you know i can’t sleep, i can’t stop my brain

October 1, 2009 at 11:08 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

Couple of recent outfits –

ooyd 9-29-09

Old satin top from Target, skinnies from TJ Maxx, and 2-year-old riding boots from JC Penney that I really love

brown riding boots

Sitting atop my new NetFlix DVDs that I won’t have a chance to watch for at least a week due to looming midterms. Anyway, they are leather, nice quality, and have held up well…for about $70. Fashion and quality are not only for the rich.

Yesterday I felt like getting a little girly

ootd 9-30-09

Oldish thrifted ruffly banded hem top with a thrifted cute skirt and ruffled t-straps from Payless last fall. Close-ups, posted in the spring but I have new readers now…


I made a vat of chicken vegetable soup on Sunday that was not uber-homemade – utilized chicken from a grocery store roasted chicken, some frozen vegetables (but some fresh as well), canned white beans, barley I cooked myself, and the addition of powdered mashed potatoes as a thickener – it came out well. It’s nice to have something to reheat and eat when I get home at night. Even if it isn’t as perfectly “from-scratch” as I like it to be, it’s better than Taco Bell.

Gorgeous-things-I-can’t-afford file…but possibly also Gorgeous-things-I-can-afford:

ruffle pearl ballet flats
from Nordstom. About $100. Interestingly, someone told me that she is having these shoes replicated by this custom shoemaker on for $30. I am going to investigate that, as I have been wearing ballet slippers a lot lately and these are adorable.

I guess that’s it for tonight!


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