is this the way that you wanted to pay

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Not much new and exciting…spent the weekend doing a lot of reading for school, etc.

Went out for a few drinks with friends on Saturday night to a groovy little retro cocktail lounge. I wore my new thigh high boots…kind of crappy picture because my house has bad lighting at night, so I was leaning into the best light I could find.

ootd 8-29-09

I really love the boots. I loved them with this forever 21 tunic and leggings, too – got loads of compliments. Now to get ballsy enough to wear them during the day…maybe I’ll start over skinny jeans.

Today’s outfit was too boring to photograph but I did wear a cool necklace for the first time – I think I got it at forever 21 a while ago.

leaf bib necklace

(My hair is wet in this picture, not disgustingly greasy) The necklace helped make my completely dull outfit less dull…got a few compliments on it.

In the mail tonight, my new SEXIEST EVER pair of slippers arrived…seriously, wait till you see these.

slipper genie 1

Wait, you’re not convinced of their fashion potential from the top view alone? Check out the side detail…

slipper genie 2

…awww yeah, you’re looking at the oh-so-hot Slipper Genie! They clean your wood floors as you walk around the house!

Honestly, I’m kind of excited about them. I love my bamboo floors but I feel like they’re never clean enough, and in looking for ideas online I found these amazing things. I needed new slippers anyway. They make me laugh when I look down…it’s like I have Muppets on my feet LOL.

Yeah, is it any surprise that I’m single?? 🙂

I’ve had a sore neck since Saturday (I tend to wake up occasionally with a neck so sore that I can’t turn my head) and even after a massage on Saturday and chiropractor today, it’s still achy and making me crabby. Off to take more ibuprofen and put heat on my neck. I’ll do more of an update soon. sl

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saturday, when these open doors were open ended

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I have a ton of pictures today! 🙂

First, I was sorry to hear about Dominick Dunne’s death. I knew he had been quite ill with cancer for some years now, so it’s not a total surprise, but I’ll miss his commentary on all things true crime related. I’m an enormous true crime buff and always enjoyed reading his take on things. He had so much good insider information, and really presented interesting points in many high-profile crime cases. Glad he’s not in pain anymore, though, and if there exists an afterlife he’ll be happy to see his daughter Dominique again. R.I.P., Mr. Dunne.

Second, I’m afraid my darling 18-year-old cat may not be around for a whole lot longer. She’s increasingly requiring steroid shots to reduce pain from her arthritis and also increasingly refusing food. It breaks my heart to think of putting her to sleep (I’m crying as I type this) but I won’t allow her to be unhappy or in pain either. We’ll see, but it seems like things are going downhill. My heart feels like it’s breaking.

Let’s move on to gorgeous things, I’ve got to move my mind away from kitty.

In the things-I-will-never-be-able-to-afford file, this gorgeous Lanvin dress

lanvin tiered dress
*Sigh* So gorgeous. From Bergdorf Goodman.

In the things-I-CAN-afford file, I discovered a new site today that I Tons of super cute stuff at really reasonable prices. I want a million things from there…(here come all the pictures)

So pretty
lulus flapper dress

this one could be an easy DIY with the right thrift store dress
lulus axel dress

I love this idea – those who can crochet could definitely do something like this with a thrift store dress
lulus crochet dress front
lulus crochet dress back
lulus crochet dress detail

This maxi dress would be great on someone with a sexy back
lulus maxi dress front
lulus maxi dress back

I love this jacket wrap dress…I’m a sucker for hoods
lulus jacket dress front
lulus jacket dress side

Another dress that seems like it could be a DIY project
lulus rolling stone dress

These shoes are sick
lulus zipper heels

But if you prefer flats…
lulus zipper flats

Cute sequined jacket
lulus sequin jacket crop

I’m having an insane craving for pleather shorts to wear with tights and boots
lulus pleather shorts

Great necklaces
lulus petite fleur necklace
lulus tree necklace
lulus chain veil necklace

So, yeah, now I need to decide what I need from this collection, haha.

Other random inspirations…I watched T2 on TV last night and, as I do everytime I see it, was drooling over Linda Hamilton’s incredibly buff body in it. Those arms…I want.

linda hamilton T2 1
linda hamilton T2 2

This sweater (which could be yet another DIY project)
kimberly ovitz shredded sweater outsapop
From the beautiful fall collection by Kimberly Ovitz – found this via outsapop

And this pretty cool tattoo…definitely not a DIY project

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I’ve heard/seen a lot of questions lately both online and in real life about the lash growing product Latisse so I thought I’d make a little post about my experience with it. I started using Lumigan, which is the same thing as Latisse, about two months ago and am very, very pleased with the results.

