for a minute there, i lost myself

July 3, 2009 at 1:18 am (Uncategorized)

Just heard Karma Police by Radiohead driving home from work…such an amazing song.

Let’s see – today was pretty lazy. Went to breakfast with a friend at a place we go to kind of a lot. The service was really bad today. I had my usual omelet of egg whites, turkey, bacon, Swiss, avocado, and tomato with fruit on the side. ‘Twas good. Came home and did stuff that needed to be done – emails, making appointments, coercing the cat into taking her pills and supplements, lol. She’s actually being really good about it all.

And then took a nap.

Oh yeah, on my way home after breakfast I stopped at Sally Beauty Supply and bought some stuff…including this incredibly affordable dupe of the Clarisonic facial brush, the i-Skin. So after my nap I had to test it out and, wow, it’s remarkable. I tested a Clarisonic once and found it lovely but not worth the $200 price tag. This i-Skin gave me exactly the same results, at $30. Yay for bargains, I love ’em.

I was wearing this today…another boring outfit.

ootd 7-2-09

Old Navy blouse, H&M balloon hem cargos.

I like these old earrings that I was wearing, though – I think I got them at Big Lots lol…

blue earring

And these silver sandals that I think I got from Target…

silver sandals

I’ve been wearing those sandals a lot so far this summer. They’re as comfy as flip-flops but look marginally nicer.

Work was…blegh. But at least I made a bit of money. Wine class was fun and I was the only one who guessed varietals correctly from “blind tastings”…meaning they wrap the bottle of wine in tinfoil so we can’t see if it’s a merlot, cabernet, zinfandel, etc. So we look at the glass of wine, and smell, and taste, and try to guess. And I was the only one who got it right TWICE. Haha. I rock.

If you haven’t seen the Youtube thing of Hitler finding out about Michael Jackson dying…well, you should.



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