nothing seems to kill me no matter how hard i try

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Oh god, I’m so predictable, I’m totally in love with The Rachel Zoe Project. I got sucked up by it late in season one and have been disgustingly excited for the new season. I’m already behind, but have all the episodes on DVD and am going through them little by little. I love her, I really do. I think she has fabulous style and I love her hair, makeup, skinny body, attitude, everything.

I really love her assistant , too, and want him to be my BFF, lol. I love this quote from him in the most recent episode I saw – Rachel goes into an amazing vintage resale shop and is spending WAY more money than her husband would approve on on clothes for herself, and Brad is totally encouraging/enabling her, and then they cut away to him saying:

“I’m the kind of person that, if you go shopping with me, I will absolutely co-sign anything. I mean, if you want to buy a Birkin bag and you haven’t paid your rent, I will totally help you sign the receipt. No problem at all.”

It made me literally LOL – reminded me so much of the book Edie: American Girl which I have adored for years and years.

No outfit post for today – I was boring and actually stayed in much of the day. Went down to campus to see my chiropractor because my shoulder is still KILLING me for some reason even after a massage on Saturday and chiro visit on Monday – hopefully things will get back into place soon. It’s my own fault for not going to my chiro all summer long, I will be better about going regularly for maintenance.

On the way home, I stopped at this seriously random-ass-looking store that opened near my house last spring – it is pretty sketch, but I’ve been curious. It’s called “Everybody Wants Some” and has spray-painted banners saying “why shop thrift stores when you can buy new for the same prices?” and “designer fashion at thrift store prices”…and recently, “everything 50% off!”

So I figured, why not check this bizarro place out? Bizarro it was. All of the tags of the clothes are either cut out or cut in half (so I suppose they were purchased illegally or something?). About 90% of the merchandise was elastic waist, pastel, completely elderly-lady clothing.

But, I found a few things! Pictures taken at night in my house, which, as I’ve said before, means bad lighting.

This nicely tailored black blazer – fully lined, seems decent quality…at the very least it will be good for the DIY projects I keep posting regarding blazers
black blazer 10

This is actually a really pretty black satin jacket with a cool neckline that the photo didn’t pick up
satin black jacket

I love this eyelet dress with a dropped waist – it will require some kind of bodysuit/coverings – white? nude? black? Any ideas out there?
black eyelet dress drop waist

And a Sigrid Olsen (which I presume is Sigrid Olsen after she was made redundant in the fashion world, but hey, I can still enjoy having something with her name on it) shirtdress that I hope will look great with belt/shoes/etc
sigrid olsen dress

Closeup of the print on that dress
sigrid olsen dress detail

The price for each of those items? $7.50! Weird-ass place, but I’ll stop by on occasion and see what they have.

Other random things…any fans of Douglas Coupland out there? He’s credited often in pop culture for his book Generation X, which is great. Of his books, I personally love most Girlfriend In A Coma and I swear it’s not just because of my lifelong obsession with The Smiths. Regardless, if you are a fan of Coupland, check out this NY Times pictorial of his house. It’s totally not my decorating style but I love it.

Oh, and just for fun, you should absolutely click on this very cool website for a Dutch department store – it is so clever!

But I must post some gorgeous things…

A fringe skirt
fringe skirt topshop
from topshop

This bow brooch made of felt and tulle
triple bow brooch aaliciaaccessories etsy
from aaliciaaccessories on etsy.

In spite of everything, my shoulder fucking aches and I’m cranky over it. Since last Friday, ugh. I am pissy.


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