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December 26, 2009 at 9:15 pm (Uncategorized)

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! Hope you had a nice day off for those who don’t!

My Christmas was very, very mellow. No family in town other than me and my parents, so we hung out and ate. We had kind of agreed on light-on-the-gifts this year – I dunno, it just seems like none of the adults I know actually need anything. I did send gifts to my young nephews, but for each of the adults I purchased a flock of chicks from Heifer International.

(Photo courtesy of

If you’ve never heard of them, please go to their website and check out what they do. They’re an amazing organization through which you can purchase an array of animals and resources from $20 to $1000 that are given to people in need. They can then use these animals and resources to supplement their own nutritional needs, but also can sell the surplus and continue to develop their resources to become self-sustaining.

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I’ve donated to them for many years, and will continue to do so. This is the first year I’ve done so as gifts for other people, and I was afraid people would think I was being chintzy, but they all seemed to appreciate it and I was surprised that none of them had heard of the organization before. Anyway, their slogan is “Pass on the gift” and that’s what I’m doing in mentioning them here!

Well, of course my parents were too good to me, gift-wise, although they did stick to practical stuff that I’ve been wanting….namely, a steam mop! LOL, it cracks me up that this was my big wishlist item this year (I’ve gotten so domesticated) but it really was, and they found me a great one! About a year and half ago I renovated my house and replaced all the carpet with bamboo flooring. I hated carpet – seemed so dirty – but have found that wood floors can require a lot of work to keep clean as well. A lot of sweeping, vacuuming, and dry-mopping with a spray bottle of Bona wood protectant in hand. This fall, I found a vacuum that works a lot better for hard floors than the one I have, the Bissell Versus, and that eliminated a lot of the sweeping, but dry-mopping was still a chore and I never felt that it left the floors very clean. So today I fired up my new Eureka Enviro Steamer and I love it! Super easy to use, the cleaning pad is BLACK from all the dirt I picked up, and the floors are gleaming. I’m ridiculously excited.

In non-Christmas-floor-cleaning news, I did get to Target to check out the Rodarte collection. If I was 20 years old and skinny as a boy, I would have purchased a lot – very cute and up-to-the-minute stuff, but too bodycon and trendy for my age and size. I did get one skirt that I may or may not keep…

(Photo from

I’ve always loved navy and black together.

That’s a lot of boring stuff, sorry…but I’m done for tonight. Thanks for reading…some of you still are!


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