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August 22, 2009 at 4:47 am (Uncategorized)

Rural Health Service Learning trip was great – really got me thinking and inspired and ready for the school year to begin. Super cool fellow students on the trip, too, and now I have some friends in my new department! 🙂

But I’m so glad to be home. Eating was really quite terrible on the trip. I haven’t had so many processed carbs in ages and my bloated tummy by the last day showed it! It’s amazing how I’ll never crave or choose to eat things like Doritos and cookies in my normal life, but when someone puts them in front of me as part of my lunch, I sort of blindly shovel them down as if I’m being forced. Anyway, I don’t feel guilty because it’s fine to splurge sometimes, but I was so happy to make a yummy egg white omelet this morning with loads of spinach and salsa. Had spinach salad for dinner with chicken, garbanzos, tomatoes, black olives, bleu cheese, and a bit of balsamic vinaigrette. Also had a nice greens drink for lunch. I’ve had a headache all afternoon which I swear must be my body detoxing from the craptastic previous 6 days.

Had a slightly lazy-yet-productive morning at home, then went down to campus to pick up my new parking permit and attend an afternoon of presentations from people who are just finishing up the program I am entering. It was interesting. I feel motivated.

Finally started piecing together my knockoff-of-Tom-Binns necklace today as the final piece arrived in the mail while I was away this week. I’m quite pleased, actually…may tinker with it a bit more but so far here’s what I produced:

The original Tom Binns piece that inspired me

My take on it, made with various collected necklaces and safety pins
copy layered necklace

I think, not bad. Especially for my very fashion-unaware city where probably few people are even aware of the Tom Binns piece. I like mine.

Other inspirations for DIY projects…

aldo diy studded boots fashiontoast
pic from fashiontoast

studded combat boot
don’t remember where I got this pic, sorry

ungaro chain hoodie
ungaro chain hoodie 2
pics from fashiontoast

Orientation for my new program early tomorrow.


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  1. like looking through a fogged mirror « the world is bound with secret knots said,

    […] season I discover a new must-have there. A few weeks ago (while searching for components for my Tom Binns knockoff necklace) I found “blackened” nail polish there. It’s mostly black but flashes some very […]

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