feels like i've been here before

July 18, 2009 at 12:37 am (Uncategorized)

Man, it’s hot. 106 degrees today…109 tomorrow. It’s just too hot to be fashionable. I’ve been in shorts and blouses with sandals…boring.

Went to lunch and then the mall today. I’ve never really looked through Abercrombie before and, wow, their clothes are overpriced but SO SOFT! I’ve never encountered a store of entirely wonderfully soft clothes before. I will look for them at thrift stores.

Some pictures from the past while…

The vet told me to feed kitteh raw calf liver to boost her iron levels. Seriously disgusting. My cutting board looked like a crime scene. Kitteh sniffed the chopped up liver and looked at me like WTF?? I gave the rest of the liver to my mom, who loves liver and onions.


Okay, onto cuter things – stacks of bracelets!
silver bracelets

And this candy that I picked up at the supermarket the other day is hilarious:

The last pic, my baby fluffernutter:
Marcella 7-7-09

In sad news, a beautiful and sweet 21-year-old girl who dated a coworker of mine for the past three years…died this week in a car accident. So sad. I just feel terrible about it. Wear your seatbelts, kids…she wasn’t wearing hers.


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