gonna free fall out into nothing

May 18, 2009 at 8:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Had a semi-relaxed last few days…finished school on Friday morning and so decided to take a few days off to play before getting into summer projects. đŸ™‚

Let’s see…Friday I presented my final project in the morning, then went to Oregano’s with a friend for lunch. Work was INSANE on Friday night – the restaurant where I work is always busy when it’s the weekend of the university’s graduation. I kicked ass, though, and made money.

Saturday…I did…something. I have no idea anymore, lol. More busy-busy-restaurant that night and then we went to the bar after for a bit. A couple of really cute 23-year-old guys were hitting on me at the bar and saying how beautiful I am. They were pretty nice kids, one just back from Iraq. It was a little ego boost. A friend told them that I was 26 and they thought I looked younger, haha. That was nice.

Yesterday – Sunday – was nice. For some reason I woke up at 4:00 am and could not get back to sleep, so I got up and watched Field of Dreams on TV. Had forgotten how sweet that film is.

Went to lunch at that healthy Japanese place again…had some nice noodles with veggies. Then watched the end of Sideways, which we had started watching a few weeks ago and not finished. It was…not at all what I expected. Some funny moments, though.

Then I came home and called the roadside assistance service because somehow overnight one of my tires on my car had gone completely flat – they were so fast and nice. Nail in the tire, of course. Seems like that’s what it always is.

I went to bed early as I’d had no sleep the night before. Took an Ambien and it…helped. I swear, I’m like immune to sleep.

Today I got up nice and early and went for a pedicure. Threw on this dress that I got at Target last year and haven’t worn much for some reason…it’s not crazy flattering but it sure is comfy. I suspect I’ll be wearing it a lot this summer.

outfit 5-18-09 1

I tried to get a photo of my newish Payless silver sandals but it came out blurry…

silver t-sandals

And as I was snapping shots, someone decided to join me…look at the lower right-hand corner:

outfit 5-18-09 2

SO cute. đŸ˜€

You can also see in that last pic the mess of my house…which is what I spent the rest of the day doing – cleaning! And now it is so lovely and neat and washed and clean and good-smelling. Love it.

Oh, I stopped on the way home from my pedi and got a taco salad from Taco Bell…I used to love these and haven’t had one since probably the early 90s, seriously. Some calorie count nonsense back in the day put me off of them, but today it was what I was craving and it was good!

Taco Bell taco salad

And filling. I had a ton of red grapes and cherries for dinner and I think I’m done for the day.


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