if my world should fall, would you even call?

April 6, 2009 at 10:07 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

And I know the answer is yes. 🙂

Thank you to the two lovely people who commented yesterday. I’ve thought about things more rationally and I think I will continue blogging here. My lovely Los Angeles friend made a good point in her comment – I tend to view myself as having failed when I don’t blog every single day, but there’s certainly no reason I can’t blog just when I feel like it. I had also been thinking lately that I’m much more into fashion than food these days and had been contemplating starting a fashion blog instead…but there’s no reason I can’t blog here about everything and anything I want, not just limited to food.

It’s my blog, I’ll write about whatever I choose – so there! 😛

Dragged a friend out to my favorite truck stop recently for lunch. He wasn’t as in love with it as I am. Came home and I roasted a turkey. It came out pretty good, I guess. The convection oven doesn’t seem to offer any advantage – it took just as long and came out just like a normal oven so…I’ll have to keep figuring out what purpose convection cooking serves.

Today, went to lunch at Oregano’s (warning: their website is super fun but does have music so be careful if you shouldn’t be playing online right now, heh). I had a shrimp caesar salad – seems to be all I want to eat lately – and we split some calamari.

Okay, picture time! Here’s the shrimp caesar that I brought home from Oregano’s and am eating a little of before work:


Yum! Their salads are huge – I’ll still have some for when I get home from work tonight.

I was wearing these really cute Nanette Lepore cropped-knicker-type trousers that I got at My Sister’s Closet (upscale resale store) when I was in Phoenix over spring break and hadn’t worn yet. I really, really like them. I wish the picture had come out better – they’re a really pretty sort of burnt umber color.


With this kind of sheer, tiered black shell from Target, topped by a cropped swingy jacket that I also got at My Sister’s Closet…


And these sandals that I got on clearance at Wet Seal that I freakin’ love so much, especially because I had a pair as a child with those bubbles cut out in the huge platform soles and was very, very sad to outgrow.


I thought it was cute. Maybe someday I’ll get brave enough to take photos of the clothes actually ON me.

Postman came by in the afternoon with this cute new pair of boots that I got on ebay:


I love them, can’t wait to wear them. I love shoes.

Here’s my front hall closet, which is shoes and outerwear jackets only (I had to move all my tall boots to the floor of my bedroom clothes closet – no room):


Short boots on the top shelf (although I am out of room there, too):


And the cute little plaque my brother and his wife gave me for my last birthday…


That’s all! Thanks for reading.


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