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August 24, 2009 at 3:12 am (Uncategorized)

Nice relaxing day today. Yesterday was busy – grad school orientation all morning, then met a friend on campus for lunch, came home and napped for a bit and then went to a mixer for students in my college. ‘Twas fun but a lot of socializing for the past week! I was going to attend a BBQ at a professor’s house tonight but just needed some alone time, so I stayed home and then went shopping instead.

I had crackers with Laughing Cow cheese and cucumbers for breakfast…Laughing Cow is really so good for as few calories as it packs. As a late lunch, I made a hamburger. Weirdly, I have never, ever made a hamburger before! I was vegetarian for a long time, but even since eating meat again I generally go out if I want a hamburger. Shopping at my favorite natural foods store yesterday, they had a pair of premade fresh hamburger patties on sale, so I figured I’d give it a try. Came out yummy! I made it in a frying pan and remembered afterward that I have a grill for the stovetop – maybe I’ll try that for the second one – but it was good!

homemade hamburger

Added ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickle, spinach, red onion, and American cheese. And then I was full the rest of the day.

Went out to WalMart in the afternoon to check out the Miley Cyrus/Max Azria line of clothes – I know, I KNOW, but I heard there were some cute pieces. They didn’t have the plaid tunic I wanted (and everything is pretty much sold out on their website!)…
miley plaid tunic
pic from

…but I found a plaid dress that is cute. I think. I’m not sure yet if I’m keeping it. It may be a little too 90s grunge for those of us who wore 90s grunge as college students.
miley plaid dress

I dunno. At least it’s not a babydoll style, and I do like the colors and it’s super soft. For $14 I’ll probably hang onto it and try to make it work.

I did end up buying some of the stuff that Norma Kamali did for WalMart a while ago – it’s all on clearance now.

A cool sheerish cotton dress thing with a neat hemline that I’ll wear as a sort of long vest over leggings
nk long vest

A blouse that looks like about a million other blouses that I own, heh
nk peasant blouse

A pretty decent “boyfriend blazer”
nk boyfriend blazer
pic from

And a cute pair of cargos that look like a million other cargos I own…but I don’t have grey!
nk grey cargos
pic from

I was wearing new pants and blouse that I got yesterday at a weird discount store. I’m not sure about them together but it was what it was…

oots 8-23-09

Bad pic so here’s a detail of the print on the pants and the blouse…
blouse detail

I didn’t realize it at the time, but there’s a sweet kitty in the bottom corner of this pic! (These pictures are also really showing how messy/cluttered my house is right now – to be rectified this week, it’s driving me crazy)

plaid skinny detail

I really love the plaid skinnies -they fit great and the plaid is very subtle.

I ended up putting a black beater on under the blouse and unbuttoning it a bit because my bewbs were sort of busting out of it…dammit, I hate that. I also ended up wearing my thrifted Steve Madden hightops (is there NO shoe he will not ripoff?)…
black hightops

I’m guessing the shoes are what caused the cashier at the grocery store to act like I was 13 when i was buying vodka…he carded me, looked it over front and back, held it up and compared my face to the picture, and THEN asked me for another form of ID! I mean, I would be flattered but seriously it was just ridiculous…I can pass for late 20s but I certainly do not look underage with a fake ID.

Wore my tooth necklace – it’s not a real tooth, just a silver representation of one, a premolar. I like teeth. A lot. Dental anatomy is one of my favorite things in osteology.
tooth necklace

Okay, so other things I bought yesterday at the weird discount store…

A cute black sweater dress that I will wear as a jumper over some kind of long-sleeved t-shirt
black sweater dress

The trim on the neckline, sleeves, and pockets is slightly metallic silver…pics aren’t so good, it was cloudy when I was taking them so they’re dark but hopefully give an idea
black sweater dress detail

Got a really cute darkish red sweater dress with a cowl neckline – it’s not as sacklike on, actually somewhat body conscious
red sweater dress

I’m obsessed with my new nail polish from The Icing – if you don’t know it, The Icing is in a lot of malls and is the grownup version of Claire’s, where most of us got our ears pierced as kids/teens. Anyway, for some reason The Icing has really great nail polish at really great prices, and every season I discover a new must-have there. A few weeks ago (while searching for components for my Tom Binns knockoff necklace) I found “blackened” nail polish there. It’s mostly black but flashes some very cool multicolored glitter in the light
blackened bottle
blackened nails

And, yes, I’m sure I am too old for black glitter nails, and Miley Cyrus clothing, and long hair, and…a million other things, but you know what? Life is short, and it makes me happy to wear what I like. 😀

First day of classes tomorrow! Where did the summer go? I’m looking forward to it, though.


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