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August 10, 2009 at 5:39 am (Uncategorized)

Watched Chicago on TV last night – that’s a fun movie.

Look at these adorable winter accessories!

knit cap with satin bow
knit gloves with satin ribbon
Sold at Colette for a great deal of money but how easy they would be to make oneself! As evidenced by the name of the site where I came across them, Making Things. I don’t knit, but I sew well enough that I could replicate these with purchased hat and gloves and a length of black satin ribbon. Adorable. I really need to live someplace with cooler weather.

Had a fairly productive day off today. Cleaned out my fridge bigtime – not only threw away moldering foods, but also took out all the shelves and drawers and scrubbed everything down with bleach. It makes me happy to open it now. I actually took a pic of it when I was done because it was so EMPTY but also nice and sparkling clean.

fridge before

Went grocery shopping in the afternoon and bought a lot of food – here’s the fridge after.

fridge after

I know there are still open shelves but those are generally filled with things I have cooked that are ready for reheating – and I need to cook. But look at those FULL vegetable and meat/cheese/tofu bins! Plus I bought tons of canned beans, frozen fish (those went into the freezer and pantry), etc. Yay, I have food. 🙂

I didn’t eat too much today – just wasn’t hungry. Had some string cheese, a can of V-8, a box of pre-prepared protein shake, and a handful of raw almonds. Still wasn’t too hungry at dinnertime so I sauteed a Trader Joe’s salmon burger/patty in some olive oil and added fresh spinach at the end. Put it on a plate and topped the salmon with dill and a blob of fatfree mayonnaise and a squirt of grainy mustard. It was actually really delicious and the perfect amount of food.

salmon patty and spinach

Look at this amazing post from what consumes me that shows misogynist ads from not that long ago…Wow And I think advertising is bad today.

Night, sweetnesses, wherever you are.


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