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October 14, 2009 at 12:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Did a little cooking over the weekend. Threw together a random miso vegetable soup that came out really yummy. Miso, baby bok choy, carrots, ginger, nori seaweed, shirataki noodles, and sliced up fish cakes. Here it is cooking away…

soup big pot

And a nice bowl of soup for lunch

soup bowl

Outfit from yesterday

Sweater vest I got at Walmart last spring and hadn’t worn yet. Grey corduroy trousers also from last spring Walmart. White long-sleeved t-shirt, probably thrifted.

ootd 10-13-09 2

BTW, those horrendously ugly black leather clogs that are always lurking in the background of my photos? Work shoes. Waitressing requires shoes that have non-slip soles and are comfy. But I do not wear them In Real Life.

Anyway, also wore this knuckle ring

antique knuckle ring

These chandelier earrings

chandelier earring

And these grey shoes that I got from Newport News a few years ago

grey heeled boots

…shoes that are cute, but entirely too tall to be tromping around campus as much as I did yesterday in them. 🙂

When I was browsing the JC Penney website the other night for my faux fur vest, I found a surprising number of cute, on-trend, well-priced items. Didn’t buy any, but thought I’d share a few pictures that appealed to me.

jcp leopard pants

jcp pleather jeans

jcp slouch pants

jcp patterned leggings

Those last leggings are available in three patterns and I kind of love them all:

animal print closeup
plaid print closeup
snake print closeup

And I liked aspects of both of these outfits from their “lookbook”

jcp outfit plaid

jcp outfit leather

May have to head over to the actual store and check out the quality!

Guess that’s it for today – thanks for reading.


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