the king is dead and long live the people who aim above

August 27, 2009 at 11:19 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

More school, back to work. I’m going to drop a class and only take 3 classes this semester. It won’t put me behind because I already have taken some of the core classes for this program, and I want to make sure I don’t get overwhelmed in my first semester in this program. I really want to have a great GPA. So I feel a little more relaxed having decided that.

Had been cooking at home the past couple of days. I found this frozen complete paella thing in the seafood section of my favorite natural foods store…

paella box

Just heat and eat…

paella bowl

It actually wasn’t very good, which I suppose shouldn’t surprise me. I ate some and then gave the rest to my dad who had stopped by to fix my broken sink disposal. He liked it.

So for lunch I had my favorite: crackers, Laughing Cow cheese, and cucumbers which I can’t get enough of lately.

crackers cheese boxes
crackers cheese

Topped with cucumber slices and a few shakes of sea salt and pepper…

crackers cheese cukes

Before work I threw together a random “soup” – mushroom broth, mushroom veggie “meatballs” and spinach. Not bad.

veg meatball soup

I was wearing my new ruffly Norma Kamali for Walmart blouse with an old pair of cargo shorts and Minnetonka fringe moccasin boots.

ootd 08-26-09
fringe mocassins

Today I thawed some veggie curry that I made a while ago and has been in the freezer. It was really good, I wish I remembered what recipe I used to make it! Two more bags in the freezer so this will appear again. I had it over this Trader Joe’s pilaf which is also super yum…

tjs pilaf

veg curry

Later, I wanted a BLT but had no bread so I made BLT rollups with romaine hearts…kind of sucky, actually. Turkey bacon is lame, I’m not buying it again.


On to gorgeous things I’m lusting after…

I need to learn how to put grommets in things and make my own version of these from some cut up thrift store boots

corset heels
from free people

and these leggings by Black Milk

corset leggings
seen on the lovely blogger at Kingdom of Style

Look at these ridiculously fierce chain shoes

linked heels
pic from dirty flaws

I’m in love with this look and pretty much everything else from complexgeometries

complex wrap

And finally this knotted vest…

knotted vest

and tucked shift…

tucked shift
both by mono and sold at stand up comedy

*Sigh* Alas, I have no money right now so can only drool over such things. 🙂


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