and there doesn’t seem a way to be redeemed

October 11, 2009 at 7:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Disappeared for a few days, sorry! Midterms kicked my ass pretty mightily. The midterm for my web-delivered class ended up at 22 pages, and another one took me two hours of solid writing. A little scared for finals now.

Rachel Zoe presented her collection of accessories on QVC today and I DVR-ed it. Watching now – pretty sure she’s wearing the LV tribute pumps but they could be Louboutin. God knows I have never seen either IRL, just on fashion blogs. Regardless, her shoes are gorgeous and I think she’s gorgeous and adorable. Her collection of accessories is nice, too – cute stuff at good prices. Unfortunately, everything I wanted is already sold out – I was at work today when the show aired.

I had my hair cut and colored this week and my stylist and I were talking about Rachel Zoe’s show and how much we love it. I said, “I LOVE her hair and need to figure out how to make mine look like that” and he was like, “oh, you can have it: extensions.” Haha. I said, “I suspect that’s far too high-maintenance for someone like me who only comes in to the salon every four months” and he was like, “WAY too high-maintenance for you.” Anyway, I got ballsy and had him cut me some long bangs (haven’t had any bangs in years and years) and I love the way they look. They irritated me the first few days but I think I’m getting used to them now.

So this Rachel Zoe thing on QVC reminded me that I want a faux fur vest. They did a preview of her collection about a month ago and showed her faux fur vest then – I had been thinking that I wanted black but then I saw her faux red fox one and it got me thinking. Of course, it sold out before I could decide. It looks like it sold out again today, but this is it:

rz red fox vest

I started thinking that a lighter color might be nice to wear with all of my black clothing and have some contrast, but I wasn’t sure if it would look good with light hair. Then Jane of Sea of Shoes posted some pics of herself in a blonde mink with her light hair and it looked so gorgeous (of course she is so gorgeous, too, but still)…

seaofshoes red fox

…and that sold me on the lighter color.

So I started looking around online tonight and just ordered this one, which looks lovely on this light-haired model…

JC Penney faux fur vest

From JC Penney, of all places. It’s back-ordered until November, so I will have to report later about whether it’s nice or not, but I like the way it looks on the site. My favorite riding boots are from JC Penney and are great quality, so hopefully this will not disappoint.

Things I wore this week:

ootd 10-6-09

My fav corduroy trousers from Walmart last year, a really old mock-turtleneck sleeveless top under a cute fringed-hem jacket that I got at Target last fall and had not worn yet – I love it. Close-up of the fringey/collar bit

ootd 10-06-09 detail

Another day I wore my newish plaid tunic from Urban Outfitters with ancient skinny jeans and some slouchy boots that I got from I-have-no-idea-where. It was super comfy and I thought I looked kind of cute but then later in the day decided maybe not so cute. Regardless, for your entertainment, here is a picture

ootd 10-07-09


Cat is keeping on keeping on, weather has turned so doors and windows can be open again, I have my health and all of my needs met – all is right with the world. 🙂 Thanks for reading.



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    […] I’ll post some pics of recent acquisitions and inspirations in the meantime. Remember my quest for a faux fur vest? Well the one I ordered from JC Penney arrived. It’s actually very pretty and very soft […]

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