you stuck in the house you don’t wanna have fun

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A food post!

I bought some fat, wild, Japanese scallops at Trader Joe’s a while ago that have been languishing in the freezer while I decided what amazing way to prepare them. I knew they’d be good so I didn’t want to waste them in some dish that would overwhelm their flavor. Finally found this recipe and it looked so good and easy. I had to add mashed potatoes, though, because I love scallops with mashed potatoes.

They turned out great.

scallops 1

Probably could have let the broiler part go a little longer but I didn’t want to burn them. Really yummy.

That’s it for today.

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all that glitters

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Did some thrifting today…I hadn’t been going to Savers, the “thrift department store” much lately because I feel like their clothes tend to be kind of boring and a little overpriced for second-hand, but I stopped by there today and am glad I did. I’ve been looking all over for a couple of months for a sequined jacket of some kind and haven’t found the right one at the right price. But I found it today at Savers! I love the shape, the color (sequins are silver, not black like it looks in the pic), it was my size, in practically mint condition, and $7.00! This picture isn’t great because I took it at night, I’ll take a better one tomorrow along with the other pieces I bought today, but here’s an idea of what it looks like…

sequin jacket

I LOVE it! The cut is perfect, it even has a little mesh in the shoulders that gives it the slightly prominent shoulder look that is so right for the moment without being over-the-top Dynasty shoulderpads. I just have to replace the single large snap that fastens in the front and it’s good to go!

It was in the section with all the Halloween costumes, LOL. Should I be concerned that I’m buying clothes to wear every day that others classify as a costume? 😛 Actually, though, Halloween IS a great time in retail for a lot of things I love: black nail polish and lipstick, crazy fake lashes, and I love skulls, skeletons, pumpkins, black cats, creepy trees…it’s not only my favorite holiday, it’s a lot of my favorite year-round loves.

Went shopping at Target yesterday with a friend and bought (in the dollar bins) the cutest little flashlight…it has these little filters that you put over the light

halloween flashlight

So when you shine it, you get this!

halloween flashlight cat

So cute! Why do I need this? No idea. I also bought this great mask at the grocery store the other day – I often dress up as a black cat for Halloween but usually just use black makeup to paint on a nose and whiskers…but I couldn’t resist this for $5.00.

cat mask

Not sure if the picture shows that it is velvet-like with feathers and black rhinestones and silver cord around the eyes…so fabulous. I’m having a hard time not buying TONS more stuff, especially all the cool skull stuff. Must. Use. Restraint.

I bought a garter belt at Walmart today – I’m not actually trying to do some sexy thing with this, I just have sort of skinny legs and thigh high stockings never stay up on me, so I wanted something to keep them in place. The one I found is cute, though, it’s styled like a mini (very mini) skirt instead of the traditional style

garter belt

For $10.00, that’ll work.

The gorgeous-things-I-can’t-afford file for tonight…this “black apartment” – totally not my home style (as much as I love black for clothing, I don’t want to live in a super-black environment) but it’s really fabulous

black apartment library
black apartment shoe wall

More photos of it here.

Things-I-can-afford, these harness boots from Target that are leather and on sale for $39.99 this week

target harness boots

They look good in person, too, I saw them yesterday. I can’t decide if I need them or not, as I have a very similar pair of boots without the strap/buckle thing.

DIY ideas…

studded skirt
pic from freez

And look at this awesome DIY, from a belt to bondage anklets.

belt to anklet before

belt to anklet after
via clutch22

I die.

That’s it for tonight. Thanks for reading.

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when the days get shorter and the nights get long

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Today’s outfit…pretty simple

ootd 9-23-09 1

Norma Kamali for Walmart cargos, Old Navy blouse, Forever 21 jacket, Old Navy ballet flats.