In the interest of full disclosure, there are potential side effects to using Lumigan/Latisse on your eyes, which supposedly can include a darkening of the eyelid and darkening of eye color – irreversible. If you decide to use these products, please Google or ask your doctor about these side effects so you are informed.

I purchased Lumigan from an online Indian pharmacy called I have purchased other products from them before and have had no complaints with the service or the quality. When I purchased Lumigan from them a few months ago, they did not require a prescription. Now they do, but oddly, they don’t require a prescription for Latisse, so I have switched to Latisse. The bottles they sell are approximately $10 each, whereas in the U.S. most doctor offices are charging about $90 for the same size bottle. They do charge a flat fee of $25 for shipping, so I tend to buy in bulk.

It comes in a small eyedrop bottle. You simply put a drop onto a fine eyeliner brush (mine is a paintbrush from a craft store) and draw it on your upper lids just like eyeliner. Once a day, I generally do it at bedtime. One drop is enough for both eyes, and each bottle has lasted me about 3-4 weeks.

My eyelashes before were not very long and blonde. Now they are probably doubled in length and mostly black (still blonde on the tips). I wish I had taken a before picture, but I didn’t. Here is a picture of them now.

(Disclaimer: this was taken after I tried the new Maybelline vibrating mascara for the first and last time – it sucked and my lashes look clumpy – it went back to CVS)


Updating: pic with no makeup

eyelashes brown no mascara

You can see in that pic how dark my lashes are now, and also that they are still blonde at the tips. They used to be that blonde root to tip.

I have naturally light blue eyes but wear brown contacts. My eyes have not changed color at all, and I have had no darkening of my eyelid. I’ve had no side effects whatsoever, other than longer, darker lashes. Here’s a pic of my eye with no contacts (naturally blue eyes) – I’ve always had the little brown flecks that appear in this pic, no change since using Lumigan/Latisse.

eyelashes blue no mascara

There it is! Feel free to comment if you have questions. 🙂

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the king is dead and long live the people who aim above

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More school, back to work. I’m going to drop a class and only take 3 classes this semester. It won’t put me behind because I already have taken some of the core classes for this program, and I want to make sure I don’t get overwhelmed in my first semester in this program. I really want to have a great GPA. So I feel a little more relaxed having decided that.

Had been cooking at home the past couple of days. I found this frozen complete paella thing in the seafood section of my favorite natural foods store…

paella box

Just heat and eat…

paella bowl

It actually wasn’t very good, which I suppose shouldn’t surprise me. I ate some and then gave the rest to my dad who had stopped by to fix my broken sink disposal. He liked it.

So for lunch I had my favorite: crackers, Laughing Cow cheese, and cucumbers which I can’t get enough of lately.

crackers cheese boxes
crackers cheese

Topped with cucumber slices and a few shakes of sea salt and pepper…

crackers cheese cukes

Before work I threw together a random “soup” – mushroom broth, mushroom veggie “meatballs” and spinach. Not bad.

veg meatball soup

I was wearing my new ruffly Norma Kamali for Walmart blouse with an old pair of cargo shorts and Minnetonka fringe moccasin boots.

ootd 08-26-09
fringe mocassins

Today I thawed some veggie curry that I made a while ago and has been in the freezer. It was really good, I wish I remembered what recipe I used to make it! Two more bags in the freezer so this will appear again. I had it over this Trader Joe’s pilaf which is also super yum…

tjs pilaf

veg curry

Later, I wanted a BLT but had no bread so I made BLT rollups with romaine hearts…kind of sucky, actually. Turkey bacon is lame, I’m not buying it again.


On to gorgeous things I’m lusting after…

I need to learn how to put grommets in things and make my own version of these from some cut up thrift store boots

corset heels
from free people

and these leggings by Black Milk

corset leggings
seen on the lovely blogger at Kingdom of Style

Look at these ridiculously fierce chain shoes

linked heels
pic from dirty flaws

I’m in love with this look and pretty much everything else from complexgeometries

complex wrap

And finally this knotted vest…

knotted vest

and tucked shift…

tucked shift
both by mono and sold at stand up comedy

*Sigh* Alas, I have no money right now so can only drool over such things. 🙂

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give beets a chance

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First things first – this is the coolest website I’ve seen in a while: VISUWORDS, the online graphical dictionary, which doesn’t describe nearly how cool it is. Check it out. Totally safe for work. children, everyone. Just keep hitting the random button if you don’t have something specific in mind to look up.

