give beets a chance

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First things first – this is the coolest website I’ve seen in a while: VISUWORDS, the online graphical dictionary, which doesn’t describe nearly how cool it is. Check it out. Totally safe for work. children, everyone. Just keep hitting the random button if you don’t have something specific in mind to look up.

Went to my second class today – all about financial management and budgeting (yesterday’s was about administration) in healthcare. Looks interesting. There’s a ton of group work in this program, where there was hardly any in my old department. I expected it, but it’s still different. Got into a group in the class today with a couple of girls who I was in a group with in another class a year ago, so at least I know they are smart and pull their weight.

Dropped a ton of money on textbooks today, ugh. That’s another big change in this college – they use pricey, big hardcover textbooks whereas my old department tended to use lots of paperbacks that could be gotten cheaply online. Again, I expected this and was actually able to find some of my books online so I came in a couple hundred dollars cheaper than I had loosely budgeted but still…

Ah, well, as the guy at the bookstore said, “school is one of the few things worth going into debt for” and I agree.

Cleaned house a bit today so it’s not quite the squalor it was before. Yay for clean floors. Dad is coming over tomorrow to fix my sink disposal which has suddenly stopped working altogether. It will be nice to have everything fixed and clean and shiny.

I wasn’t thrilled with my outfit today but it was one of those ugh-nothing-looks-good days and after three clothing changes I decided it was ridiculous to spend this much time on an outfit for one class on a campus where the vast majority of students are wearing t-shirts and flip-flops anyway. So this is what I had on, and this is what I went with.

ootd 8-25-09 1

Silky tunic from Walmart last spring, skinny jeans that are at least 5 years old from TJ Maxx, patent booties from Payless last fall.

I wore my armor ring for the first time, too
armor ring on

I roasted beets this morning. I have shown my roasted beet salads on here before, but I haven’t gone into detail. Fresh, roasted beets are a completely different animal than the canned or pickled beets you might have grown up with or had from salad bars. You should try them. They are super easy to make, taste delicious, and pack a nutritional powerpunch…look at this

beet nutrients

Chart is from World’s Healthiest Foods and there is lots more info at that link.

So, preparing beets – preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Top & tail the beets but don’t peel them. Wrap each one individually in aluminum foil, loosely, but sealed on all edges. Put them on a baking sheet (I’ve actually even just placed them on the oven rack) and bake for 45-60 minutes. Let them cool (even overnight in the fridge is fine). When they’re cooled, remove the foil and you can easily peel them by just pushing the skin off with your fingers – however – unless you want pink hands and fingers for a few days, wear latex gloves while doing so. I found today, though, when I realized I was out of gloves, that putting sandwich bags over my hands worked equally well!

And then eat! So yum. My favorite way is in a salad – spinach, beets, red onion, black olives, garbanzo beans, walnuts, and goat, gorgonzola, or bleu cheese crumbles – with balsamic vinaigrette. That’s is what I had today.

spinach beet salad

Good with chicken or your protein of choice, too – I had some fish on the side which I forgot to photograph.

I want this sweater from Victoria’s Secret

vs sweater blazer

I had other things, pretty pictures, to show – but I’m too tired. Night.


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