cleaning and homework. Ended up being out all day, heh. I went over to my parents’ house after my appointment to visit with them and play with their crazy kitten who adores me…and adores chewing on me.

Went from there to Target to fill my prescriptions and did a little shopping while waiting. Bought this pretty little bracelet that has a nice vintage feel to it – it’s kind of a crappy photo but it’s three-stranded grey pearls with a nice sparkly flower accent:


In the meantime, my friend had texted me to see if I wanted to have lunch. I initially thought no because I was tired and wanted to go home, but then I decided that it might be good to go out. I had left the house with only mascara on and I looked tired and old so I went into the makeup section of Target and used their testers for eyeshadow and blusher, lol.

I had randomly thrown on a semi-cute outfit when I left in the morning – got this skirt at My Sister’s Closet a few weeks ago:


And wore it with a black sweater that I got at Ross last spring and for some reason have never worn – now I love it. It’s like a classic “sweater-girl” cardigan, crew neck with pearl buttons. I also had on black ribbed tights and patent leather ruffled t-strap heels from Payless:


Here it is on me…but at the end of the day so a little rumpled and my shoes are unbuckled.


I’ll work on figuring out the camera timer soon so these outfit-of-the-day pics aren’t so FAIL.

So had lunch at a sports bar place and it was good. I had a chef’s salad with bleu cheese and bacon and the such…it was good.

Left there and went to Walmart because it was nearby and I wanted to see if they still had these awesome acid-washed skinny jeans from a few weeks ago. They didn’t. 😦 But, I found some cute tops there.

I went to work and it was fine. Stopped by the bar afterward and watched the guys play pool and chatted with other work friends…but I just wasn’t into it so I came home. Now hopefully I will sleep.

Tomorrow I must clean this house.

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ring my bell

April 10, 2009 at 5:38 am (Uncategorized)

Decided to post some rings tonight. 🙂

I was thinking about rings tonight and how much I like them, and how rarely I wear them. I should wear them more.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites that I own. I wish this first picture had come out better – it’s a gorgeous ring with different shades of amber stones:

Love this one, got it off ebay, vintage basket weave:

Freakin’ love this ring. It reminds me of my house decor:

Pretty bling ring I got at Macy’s on after-Christmas clearance:

I got this in Los Angeles a few weeks ago at Aldo and I love it – it says “Make A Difference” which I believe in completely.

I never wear this ring. I should.

This ring says “To Thine Ownself Be True” – love Shakespeare.

I love, love, love this ring:

It’s steel which means it has a cool kind of burnished look, and then it had two little diamonds hiding on the sides:

Roman numeral ring that rips of those made by Tiffany (and did you know it’s “Tiffany” jewelers, not “Tiffany’s”? I know, a small and stupid distinction, but one that will make you look smart in certain circles, lol)

Sweet little turquoise ring from Stein Mart (and I love Stein Mart for rings because they actually stock many in size 5, whereas most stores only go down to 6):

Finally, not an amazing looking ring but one that says my favorite quote evar by Mahatma Ghandi: “We Must Be The Change We Wish To See In The World”:

That’s it for the night!

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i wanna be sedated

April 8, 2009 at 4:24 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Last night at work, it was apparent to a few of my coworkers/friends that I wasn’t my usual self, so I was telling them about how I haven’t slept more than 3 hours in about 2 weeks and kind of felt like I was losing my mind. I was shaky, nauseated, having trouble concentrating. A friend offered me a couple of sedatives that he takes for anxiety and said they might help me sleep. And they did. Not an unbroken eight hours or anything, but I slept better than usual and even when I woke up at 5:00 am, I was able to go back to sleep until 8:00. Honestly, after that and a long, hot shower, I feel my psyche was somewhat restored. I’m definitely going to talk to my doctor about getting something like this or a sleeping pill for occasional use.

Had a day of nothing but fun, essentially. It was my day off. Met a friend at the $19.95-all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant and we gorged ourselves on beautiful salmon, tuna, and eel sushi, with cucumber salad and miso soup. So yum. They always act so appalled when I ask for a fork…I really need to learn to use chopsticks in this lifetime.

Went to the mall afterward. I bought some cheap-o accessories. I don’t like to shop for clothes with other people because I like to go through everything and try everything on and it takes forever. So I usually shop for clothes alone. But I got a cute armful of rock-n-roll bangles from Aldo:


And from forever21 I got a silver bracelet that looks like it’s made of uber-big studs, and a pair of sunglasses:


I’ve always worn big sunglasses, but I usually wear black. I like this color, though, because it looks kind of neat with my blonde hair and I think will be nice when I’m not wearing all black.

Today I took a photo of me in my outfit! It’s not great – I took it quickly in the full-length mirror hanging on the back of my bedroom door. I’ll have to learn how to set up and use my camera timer in the future, but hey, it’s a start!


I was wearing a thrifted white t-shirt, a big lightweight sweater from Walmart, skinny jeans that I got at TJ Maxx a couple years ago, and my new fringed boots which I love, love, love. Pretty casual outfit for a casual day.

Had soba noodles for dinner.


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