everyone is beautiful at the ballet

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Been gone for a while, sorry! Busy with school, been wearing boring clothes or forgetting to take photos. In fact, I just looked around and don’t even know where my camera is. But I’ll get back on it, I promise – I’ve missed blogging. I’ll have some food pics soon, too – I’ve been cooking again lately, on an Asian kick foodwise ever since I bought a rice cooker.

So I’ll post some pics of recent acquisitions and inspirations in the meantime. Remember my quest for a faux fur vest? Well the one I ordered from JC Penney arrived. It’s actually very pretty and very soft – but too big. It only comes in 2 sizes and I ordered the larger one because sometimes my, ahem, boobs get in the way of smaller sizes. So I went back to the website to order the smaller size…and the lighter colored one that I had wanted was sold out. Ordered the black instead, and it arrived today. It’s solid black, very soft and pretty, and the smaller fit looks a whole lot better.

jc penney black fur vest

Lesson learned, and keep this in mind for those who are looking for a faux fur vest this season: This is one item that cannot be oversized. In the too-large one, I looked like some fur-trapper from the 1700s. The fitted one is much better. I also like the black better than the lighter color – again, less fur-trapper in a canoe, more chic. Oddly, the website said it was open front but it has a few hook-and-eye closures, which is nice also.

Found some fun stuff on theFred Flare website recently. Finally, a pair of sequined leggings that are affordable and in stock!

sequined leggings

And I couldn’t resist a calculator watch…so 1980s computer nerd. I think I secretly wanted one of these in high school but ridiculed them on nerds to fit in. Well, no more!

calculator watch

Should come in handy when I get into my accounting and biostatistics classes, too, haha.

Things-I-want-and-can-afford: This sequined t-shirt

sequined t alloy

And these acid-washed (ZOMG I can’t believe I’m wanting acid-wash) skinny jeans

acid jeans alloy

Both from Alloy.

Okay, some gorgeous-things-I-can’t-afford: Isabel Marant boots via jak and jil

isabelmarantboots jak jill

And these photos were posted for the Chloe Sevigny shoes, but I’m in love with the studded leggings

sevignybootsspiked leggings jak jill
sevignyboots2spikeleggings jak jill

Via jak and jil

Holy amazing.

I’ll post again soon – thanks for reading, those who do. 🙂

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if you were here i’d only bleed you

October 17, 2009 at 8:59 am (Uncategorized)

Outfit of the day…a few days ago.

ootd 10-14-09

Long-sleeved t-shirt with rhinestone buttons (thrifted), old-as-dirt skinny jeans from TJ Maxx, thrifted men’s vest, and these boots from forever21 last Spring


I liked it. Stopped by work to talk to my manager and a co-worker said “you look very rock & roll today” haha.

That’s all.

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every day for us something new

October 14, 2009 at 12:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Did a little cooking over the weekend. Threw together a random miso vegetable soup that came out really yummy. Miso, baby bok choy, carrots, ginger, nori seaweed, shirataki noodles, and sliced up fish cakes. Here it is cooking away…

soup big pot

And a nice bowl of soup for lunch

soup bowl

Outfit from yesterday

Sweater vest I got at Walmart last spring and hadn’t worn yet. Grey corduroy trousers also from last spring Walmart. White long-sleeved t-shirt, probably thrifted.

ootd 10-13-09 2

BTW, those horrendously ugly black leather clogs that are always lurking in the background of my photos? Work shoes. Waitressing requires shoes that have non-slip soles and are comfy. But I do not wear them In Real Life.

Anyway, also wore this knuckle ring

antique knuckle ring

These chandelier earrings

chandelier earring

And these grey shoes that I got from Newport News a few years ago

grey heeled boots

…shoes that are cute, but entirely too tall to be tromping around campus as much as I did yesterday in them. 🙂

When I was browsing the JC Penney website the other night for my faux fur vest, I found a surprising number of cute, on-trend, well-priced items. Didn’t buy any, but thought I’d share a few pictures that appealed to me.

jcp leopard pants

jcp pleather jeans

jcp slouch pants

jcp patterned leggings

Those last leggings are available in three patterns and I kind of love them all:

animal print closeup
plaid print closeup
snake print closeup

And I liked aspects of both of these outfits from their “lookbook”

jcp outfit plaid

jcp outfit leather

May have to head over to the actual store and check out the quality!

Guess that’s it for today – thanks for reading.

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and there doesn’t seem a way to be redeemed

October 11, 2009 at 7:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Disappeared for a few days, sorry! Midterms kicked my ass pretty mightily. The midterm for my web-delivered class ended up at 22 pages, and another one took me two hours of solid writing. A little scared for finals now.

Rachel Zoe presented her collection of accessories on QVC today and I DVR-ed it. Watching now – pretty sure she’s wearing the LV tribute pumps but they could be Louboutin. God knows I have never seen either IRL, just on fashion blogs. Regardless, her shoes are gorgeous and I think she’s gorgeous and adorable. Her collection of accessories is nice, too – cute stuff at good prices. Unfortunately, everything I wanted is already sold out – I was at work today when the show aired.

