wake up to a brand new day

May 13, 2009 at 9:49 am (Uncategorized)

Slept semi-decently last night. Woke early and went to breakfast with a friend. I’m in love with this fruit & cottage cheese plate at a place we’ve been going to a lot lately. Usually I love eggs and egg-white omelets but since it’s gotten hot I’m totally into fruit and salads.

Came home and spent the day doing some data entry/schoolwork stuff. I randomly turned on the TV to a true crime thing on the Oxygen network and after that they started showing a marathon of America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 11) and I watched a little, thinking, “well, this will be super-stupid and annoying”…and I was somewhat right but, uh, I ended up watching the entire season while working on the computer all day. Actually, I’m finishing watching the last few episodes now because I had to go to work so I DVR’d them. It was a lot more compelling than I thought it would be – and Tyra is just as annoying as everyone says she is, lol. The girls are pretty nice.

I looked at Wikipedia so I know already who “wins” but I love Elina’s look so much – and I love Analeigh overall. I want Analeigh’s hair. I’m having a hair obsession lately – Rachel Zoe’s, and now Analeigh’s. Both are similar to mine, I just want to style mine a bit more like theirs.

Rachel Zoe:
rachel-zoe sitting table

Analeigh hair

Oh, and then there’s this gorgeous thing, Kate Beckinsale:Private Residence

Okay, enough ogling over those who are genetically gifted/freakish, LOL. So also while I was home doing work on the computer and watching TV, I made some lovely veggie chili on the stovetop. I had all the ingredients: veg “ground round”, frozen corn, two cans of black beans, chopped up onions, bell peppers, and garlic; loads of spices. It came out good. Here’s a bowl straight from the pot:

Veggie chili

And after topping it with a dollop of Greek yogurt (in lieu of sour cream):
Veggie chili yogurt

Ridiculously delicious, too!

The postman came with this ring today – this is a funny story. About a week ago, a guest at my restaurant left a ring behind and I LOVED it so much that I wore it around on my hand for the next hour…then the guest called and was like, “I left my ring there.” Dammit.

So I went home and looked for this ring online – turns out it was worn on Sex & The City (which I’ve never seen) but I found a cheap knockoff…and it got here today. Love it:

Two-finger ring 1

I love that it’s a two-finger ring:

Two-finger ring 2

Went out after work for some margaritas – well, only one. 🙂


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