Onto gorgeous-things-I-can’t-afford – Patrik Rzepski has put out an amazing collection for Spring/Summer 2010. He’s 20 years old! I just LOVE these looks…

rzepski chain vest
rzepski dress stockings
rzepski satin trousers

Other things – this image seems to be on every fashion blog today and I can see why…she just looks so damn good and I wish I was ballsy enough to wear a huge white t-shirt with leggings

teeshirt as dress garance dore
I lifted it from Garance Dore

In things-I-can-afford, I had completely forgotten about until today – I think I’m going to get these

15$ cross sneakers

Cat is doing well, weather has turned into what we call “fall” in the desert which = not disgustingly hot anymore. These are good things.

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and then one day you find ten years have got behind you

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Brief absence from blogging, sorry. Been busy and agonizing over my adorable aging cat. She’s actually unbelievably strong in spirit – every time I think she’s starting to show signs of wanting to let go, she rebounds. I know the end is probably near, but for today she’s happy and comfortable.

Even though it’s still hot here, I decided to just pretend that it was fall today. Wore my new Urban Outfitters plaid tunic with old Shape fx leggings and old Payless boots…the tunic is super soft and comfy.

ootd 9-21-09 1

I was wearing a necklace that I sort of “made” a few months ago…years ago someone gave me this cute little flowery heart pendant that you’re supposed to put a photo in, like of your wedding or baby or whatever. Well, I don’t have wedding or baby or whatever, so I thought it would be funny to put something unexpected. I love skulls, and I love silhouettes, so I found some images online and printed them and here is the result. Oh, it’s double-sided. Today I wore this side out…

framed skull pendant black

Here’s the reverse side…

framed skull pendant 2

Foodwise (yes, this did start as a food blog!) I have been severely slacking on cooking lately. I’m actually on a total sandwich kick, due mostly to the fact that FINALLY, after seeing these on other food blogs for months, my city has decided to get sandwich thins in all the supermarkets! They’re SO good. I like sandwiches but never liked too much bread – sandwich thins are just perfect, you get whole grains and enough bread to be yummy but really the flavors of the contents are the focus. I tried Oroweat first and they were good, but actually the EarthGrains version is much, much better. So I’ve been basically living in the past week on turkey sandwiches and fried egg sandwiches….yum. But I need to cook something, soon.

I have a few pictures for DIY ideas…

chain shoulder dress velvet snow
via Velvet Snow

I need to get some cone studs for these looks…those jeans
cone stud distressed skinnies

…that bag
cone stud purse jak and jill

I have the spikes for this look but am not sure I’m ballsy enough to pull it off

spikey jak and jil
Last three images via jak & jil

I know that everyone and their mother is blogging about the Christopher Kane for Topshop line (inexplicably, I am getting an error message when I try to access Topshop’s site right now so I can’t link) but these leggings are pretty much a WIN when it comes to DIY

studded leggings christopher kane topshop

And in the things-I-can-afford file, I love these ballet flats from Payless

payless buckle flats

Thank you for reading.

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poison, poised to come back in season

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Rachel Zoe fans (or haters, too, I guess), you MUST watch this spoof a friend of mine emailed to me today – this girl has got Zoe’s voice and speaking style down! Hilarious.

Thanks, A, for sending it!

Kind of a relaxed, lazy day. Went to lunch and hung out with a good friend who just moved back to my city. It was really fun. I hope things work out for him. 😉

I wore my new(ish)-thrifted-DIY-distressed-boyfriend-jeans that I am loving with an old satin top from Target and new chain booties from Payless

ootd 9-17-09 2
ootd 9-17-09

I wish I could remember where I got this necklace, I love it and wear it a lot
chain necklace

Went down to campus to see the chiropractor after that and they were closed for lunch (dammit, they close at random and unannounced times for lunch) so I wandered over to Urban Outfitters. Oy, so many cute things there! I had to restrain myself and only bought…

…this plaid tunic
ou plaid tunic

Leggings that look just like these (from UO’s website) but are a different brand…weird
UO acid leggings

They’re acid-washed – SWEET BABY JESUS I never thought I’d own anything “acid-washed”! Even in the 80s I didn’t wear acid-wash anything – but they’re awesome. I tried to take a closeup of the actual article
uo acid tights

I also got some really cute tights…sorry for the pics taken in the package but they give the idea, I think.

