i was so much older then, i'm younger than that now

May 7, 2009 at 1:39 am (Uncategorized)

Wow, this became a ridiculously long entry – read at your own peril, LOL.

Yesterday was my birthday! 😀 ‘Twas a fun and mellow day. I never take my day off work, but it happened to fall on my day off from school and work this year, which was nice.

Slept in a little in the morning. Got up and went to lunch with a friend at this resort where I used to work…and loved working but left when I went back to school. We sat out at the grill by the pool and both ate panini made with pork, ham, pickle, cheese, and mustard. It was yummy. It was kind of cloudy and windy which made it not too hot. Nice.

Dragged my friend into the employee area afterward so I could say hi to some of my favorite people that I used to work with there – it was so nice to see them. I need to go visit again this summer when I can sit and talk to them more.

Came home and took a little snooze on my sofa with my wonderful cat. Woke and went to my parents’ house for birthday dinner with them. It was fun to hang out with them. They gave me a jewelry armoire as my gift – I have been wanting one for a while and looked all over town a few weeks ago looking at them, but finally decided the best one for my needs would be this over-the-door one that is built into a full-length mirror.


My parents are always looking for ideas for me when it comes to gifts, so I told them about this one and they got it for me. I love it. It’s going to help me organize my jewelry so much more effectively.

Met friends at the bar after that and it was fun. One friend gave me a book that I’ve never heard of before but that sounds exactly like something I would pick out for myself: Three Cups of Tea.


She also gave me this adorable bunch of earrings, which is funny because, as I told her, I’ve been looking for cute leaf earrings and she didn’t even know that!


Then the bartender (who we know, a super-nice lady) was like, “come out here, I’ve got a birthday gift for you.” So I’m following her out to the parking lot and she introduces me to this old guy who had been sitting near us at the bar, and explains that he’s an importer/exporter and just returned from Indonesia and wants to give me a birthday gift. And I’m like, “no, no, no, this is totally unnecessary” and she’s whispering in my ear, “don’t worry, he’s a multi-millionaire and completely harmless, not a creeper at all.” LOL. So I trust her and he’s pulling all of this jewelry out of this safe in his truck. Pretty stuff, most of it real orchids that have been somehow lacquered and are nice but not my style at all, and finally he gets out these actual orchid leaves that are gold-plated.


So I was still saying, “this is way too much,” but honestly I have a pretty good lech-radar and he just seemed like a sweet old guy, so I accepted them.

I only stayed until 11:30 and had 1.5 drinks – I was sleepy but it was fun and people showed up whom I didn’t expect. Fun night. I was wearing (all day) black wide-legged corduroys with a cute black top that has layered floofy sleeves and silver ankle boots…but I didn’t take photos.

So, today – woke up, went to class. It was 100 degrees today so I finally gave in and put on shorts and a summer top. My legs are ridiculously pale. I need to get some self-tanner on them, stat!


I’m holding my keys and Blackberry as I’m literally walking out the door to class. I moved my full-length mirror to my front hall/shoe closet now that I have the jewelry armoire/mirror hanging on my bedroom door. The light is actually better now for photos. Not the sexiest outfit ever but, honestly, once it hits 100 degrees here (and this will last for 5 months), my fashion tends to go downhill. Too. Bloody. Hot.

Went to class, and then met a friend for breakfast at a cute place. It was good.

As it got hot in the afternoon, I just couldn’t deal anymore. Put on a cotton nightgown, turned the a/c on, and crawled into my cool cotton-sheeted bed for a two hour nap. It was so delightful.

Went to work – weirdness. So dead at first and then got busy right before closing time. At least I made money.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Alysia said,

    The term “lech-radar” makes me smile. Glad your birthday was fab!

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