and then one day you find ten years have got behind you

September 21, 2009 at 11:23 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , )

Brief absence from blogging, sorry. Been busy and agonizing over my adorable aging cat. She’s actually unbelievably strong in spirit – every time I think she’s starting to show signs of wanting to let go, she rebounds. I know the end is probably near, but for today she’s happy and comfortable.

Even though it’s still hot here, I decided to just pretend that it was fall today. Wore my new Urban Outfitters plaid tunic with old Shape fx leggings and old Payless boots…the tunic is super soft and comfy.

ootd 9-21-09 1

I was wearing a necklace that I sort of “made” a few months ago…years ago someone gave me this cute little flowery heart pendant that you’re supposed to put a photo in, like of your wedding or baby or whatever. Well, I don’t have wedding or baby or whatever, so I thought it would be funny to put something unexpected. I love skulls, and I love silhouettes, so I found some images online and printed them and here is the result. Oh, it’s double-sided. Today I wore this side out…

framed skull pendant black

Here’s the reverse side…

framed skull pendant 2

Foodwise (yes, this did start as a food blog!) I have been severely slacking on cooking lately. I’m actually on a total sandwich kick, due mostly to the fact that FINALLY, after seeing these on other food blogs for months, my city has decided to get sandwich thins in all the supermarkets! They’re SO good. I like sandwiches but never liked too much bread – sandwich thins are just perfect, you get whole grains and enough bread to be yummy but really the flavors of the contents are the focus. I tried Oroweat first and they were good, but actually the EarthGrains version is much, much better. So I’ve been basically living in the past week on turkey sandwiches and fried egg sandwiches….yum. But I need to cook something, soon.

I have a few pictures for DIY ideas…

chain shoulder dress velvet snow
via Velvet Snow

I need to get some cone studs for these looks…those jeans
cone stud distressed skinnies

…that bag
cone stud purse jak and jill

I have the spikes for this look but am not sure I’m ballsy enough to pull it off

spikey jak and jil
Last three images via jak & jil

I know that everyone and their mother is blogging about the Christopher Kane for Topshop line (inexplicably, I am getting an error message when I try to access Topshop’s site right now so I can’t link) but these leggings are pretty much a WIN when it comes to DIY

studded leggings christopher kane topshop

And in the things-I-can-afford file, I love these ballet flats from Payless

payless buckle flats

Thank you for reading.


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