little drops of rain whisper of the pain

September 8, 2009 at 9:38 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Well, not to be depressing but some not-good news on the kitty front. Took her to the vet today because her eating has still been…well, basically non-existent (I’ve been forcing high-calorie gel down her throat). Vet – very nicely – said that it’s pretty much looking like her time. Her system is shutting down. 😦

I couldn’t be sadder. I mean, I’ve known this was coming but still…ugh, I’ve been literally sobbing ALL day except when I was in class for a few hours (and am insanely proud of myself that I held it together for that). I did lose it a little in my group meeting before class, and my group members were so nice to me and didn’t make me feel like a crazy cat lady.

Anyway, we gave her one more steroid shot to try to boost her appetite and, essentially, buy a little more time but I think we’re talking a week or two at the most. This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but I want to make the right decision for HER and give her a happy and peaceful end to a great, long life.

I took this picture of her tonight because it cracks me up when cats sort of faceplant when they sleep – how do they breathe??

marcella faceplant

Always my goofy girl. Love you, kitty.

So, I didn’t do much today other than cry and go to school, but here are a few pics I’ve found recently online and love.

Hello, DIY project!
destroyed high tops free people withasianstereotypes
Or I guess you could buy them this way from free people for $128.

And I love these nude lace-up wedges – so modern and yet lengthen the leg nicely
nude lace up shoes 1
nude lace up shoes fifth avenue shoe repair vanilla scented
nude lace up shoes fifth avenue shoe repair vanilla scented 2
Way out of my price range at Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair but I came across them via the awesome blog Vanilla Scented.

Okay, I LOVED, I mean seriously LOVED the original Melrose Place in the 90s (and even more so when I rediscovered it on SoapNet a few years ago but then the bastards dropped it)…and had VERY low expectations for the new version that premiered tonight on the CW, but actually it’s not as bad as I thought it would be! I’m excited to see some of the original characters/actors. I’ll watch again.


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