I'm tired, tired of playing the game

August 1, 2009 at 11:05 pm (Uncategorized)

This has been SUCH a fun week! Friends visiting from The Netherlands with their absolutely adorable, smart, fun kids. It has felt like a vacation for me, even though I’ve worked every night. We’ve been in the swimming pool mostly, but some shopping and mountain hiking as well.

I don’t want kids in general, but I love these kids. I would take them.

Fashion has been mostly t-shirts and shorts with flip-flops lol. Not worth publishing.

Work has been the stupidest ever in my 3.5 years there. It’s too stupid to go into detail over.

I have eaten hot dogs with potato salad and watermelon as lunch for the past three days…the Dutch children love it, LOL.

I have also been coveting beautiful items online such as these:

(I forgot where I got this image, I’m sorry)

Gorgeous shoe jewelry (from litter sf)
shoe jewelry

And omfg I want this Stella McCartney romper (image from res pulchrae)
stella mccartney romper


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