Went to my second class today – all about financial management and budgeting (yesterday’s was about administration) in healthcare. Looks interesting. There’s a ton of group work in this program, where there was hardly any in my old department. I expected it, but it’s still different. Got into a group in the class today with a couple of girls who I was in a group with in another class a year ago, so at least I know they are smart and pull their weight.

Dropped a ton of money on textbooks today, ugh. That’s another big change in this college – they use pricey, big hardcover textbooks whereas my old department tended to use lots of paperbacks that could be gotten cheaply online. Again, I expected this and was actually able to find some of my books online so I came in a couple hundred dollars cheaper than I had loosely budgeted but still…

Ah, well, as the guy at the bookstore said, “school is one of the few things worth going into debt for” and I agree.

Cleaned house a bit today so it’s not quite the squalor it was before. Yay for clean floors. Dad is coming over tomorrow to fix my sink disposal which has suddenly stopped working altogether. It will be nice to have everything fixed and clean and shiny.

I wasn’t thrilled with my outfit today but it was one of those ugh-nothing-looks-good days and after three clothing changes I decided it was ridiculous to spend this much time on an outfit for one class on a campus where the vast majority of students are wearing t-shirts and flip-flops anyway. So this is what I had on, and this is what I went with.

ootd 8-25-09 1

Silky tunic from Walmart last spring, skinny jeans that are at least 5 years old from TJ Maxx, patent booties from Payless last fall.

I wore my armor ring for the first time, too
armor ring on

I roasted beets this morning. I have shown my roasted beet salads on here before, but I haven’t gone into detail. Fresh, roasted beets are a completely different animal than the canned or pickled beets you might have grown up with or had from salad bars. You should try them. They are super easy to make, taste delicious, and pack a nutritional powerpunch…look at this

beet nutrients

Chart is from World’s Healthiest Foods and there is lots more info at that link.

So, preparing beets – preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Top & tail the beets but don’t peel them. Wrap each one individually in aluminum foil, loosely, but sealed on all edges. Put them on a baking sheet (I’ve actually even just placed them on the oven rack) and bake for 45-60 minutes. Let them cool (even overnight in the fridge is fine). When they’re cooled, remove the foil and you can easily peel them by just pushing the skin off with your fingers – however – unless you want pink hands and fingers for a few days, wear latex gloves while doing so. I found today, though, when I realized I was out of gloves, that putting sandwich bags over my hands worked equally well!

And then eat! So yum. My favorite way is in a salad – spinach, beets, red onion, black olives, garbanzo beans, walnuts, and goat, gorgonzola, or bleu cheese crumbles – with balsamic vinaigrette. That’s is what I had today.

spinach beet salad

Good with chicken or your protein of choice, too – I had some fish on the side which I forgot to photograph.

I want this sweater from Victoria’s Secret

vs sweater blazer

I had other things, pretty pictures, to show – but I’m too tired. Night.

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back then i couldn’t do the things that i can do now

August 25, 2009 at 2:58 am (Uncategorized)

First day of grad school in my new program! My only class wasn’t until 4:00 today so it didn’t feel like much of a day of school. I actually only have one class a day, all in the afternoon, and one class is web-delivered so I can do it anytime of day. Pretty nice schedule.

I wore my new Norma Kamali for Walmart cargos – man, I love these – with a black t-shirt that has a little ruffle around the neckline (I think I bought it at Walmart in the spring) and my favorite tall strappy Payless sandals.

ootd 8-24-09 1
ootd 8-24-09 2

I’m looking for a tripod for my camera online tonight – I’m sick of these lame mirror photos.

I was wearing my favorite pair of necklaces that I always wear together – one is a little engraved locket and one is a monogrammed charm…

locket pair

Ignore the cat hair on my shirt, lol – I lint-rolled after taking these photos. 🙂

Also wore this sort of antique-looking knuckle ring that I got…somewhere cheap. Ebay? I have no idea.
antiqued knuckle ring

Class was good! Seems quite interesting.