The first, a bit Rodarte-esque, I think?
uo crochet tights

The second remind me of the awesome DIY embellished tights made by cocorosa
uo floral tights

When I got home, I was looking at the UO website and found these GREAT leggings…
UO destroyed leggings
uo zipper leggings
uo studded leggings

Love. All. Of. Them.

Another great (terrible for my bank account) find on the UO website – I want these so bad
uo bondage booties

In the more-affordable-file, a new catalog arrived today from alloy and had the CUTEST over-the-knee boots! I was thinking to myself, dammit, can I rationalize TWO PAIR of over-the-knee boots…and I think I can! I will get these in BROWN lol

alloy brown thigh high boot


Cat is doing better today. Not great, but better. I’m happy as anything to have all windows and doors open tonight – summer sucks here, so glad it’s departing, little by little (I’ve heard we’ll go back to 105 next week, grrr.)

I love you all for reading. Night.

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time isn’t present in that dimension

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I don’t really have pics today. Or much to say. Been busy with school. Cat started doing her refusing food act but we got another steroid shot today and she’s perking up already. I know it’s borrowed time, I know this, I do.

I am in love with this awesome DIY project by dirty hems based on a safety pin vest/cami by Vena Cava.

safety pin cami

I SO want to make something similar!

I guess my other offerings for tonight are links…

* I wish I had someone I wanted to snoop on – just because this snoopstick is so cool!

* I found today the coolest, funniest blog, and spent way too much time reading through it when I should have been doing schoolwork – just couldn’t stop: Godammit, I’m Mad!. Killed me. I want to be this woman’s BFF.

I guess that’s it. I’m tired, sorry for being lame, thanks for reading.

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heart’s gone cold, your hands were tied

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You know, the online/catalog store Newport News can have some pretty sketchy (aka, horribly tacky) fashion, but when you do a little nosing around there and think creatively as far as styling, some finds exist.

I’m not buying all of these, but I present them as ideas for others.

ruffle front top newport news
cluster necklace newport news
peplum top newport news
zipper boots newport news
skinny slouch jeans newport news

In other plebeian fashion, Rachel Zoe did a few items for QVC that premiered this past weekend during NYC Fashion Week…I LOVED a faux fur vest that she did and waited TOO LONG to decide if I needed it, dammit – it sold out.

While we’re on completely non-couture subjects, I got the Bissell Versus vacuum from Target this weekend – it’s designed for bare floors and low-pile area rugs which = my house. I have been obsessing over my floors lately and wishing my vacuum would work better, especially on the bamboo floors. Internet reviews pointed toward the Versus, and they were right! This $66 vacuum works SO well on my floors, I’m very happy. 🙂

I guess that’s about it. Cat was doing great, but in the past few hours seems to be drooping a bit. This is how it’s going to be from here on out, I suspect – ups and downs. I “know” this. But it still hurts.


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days go by i’m hypnotized

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Not much to report from the weekend. Worked, did homework, hung out with the cat (who is still doing VERY well, keeping my fingers crossed for a while longer of this), started making my way through the epic 1970s miniseries, Centennial on DVD.

Took this sweet pic of the cat

marcella 9-12-09

I can haz moar tuna?

Got these shoes from Payless

payless chain booties

I like them. I think I’ll wear them to go out tonight.

Also got these knee high sneakers that I need to figure out how to style

knee high sneakers

Found a nice necklace at Target yesterday

target paper chain necklace 1
target paper chain necklace 2

Kind of reminds me of a more wearable version of the Louis Vuitton “paper chain” necklaces that have been making the rounds on the fashion blogs

lv black paper chain
lv pink paper chain
lv purple paper chain
Photos from Hey Crazy.

