happy zombie jesus day

April 14, 2009 at 10:47 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I saw this graffiti on a dumpster this morning and it made me laugh so much – I’m not trying to denigrate Christianity but it’s just funny to think about that zombies rise from the dead and Jesus…well, yeah.

So, Easter aka Zombie Jesus Day, was okay. I worked a double shift at work and didn’t make much money but OMG it’s so nice to feel like myself again. Two days of sleeping pills have made an amazing difference, I mean SERIOUSLY amazing. I thought I was losing my mind last week – I’m not. I’m completely stable and even happy now. It’s just…indescribable what a difference sleep has made. πŸ™‚

I wore all of my Saints jewelry at work in hopes of garnering good/guilty tips from Christians. I really like Catholic saint stuff so this wasn’t entirely whoring myself out for tips, LOL. Here’s what I wore:

A bracelet from the $.99 cent store with many saints on it:


Earrings I made with little charms of “my” saint on hoops:


And a really cool necklace I got off ebay that has saint charms, and milagros, which I adore:


So, that was Sunday. Monday I wore skinny jeans with motorcycle boots (this is a really bad picture):


So I decided to go with “tough girl” jewelry, hehe (it’s not that tough). Chain hoop earrings that I got probably 5 years ago at Big Lots:

Stacked chain rings that I think came from Forever 21?

Two awesome bracelets I got recently from Forever 21:

The outfit is all old/cheap stuff: cardigan from Target last year, t-shirt from Old Navy a few years ago, jeans from TJ Maxx a couple years ago, motorcycle boots from Payless this past fall.

Went to class, then to lunch at Oregano’s where I had the shrimp caesar salad that I’m obsessed with…here’s a picture of it from last time. I seriously get three meals out of this thing.


We came back to my house and watched this amazing documentary – you must, must see this film (this link is the trailer, so be warned of audio): The King Of Kong.

I went to work and it was decent, and then met the gang at the bar for a while and watched the guys play pool. Came home, ate the end of my soba noodles…


…and went to bed. πŸ™‚


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