Got home and did a bit of cleaning because I am sick of this clutter. Along the way I came across some fun things to take photos of.

A pretty satin headband (I don’t remember where I got it – possibly forever 21?) with a bejeweled flower cluster attached

jewel flower headband

I use that headband these days mostly as decor on a bureau in my bedroom next to this pretty silk Banana Republic clutch that I got at My Sister’s Closet, a resale boutique in Scottsdale over Spring Break of this year.

br clutch

I keep them grouped with my perfumes and a pair of wrought iron candlesticks

perfume tableau

I also like the little organizers I keep on the antique desk in my bedroom – one for makeup brushes and one for pencils. I got these glass containers at Michaels craft stores – filled the brush one with little plastic beads used as florist filler (also from Michaels) so you can stick the brush handles in like sand.

organizer brushes

It holds a lot more brushes that that, I washed half of them last night and left them in the bathroom to dry.

organizer pencils

Found a great blog yesterday – It’s Unbeweavable! – so cute and fun.

OH! And guess what is on its way to me in the mail? My romper, knocked off from this Stella McCartney one…

stella mccartney romper
pic from res pulchrae

…and custom made for me by etsy seller MerowW. Here’s the photo she sent me of it, I can’t wait till it arrives!

grey jumper

I guess that’s it for today. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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like looking through a fogged mirror

August 24, 2009 at 3:12 am (Uncategorized)

Nice relaxing day today. Yesterday was busy – grad school orientation all morning, then met a friend on campus for lunch, came home and napped for a bit and then went to a mixer for students in my college. ‘Twas fun but a lot of socializing for the past week! I was going to attend a BBQ at a professor’s house tonight but just needed some alone time, so I stayed home and then went shopping instead.

I had crackers with Laughing Cow cheese and cucumbers for breakfast…Laughing Cow is really so good for as few calories as it packs. As a late lunch, I made a hamburger. Weirdly, I have never, ever made a hamburger before! I was vegetarian for a long time, but even since eating meat again I generally go out if I want a hamburger. Shopping at my favorite natural foods store yesterday, they had a pair of premade fresh hamburger patties on sale, so I figured I’d give it a try. Came out yummy! I made it in a frying pan and remembered afterward that I have a grill for the stovetop – maybe I’ll try that for the second one – but it was good!

homemade hamburger

Added ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickle, spinach, red onion, and American cheese. And then I was full the rest of the day.

Went out to WalMart in the afternoon to check out the Miley Cyrus/Max Azria line of clothes – I know, I KNOW, but I heard there were some cute pieces. They didn’t have the plaid tunic I wanted (and everything is pretty much sold out on their website!)…
miley plaid tunic
pic from

…but I found a plaid dress that is cute. I think. I’m not sure yet if I’m keeping it. It may be a little too 90s grunge for those of us who wore 90s grunge as college students.
miley plaid dress

I dunno. At least it’s not a babydoll style, and I do like the colors and it’s super soft. For $14 I’ll probably hang onto it and try to make it work.

I did end up buying some of the stuff that Norma Kamali did for WalMart a while ago – it’s all on clearance now.

A cool sheerish cotton dress thing with a neat hemline that I’ll wear as a sort of long vest over leggings
nk long vest

A blouse that looks like about a million other blouses that I own, heh
nk peasant blouse

A pretty decent “boyfriend blazer”
nk boyfriend blazer
pic from

And a cute pair of cargos that look like a million other cargos I own…but I don’t have grey!
nk grey cargos
pic from

I was wearing new pants and blouse that I got yesterday at a weird discount store. I’m not sure about them together but it was what it was…

oots 8-23-09

Bad pic so here’s a detail of the print on the pants and the blouse…
blouse detail

I didn’t realize it at the time, but there’s a sweet kitty in the bottom corner of this pic! (These pictures are also really showing how messy/cluttered my house is right now – to be rectified this week, it’s driving me crazy)

plaid skinny detail

I really love the plaid skinnies -they fit great and the plaid is very subtle.

I ended up putting a black beater on under the blouse and unbuttoning it a bit because my bewbs were sort of busting out of it…dammit, I hate that. I also ended up wearing my thrifted Steve Madden hightops (is there NO shoe he will not ripoff?)…
black hightops

I’m guessing the shoes are what caused the cashier at the grocery store to act like I was 13 when i was buying vodka…he carded me, looked it over front and back, held it up and compared my face to the picture, and THEN asked me for another form of ID! I mean, I would be flattered but seriously it was just ridiculous…I can pass for late 20s but I certainly do not look underage with a fake ID.

