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August 31, 2009 at 10:50 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Not much new and exciting…spent the weekend doing a lot of reading for school, etc.

Went out for a few drinks with friends on Saturday night to a groovy little retro cocktail lounge. I wore my new thigh high boots…kind of crappy picture because my house has bad lighting at night, so I was leaning into the best light I could find.

ootd 8-29-09

I really love the boots. I loved them with this forever 21 tunic and leggings, too – got loads of compliments. Now to get ballsy enough to wear them during the day…maybe I’ll start over skinny jeans.

Today’s outfit was too boring to photograph but I did wear a cool necklace for the first time – I think I got it at forever 21 a while ago.

leaf bib necklace

(My hair is wet in this picture, not disgustingly greasy) The necklace helped make my completely dull outfit less dull…got a few compliments on it.

In the mail tonight, my new SEXIEST EVER pair of slippers arrived…seriously, wait till you see these.

slipper genie 1

Wait, you’re not convinced of their fashion potential from the top view alone? Check out the side detail…

slipper genie 2

…awww yeah, you’re looking at the oh-so-hot Slipper Genie! They clean your wood floors as you walk around the house!

Honestly, I’m kind of excited about them. I love my bamboo floors but I feel like they’re never clean enough, and in looking for ideas online I found these amazing things. I needed new slippers anyway. They make me laugh when I look down…it’s like I have Muppets on my feet LOL.

Yeah, is it any surprise that I’m single?? 🙂

I’ve had a sore neck since Saturday (I tend to wake up occasionally with a neck so sore that I can’t turn my head) and even after a massage on Saturday and chiropractor today, it’s still achy and making me crabby. Off to take more ibuprofen and put heat on my neck. I’ll do more of an update soon. sl


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