hard to be soft, tough to be tender

July 6, 2009 at 7:02 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

I’m really liking “Help I’m Alive” by Metric (lyrics in today’s post title)…reminds me of The Breeders in the 90s.

Took kitteh to the vet this morning and things are looking pretty good. Going back in a month, keeping her on another course of antibiotics and her iron supplements. Think we figured out why she’s anemic, too, and it makes sense and is the indirect result of a medication she’s been on for her heart. But overall, things seem cautiously optomistic.

They gave her liquid antibiotics – she’s used to taking pills – and I squirted some in her mouth when we got home and the look on her face reminded me of those DO NOT WANT lolcats…


…LOL poor thing. She gave me wounded/baleful looks for the next hour. So I called the vet and went back and got her some pills. Much better.

After her vet visit, I went to breakfast with a friend. I had a huevos rancheros thing which for some reason just didn’t taste very interesting to me.

In the afternoon, I decided to go thrift store shopping. I had a great day! Found all kinds of great basics for the fall/winter. I had this idea in my head of oversized tops to go with leggings and boots/heels as my easy/comfy fall uniform, and found lots of things that fit with that vision.

A dress:
taupe dress

An oversized white heavy linen shirt:
white linen shirt

A grey slightly-puffed sleeve t-shirt:
grey puff sleeve t

A long black cardigan (which is very similar to one I wore to death in the 80s as a teenager…with leggings quite often, lol):
long black cardi

An oversized white tee that kind of reminds me of long johns:
white pj like top

A slightly oversized men’s grey vest (that looks cute over the tee above):
grey mens vest

A crinkly jacket – I know Eileen Fisher is generally worn by the over-60 set (at least in my city) but I thought this had a kind of cool Japanese vibe to it…hope I’m not wrong about that:
eileen fisher jacket

A cropped eyelet jacket with satin trim:
eyelet f21 jacket

A slightly military styled jacket with an adorable peplum that makes my waist look small:
peplum military jacket front

Also got five other tees (just basic stuff too boring to photograph), a black turtleneck sweater, and two science-geek books. Grand total = $60. God, I love thrifting.

I’m off tonight so I’m relaxing at home. I’ll have some more of that soup from yesterday for dinner…yum.


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