greed is good

May 22, 2009 at 1:24 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, I don’t necessarily believe in that post title, but I’m watching (audio and video warning) that exact scene on TV right now from (more audio and video: trailer) the amazing 80s movie, Wall Street. I think of this scene a lot, in all kinds of contexts. It’s funny how this movie is pointed to as portraying the excesses of the 1980s, but it seems more timely than ever watching it today.

Enough of that.

Lovely day here. It was nice and rainy and actually somewhat not-hot, which is amazing for this time of year in Arizona. I left the doors and windows open last night and woke to the sound and smell of the rain filling the house…was so nice that I decided to stay in bed and enjoy it, so slept in a bit. 🙂

Finally got up and went to brunch with a friend. I was kind of rushing and it was raining so I put on a boring outfit:

outfit 5-21-09

Black polo shirt over a long-sleeved white t-shirt, skinny jeans and my skull wellies…which I love.

skull wellies

Now that I look at that photo, not sure I should wear anything like this again. I look like I have big thighs, and I don’t.

Had an egg white omelet with turkey, bacon, avocado, and tomatoes, with lots of fruit. It was good. We went to the mall after that and I bought a really cute dress at Banana Republic on huge markdown. Wandered by the movie theatre on the way to Forever 21 and randomly decided to go see the new Terminator movie.

So we went. I actually have seen the original Terminator and Terminator II (shocking, honestly, for me to have seen movies) and liked them, plus my friend mentioned that Christian Bale was in it so I figured it was worth seeing (because, y’know, he’s hot, lol). It was good. It stressed me out a little, actually, it was like a 2-hour onslaught of fighting and violence, but it was good. And it turns out that Sam Worthington is a whole lot hotter than Bale.

We were talking about it on the drive home and I said something about Helena Bonham-Carter’s character and my friend was like, “wait, who?” and I realized he had no idea who she was. I explained which character she played and he was like stunned (because I never know actors/stars), “how did you know who she is/her name?”

Aw, because I’ve adored her and her edgy spirit since I encountered her first when she and I were both in our teens. She was the radiant star of the remarkable movie A Room With A View which was very influential in my life as a teen. She was even more influential upon me, though, in a subsequent magazine spread where she appeared looking so hot-disheveled-defiant:

hbc leave me alone

Seriously, this image has made a lasting impact on me. It’s over 20 years ago that I saw this photo and I think of it, I dunno, like, often. She’s super cool, even to this day.

Work was fine – made money. Wine class tonight was outta hand, lol – super fun.

Night. 🙂


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