I had my hair cut and colored this week and my stylist and I were talking about Rachel Zoe’s show and how much we love it. I said, “I LOVE her hair and need to figure out how to make mine look like that” and he was like, “oh, you can have it: extensions.” Haha. I said, “I suspect that’s far too high-maintenance for someone like me who only comes in to the salon every four months” and he was like, “WAY too high-maintenance for you.” Anyway, I got ballsy and had him cut me some long bangs (haven’t had any bangs in years and years) and I love the way they look. They irritated me the first few days but I think I’m getting used to them now.

So this Rachel Zoe thing on QVC reminded me that I want a faux fur vest. They did a preview of her collection about a month ago and showed her faux fur vest then – I had been thinking that I wanted black but then I saw her faux red fox one and it got me thinking. Of course, it sold out before I could decide. It looks like it sold out again today, but this is it:

rz red fox vest

I started thinking that a lighter color might be nice to wear with all of my black clothing and have some contrast, but I wasn’t sure if it would look good with light hair. Then Jane of Sea of Shoes posted some pics of herself in a blonde mink with her light hair and it looked so gorgeous (of course she is so gorgeous, too, but still)…

seaofshoes red fox

…and that sold me on the lighter color.

So I started looking around online tonight and just ordered this one, which looks lovely on this light-haired model…

JC Penney faux fur vest

From JC Penney, of all places. It’s back-ordered until November, so I will have to report later about whether it’s nice or not, but I like the way it looks on the site. My favorite riding boots are from JC Penney and are great quality, so hopefully this will not disappoint.

Things I wore this week:

ootd 10-6-09

My fav corduroy trousers from Walmart last year, a really old mock-turtleneck sleeveless top under a cute fringed-hem jacket that I got at Target last fall and had not worn yet – I love it. Close-up of the fringey/collar bit

ootd 10-06-09 detail

Another day I wore my newish plaid tunic from Urban Outfitters with ancient skinny jeans and some slouchy boots that I got from I-have-no-idea-where. It was super comfy and I thought I looked kind of cute but then later in the day decided maybe not so cute. Regardless, for your entertainment, here is a picture

ootd 10-07-09


Cat is keeping on keeping on, weather has turned so doors and windows can be open again, I have my health and all of my needs met – all is right with the world. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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so i ran faster but it caught me here

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I’ve been playing around making shoe jewelry like the awesome stuff on litter sf – cut up some studded bracelets from Wet Seal and attached them to chains from the craft store. I need to add more chain that will go underneath the shoes for high-heels, but I decided to wear what I had tonight with flats. Love them! I walked a decent bit and they stayed in place, weren’t irritating…good test run.

shoe jewelry flats

Speaking of litter sf, look at this amazing ish they’ve come up with…

litter sf necklace front
litter sf necklace side
litter sf necklace back


Some fun stuff I’ve acquired lately…I already gloated about the silver sequined jacket but here’s a daytime pic

sequin jacket day

Other things thrifted that day…this brown velvet vest. It has a lot of buttons and I didn’t feel like doing them all up for the photo – it’s double-breasted

brown velvet vest front

I love the very long satin sash that ties in the back into a big bow

brown velvet vest back

Also found a cute long-sleeved henley t-shirt that has shiny things for buttons and metallic trim…it didn’t photograph well

sparkle henley detail

And I found an interesting dress at Walmart a few days ago – it has lots of layers, is linen, and was $9! I plan to wear it as a jumper of sorts, over a long-sleeved black t-shirt, because my arms are fat. Anyway, here it is wrinkled and on the hanger…front

linen walmart dress front

…and back

linen walmart dress back

Ok, gorgeous-things-I-can-afford for once

lulus navy hoodie dress front
lulus navy hoodie dress back
from lulus

queens grommet ankle heels
from Queens Wardrobe

I guess that’s it for tonight – I’m up to my ears in schoolwork.

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you know i can’t sleep, i can’t stop my brain

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Couple of recent outfits –

ooyd 9-29-09

Old satin top from Target, skinnies from TJ Maxx, and 2-year-old riding boots from JC Penney that I really love

brown riding boots

Sitting atop my new NetFlix DVDs that I won’t have a chance to watch for at least a week due to looming midterms. Anyway, they are leather, nice quality, and have held up well…for about $70. Fashion and quality are not only for the rich.

Yesterday I felt like getting a little girly

ootd 9-30-09

Oldish thrifted ruffly banded hem top with a thrifted cute skirt and ruffled t-straps from Payless last fall. Close-ups, posted in the spring but I have new readers now…


I made a vat of chicken vegetable soup on Sunday that was not uber-homemade – utilized chicken from a grocery store roasted chicken, some frozen vegetables (but some fresh as well), canned white beans, barley I cooked myself, and the addition of powdered mashed potatoes as a thickener – it came out well. It’s nice to have something to reheat and eat when I get home at night. Even if it isn’t as perfectly “from-scratch” as I like it to be, it’s better than Taco Bell.

Gorgeous-things-I-can’t-afford file…but possibly also Gorgeous-things-I-can-afford:

ruffle pearl ballet flats
from Nordstom. About $100. Interestingly, someone told me that she is having these shoes replicated by this custom shoemaker on Etsy.com for $30. I am going to investigate that, as I have been wearing ballet slippers a lot lately and these are adorable.

I guess that’s it for tonight!

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