do you sleep, do you count sheep anymore?

April 11, 2009 at 12:42 am (Uncategorized) ()

Left the house this morning expecting to just go to my doctor appointment at 8.00 and then come home and do some cleaning and homework. Ended up being out all day, heh. I went over to my parents’ house after my appointment to visit with them and play with their crazy kitten who adores me…and adores chewing on me.

Went from there to Target to fill my prescriptions and did a little shopping while waiting. Bought this pretty little bracelet that has a nice vintage feel to it – it’s kind of a crappy photo but it’s three-stranded grey pearls with a nice sparkly flower accent:


In the meantime, my friend had texted me to see if I wanted to have lunch. I initially thought no because I was tired and wanted to go home, but then I decided that it might be good to go out. I had left the house with only mascara on and I looked tired and old so I went into the makeup section of Target and used their testers for eyeshadow and blusher, lol.

I had randomly thrown on a semi-cute outfit when I left in the morning – got this skirt at My Sister’s Closet a few weeks ago:


And wore it with a black sweater that I got at Ross last spring and for some reason have never worn – now I love it. It’s like a classic “sweater-girl” cardigan, crew neck with pearl buttons. I also had on black ribbed tights and patent leather ruffled t-strap heels from Payless:


Here it is on me…but at the end of the day so a little rumpled and my shoes are unbuckled.


I’ll work on figuring out the camera timer soon so these outfit-of-the-day pics aren’t so FAIL.

So had lunch at a sports bar place and it was good. I had a chef’s salad with bleu cheese and bacon and the such…it was good.

Left there and went to Walmart because it was nearby and I wanted to see if they still had these awesome acid-washed skinny jeans from a few weeks ago. They didn’t. 😦 But, I found some cute tops there.

I went to work and it was fine. Stopped by the bar afterward and watched the guys play pool and chatted with other work friends…but I just wasn’t into it so I came home. Now hopefully I will sleep.

Tomorrow I must clean this house.


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  1. Alysia said,

    My favorite outfit yet! I like black stockings with a light-hued skirt. Very Left Bank to me.

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