the air outside so soft, saying everything

May 2, 2009 at 11:54 pm (Uncategorized)

Nice nights these days – open door and window nights. Soon it’ll be too hot, but now it’s lovely.

What did I do yesterday? Oh, I’m remembering now. Slept in a bit (like 8:00). Got up and did some school stuff, lazed around a bit. Went out in the afternoon and ate a grilled cheese sandwich at a place owned by the restaurant group that I work for…it was good.

Went to work – busy, busy – and then came home and watched some of Ciao Manhattan which, much as I love Edie Sedgwick‘s style, is really a pretty bad film.

Today – woke early and putzed around a little in pjs, caught up on blogs, did some schoolwork. Got hungry and made yummy breakfast – I made chilaquiles a while ago and froze a few pieces for later. So I nuked them while making some eggs to go on top…SO yum.


A little later, went with a friend to this little mom-and-pop diner place and watched him eat chicken fried chicken with eggs, potatoes, and toast. I had caffeine. 🙂 I was wearing this outfit that I’ve worn before but it just seemed comfy:


By dinner, I was so HUNGRY so I made a double-garden-cheese-burger!


That filled me up. 🙂

I’m planning some cleaning-of-house and maybe thrift-store-hunting tomorrow.


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