i don’t know when i got bitter

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School, work, coaxing an old cat to eat…not cleaning my very messy house: GOAL OF THE WEEKEND.

Yesterday I wore a sheer little tunic with floaty sleeves and panels from Target last spring…

angel tunic 1

Over a forever 21 black beater, with old skinnies from TJ Maxx and old velvet quilted ballet flats from Old Navy. I had on a multiple chain bracelet that I got at forever 21 and really like the chains, but the bracelet was really irritating to wear. I took it off in class and was playing with it, and starting having visions of dismantling it and using it with some leather studded bracelets to make shoe jewelry ala litter sf like the ones I posted a picture of here. Stay tuned!

I’m always taking these pics in the mirror in my front hall closet, which is where I always walk in the front door and kick off my shoes, drop my bag, etc…why it’s so cluttered. The pillow lying in the background is kitty’s bed.

BUT tonight I got home to find my tripod had arrived in the post so as soon as I learn to use it and my camera timer, there will be REAL outfit photos on here! Second goal of the weekend.

I was wearing a vintage locket on a long chain that I got off ebay a couple years ago…


And my longtime favorite skull earrings, also from ebay about 4 years ago, that I wear wayyy too often…

skull earring

I love them because the mandibles actually work.

Today I’m wearing my “boyfriend” jeans that I thrifted and distressed

ootd 9-2-09 1

I can’t decide if they need a little more distressing but I’ll leave them for now. With a satin asymmetrical collar blouse that I got post-Christmas at Walmart and haven’t worn yet – I like it!

ootd 9-2-09 3

Payless strappy heels and a zipper bow necklace from Wet Seal

ootd 9-2-09 2

Some inspirations I’ve come across lately…

These gloves are amazing
nail gloves dirty flaws
from dirty flaws

My jaw literally dropped when I saw these – sick.
stella mccartney perforated boots
Stella McCartney, via net-a-porter

For those of us who are on a non-Stella-McCartney-friendly-budget, I found these boots online today…

payless abaete booties

Abaete for Payless and $50…think I may be ordering those.

Alright, off to get some actual schoolwork done.


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