Wore my tooth necklace – it’s not a real tooth, just a silver representation of one, a premolar. I like teeth. A lot. Dental anatomy is one of my favorite things in osteology.
tooth necklace

Okay, so other things I bought yesterday at the weird discount store…

A cute black sweater dress that I will wear as a jumper over some kind of long-sleeved t-shirt
black sweater dress

The trim on the neckline, sleeves, and pockets is slightly metallic silver…pics aren’t so good, it was cloudy when I was taking them so they’re dark but hopefully give an idea
black sweater dress detail

Got a really cute darkish red sweater dress with a cowl neckline – it’s not as sacklike on, actually somewhat body conscious
red sweater dress

I’m obsessed with my new nail polish from The Icing – if you don’t know it, The Icing is in a lot of malls and is the grownup version of Claire’s, where most of us got our ears pierced as kids/teens. Anyway, for some reason The Icing has really great nail polish at really great prices, and every season I discover a new must-have there. A few weeks ago (while searching for components for my Tom Binns knockoff necklace) I found “blackened” nail polish there. It’s mostly black but flashes some very cool multicolored glitter in the light
blackened bottle
blackened nails

And, yes, I’m sure I am too old for black glitter nails, and Miley Cyrus clothing, and long hair, and…a million other things, but you know what? Life is short, and it makes me happy to wear what I like. 😀

First day of classes tomorrow! Where did the summer go? I’m looking forward to it, though.

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home sweet home

August 22, 2009 at 4:47 am (Uncategorized)

Rural Health Service Learning trip was great – really got me thinking and inspired and ready for the school year to begin. Super cool fellow students on the trip, too, and now I have some friends in my new department! 🙂

But I’m so glad to be home. Eating was really quite terrible on the trip. I haven’t had so many processed carbs in ages and my bloated tummy by the last day showed it! It’s amazing how I’ll never crave or choose to eat things like Doritos and cookies in my normal life, but when someone puts them in front of me as part of my lunch, I sort of blindly shovel them down as if I’m being forced. Anyway, I don’t feel guilty because it’s fine to splurge sometimes, but I was so happy to make a yummy egg white omelet this morning with loads of spinach and salsa. Had spinach salad for dinner with chicken, garbanzos, tomatoes, black olives, bleu cheese, and a bit of balsamic vinaigrette. Also had a nice greens drink for lunch. I’ve had a headache all afternoon which I swear must be my body detoxing from the craptastic previous 6 days.

Had a slightly lazy-yet-productive morning at home, then went down to campus to pick up my new parking permit and attend an afternoon of presentations from people who are just finishing up the program I am entering. It was interesting. I feel motivated.

Finally started piecing together my knockoff-of-Tom-Binns necklace today as the final piece arrived in the mail while I was away this week. I’m quite pleased, actually…may tinker with it a bit more but so far here’s what I produced:

The original Tom Binns piece that inspired me

My take on it, made with various collected necklaces and safety pins
copy layered necklace

I think, not bad. Especially for my very fashion-unaware city where probably few people are even aware of the Tom Binns piece. I like mine.

Other inspirations for DIY projects…

aldo diy studded boots fashiontoast
pic from fashiontoast

studded combat boot
don’t remember where I got this pic, sorry

ungaro chain hoodie
ungaro chain hoodie 2
pics from fashiontoast

Orientation for my new program early tomorrow.

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wild, wild west

August 18, 2009 at 5:06 am (Uncategorized)

Greetings from the old west mining town of Globe, Arizona, where I am spending the week learning about rural health care. It’s been fun so far, if a bit unorganized and dragging at times. But in general I’m learning a lot and like the people I’m with. I’m ready to go home, though, and won’t be doing so for a few more days. Hopefully – probably – it’ll go quickly.

Will post more upon my return home but in the meantime a few photos of things I’ve seen to entertain you in my absence. Will return to blogging by the weekend. 🙂






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slow down somebody gon’ crash

August 13, 2009 at 5:58 am (Uncategorized)

More random snacking instead of actual meals yesterday. Big bowl of cooked carrots, peas, and okra for breakfast, V-8 and cherries for lunch. As a late dinner I seared up some ahi tuna and threw it in a little wonton soup broth with random veggies.

