i will only complicate you. trust in me and fall as well

August 11, 2009 at 5:31 am (Uncategorized)

I ate kinda weird today and nothing worth photographing. Made two eggs in my new microwave poacher for breakfast. Had some V8 mid-morning. Snacked on some deli turkey and delicious, sweet cherries for dinner. I guess that’s it.

Got some fun stuff in the mail this afternoon. It’s kinda sad that I’m as excited as I am about finally receiving this infomercial product I ordered weeks ago, the Turbo Snake (warning: video pops up with the ad automatically). Holy amazing product, this thing works! My tub drain gets clogged at least once a month because I have long hair. I can’t use a screen thing because I have one of those pop-up drains, so I end up using Drano once a month or so and I hate it – hate how toxic those chemicals are, hate the cost. This Turbo Snake works – I pulled out a ton of hair and now my drain is clearing out just fine – no more showering in ankle-deep water! I’m beyond excited…aside from the *hork* factor of pulling all that hair out, LOL.

I also got in the mail this pretty gypsy bracelet
star slave bracelet

And another gypsy bracelet that is gorgeous but too big around the wrist
steel gypsy bracelet

Picture courtesy of the seller, Hecates Adornments on etsy

I tried to remove some links myself but they were TOUGH so I took it to a jeweler at the mall, and it will be ready for pickup tomorrow. So of course while I was at the mall, I had to take a look around, LOL. Got some cute stuff.

This very soft tunic that hangs nicely from Forever 21 – I’ll likely wear it with leggings or skinny jeans, or maybe just as a dress
white f21 tunic

And this chain bracelet, also from Forever 21
chain bracelet

Also picked up a couple of cute “beaters” at F21, one with the Eiffel Tower printed on it. A rhinestone necklace from The Icing will complete my layered necklace project, I do believe.

My thigh-high boots arrived in the mail today and they are awesome. I’ve searched for the past months online to find some that were not patent (like Pretty Woman), that were leather, that didn’t cost a fortune, and that didn’t have 7 inch heels. Found these online and they are GREAT. Soft, comfy, good quality…I’m so pleased. And here they are on me, in a photo taken in bad lighting and a dirty mirror.
thigh high boots on dirty mirror

I’m watching The Lover on TV now – I was obsessed with this book and every book by Marguerite Duras when I was in college. The movie is a pretty good adaptation.



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