Onto things I can only admire from afar…this jacket from BCBG

BCBG leather sleeve front

I love that it has leather sleeves and is fitted in the back

BCBG leather sleeve back

And I pretty much would love for my look this fall to be everything from the fall/winter collection at IRO

IRO 10

*Sigh* perfection.


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i won’t forget a single day, believe me

September 9, 2009 at 11:35 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

Well, better news regarding the cat today…albeit temporary.

I woke up to the sound of “crunch crunch crunch” – she was eating! I was so happy. She has responded well to the steroid shot – has been eating on her own! And not requiring me to shove high-calorie gel in her mouth. Seems bright-eyed and happy. I’m so glad, even though I know it’s only temporary and that kills me. But it’s a reprieve.

Vet agreed, he says we will give her steroid shots until they don’t work anymore, or until they cause her kidneys to shut down…it’s not a long-term fix, but she’s happy, so we’ll keep her that way until we can’t anymore.

Marcella 7-7-09

No pics – I honestly have no idea what I wore to school today. I want opinions on shoes, though.

I want these shoes
free people corset shoes nude
from free people I posted them before in black but I really want them in nude.

I also want these gorgeous things
free people data cut out shoes

from free people.

I’m dying laughing (thank whoever – god or goddess or whatever that I don’t believe in – for letting me laugh) at Caddyshack on TV right now – seriously, this is some funny shit. Movies like it and Blazing Saddles and The Jerk are the best.

I also think I’m exhausted and stressed out from trying to decide when to put a cat to sleep. This is really fucking hard. I don’t want to do it too soon but I DON’T want to do it too late. Everyone says “you’ll know when it’s time” but I don’t know. So I guess it isn’t time.

I know it’s not time, today. These steroid shots work, so we’ll do them until we can’t.

This is hard. Thank you for reading.

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little drops of rain whisper of the pain

September 8, 2009 at 9:38 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Well, not to be depressing but some not-good news on the kitty front. Took her to the vet today because her eating has still been…well, basically non-existent (I’ve been forcing high-calorie gel down her throat). Vet – very nicely – said that it’s pretty much looking like her time. Her system is shutting down. 😦

I couldn’t be sadder. I mean, I’ve known this was coming but still…ugh, I’ve been literally sobbing ALL day except when I was in class for a few hours (and am insanely proud of myself that I held it together for that). I did lose it a little in my group meeting before class, and my group members were so nice to me and didn’t make me feel like a crazy cat lady.

Anyway, we gave her one more steroid shot to try to boost her appetite and, essentially, buy a little more time but I think we’re talking a week or two at the most. This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but I want to make the right decision for HER and give her a happy and peaceful end to a great, long life.

I took this picture of her tonight because it cracks me up when cats sort of faceplant when they sleep – how do they breathe??

marcella faceplant

Always my goofy girl. Love you, kitty.

So, I didn’t do much today other than cry and go to school, but here are a few pics I’ve found recently online and love.

Hello, DIY project!
destroyed high tops free people withasianstereotypes
Or I guess you could buy them this way from free people for $128.

And I love these nude lace-up wedges – so modern and yet lengthen the leg nicely
nude lace up shoes 1
nude lace up shoes fifth avenue shoe repair vanilla scented
nude lace up shoes fifth avenue shoe repair vanilla scented 2
Way out of my price range at Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair but I came across them via the awesome blog Vanilla Scented.

Okay, I LOVED, I mean seriously LOVED the original Melrose Place in the 90s (and even more so when I rediscovered it on SoapNet a few years ago but then the bastards dropped it)…and had VERY low expectations for the new version that premiered tonight on the CW, but actually it’s not as bad as I thought it would be! I’m excited to see some of the original characters/actors. I’ll watch again.

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