sleep away the afternoon

May 3, 2009 at 10:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Lazy, lazy, relaxed day off. Woke up kind of early, like 7:30, and sat around drinking coffee. I wanted to go thrift store shopping and although a friend of mine thought he hated thrift stores, he got curious enough to go with me. He still hates them, lol. Ended up only going to one (my favorite one) but before he dragged me out of there I got some good books and a brand new pair of harness boots in exactly the color and style I’ve been wanting…for $9:


Then we went to a Japanese restaurant that I’d never been to before, Yoshimatsu and it was so, so good. And cheap! Tons of choices. I told my friend, “I want to come back here again. A lot.” I had a veggie curry with brown rice that was just perfect. Next time I’m getting soba noodles…or soup…or something else from all the delicious-looking choices. Friend had a chicken katsu bento box that looked good, too…if I liked chicken. Bento boxes are just so cute and organized, very appealing.

Because of my lack of interesting photos, I’ll post here a 3-photo series of my cat sleeping, waking, and awake. 🙂



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