i feel fine, i feel good, i feel like i never should

May 8, 2009 at 1:46 am (Uncategorized)

Sitting here watching Ab Fab again. Good god, this show makes me laugh so much. 😀

Today was good.

I was wearing this:

outfit 5-7-09

Tunic from WalMart, my favorite leggings from Shape FX, and boots recently thrifted. A friend gave me the scarf wrapped around my purse-handle for my birthday – she wrapped it around my gift. I wore a stack of funky bangles:

outfit bangles 5-7-09

And so decided to pick up the turquoise in the one bracelet with a pair of Hawaiian earrings I haven’t ever worn much…

hawaiian earrings

Went to WalMart after my appointment as I needed some things – man, I spend a lot of time at WalMart. On the way home I decided to splurge on some fatty Mexican food – went to the drive-thru 24 hour place and got these crazy Nachos Supremo (or something). They were outrageous. Look at this!

Nicos nachos

I ate them all – super yummy, but honestly a bit much. SO excessive, I felt ill afterward. Did some data entry and then took a lovely nap.

Work was…crazy! The restaurant business is so bloody unpredictable. Ran my arse off tonight, it was just nuts. Afterward we had our second wine class in the process of learning what we need to know to pass the sommelier certification test. It was super fun.



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