Today I made a yum egg white omelet for breakfast – bell peppers, green chiles, bit of TJ’s lowfat cheese, some of Penzeys awesome southwestern seasoning, and topped with black beans and fresh (storebought) pico de gallo.



Finished off my cherries, too. Later I had a V-8 and a tin of TJ’s smoked trout…was trying to get my cat to eat so I gave her the last of the trout but she said “no, thank you.” She’s being a fusspot about eating again. We went to the vet yesterday again and got some new anti-inflammatory to try to ease her arthritis. Doctor thinks that might get her eating better in a few days when it kicks in. I hope so.

In related news, I have a big crush on my cat’s veterinarian – he’s probably 20 years older than me and his wife died of brain cancer a year ago. But he’s so sweet to my girl and yesterday thought I was a nurse because I know so much about anatomy/physiology/osteology. How do you ask this person out?

You don’t, I suppose, especially if you’re me and never ask anyone out because your self-esteem can’t handle rejection. Plus it would be super embarrassing to see him after that.

Went back to the jewelry repair shop yesterday to pick up my chainmail gypsy bracelet that I had links taken from (I have fairly small wrists)…love it.

chainlink gypsy on me

It was made by Hecates Adornments on etsy.

Stopped at Ross on the way home because I’ve been looking for a new purse for 6 months and have been unable to find one that meets the following criteria: 1) Cheap. 2) Black. 3) Sort of funky but not over the top. 4) Front pocket to hold cell phone. 5) Not too big and not too small. 6) Silver hardware.

And I finally found one!

new handbag

Nothing amazing, but it’s what I wanted. For as much as I love shoes, I am not a bag person at all. I want something functional that looks decent and will last a year or so.

I forgot to take outfit pictures and was too lazy to get dressed again so I am showing what I was wearing on the floor, heh.

ootd 8-11-09 2

Black beater from some random cheap club clothes store at the mall, Paris-design beater from forever 21, thrifted short-sleeved pointelle sweater, black leggings from Target.

With these sandals from Payless (site is down or I’d link).

fringe sandals

Driving home from Ross, I started thinking about my kitty and burst into tears. The vet seems optimistic that she’s doing quite well and we can expect a few more years, and I told him that I know she’s old, I don’t want her to be uncomfortable, and that when the time comes I’m ready to make tough decisions. But I started thinking about it as I was driving and just how difficult that’s going to be. I think it was a release of all my worrying about her in the past couple of months, but I just sobbed all the way home.

Walked into the house and was greeted by this:

marcella DVD box

My sweetness hanging out in the lid of the box where I keep my DVDs which I had left on the floor, and looking at me like “why the crying, mom?” What a love.

And I know she’s had a good, long life. I know I gave her more love than any cat can ask for. I never expected when I took a kitten at 21 years old that she’d be with me for a huge amount of my adult life. I don’t feel guilty about anything. I’ll just miss her SO MUCH.

But that’s hopefully something to face in a few years.

Oh, and yeah that’s an AbFab DVD with her in the lid – WHAT. 🙂

In the gorgeous-things-I-can’t-afford file for today, look at this Alexander McQueen clutch – LOOK at it!

mcqueen skull clutch

I posted the red because it shows better detail, but I would want it in this iridescent black color…

mcqueen black clutch
mcqueen black clutch2

From Saks…a bargain at $1600.

Other gorgeous things I love: These DIY jeans as posted on goodiebag

bleached jeans goodiebag

I want to figure out how to DIY this hairband from Zac Posen as posted on OutsaPop Trashion

zac posen studded hair

I totally have the faux hair braided hairband already, just need to figure out how to get the studs on there…and how to look that freakin’ gorgeous, lol.

I found a new blog today and honestly spent a few hours this afternoon reading through the entire thing…I have a new girl crush. This girl, while different from me in many ways, is so like me in other ways. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts at many times. She’s smokin’ hot, too, and seems so nice. I wanna hang with her.

I’m leaving in a few days for a 5-day trip that is decidedly NOT glamorous – going to a mining/rural town about 100 miles away for an on-hands field experience in rural health. It should be informative and hopefully interesting (and maybe even fun?). I’ll take pics of me in field gear if possible.

Thanks for reading.

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