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Been gone for a while, sorry! Busy with school, been wearing boring clothes or forgetting to take photos. In fact, I just looked around and don’t even know where my camera is. But I’ll get back on it, I promise – I’ve missed blogging. I’ll have some food pics soon, too – I’ve been cooking again lately, on an Asian kick foodwise ever since I bought a rice cooker.

So I’ll post some pics of recent acquisitions and inspirations in the meantime. Remember my quest for a faux fur vest? Well the one I ordered from JC Penney arrived. It’s actually very pretty and very soft – but too big. It only comes in 2 sizes and I ordered the larger one because sometimes my, ahem, boobs get in the way of smaller sizes. So I went back to the website to order the smaller size…and the lighter colored one that I had wanted was sold out. Ordered the black instead, and it arrived today. It’s solid black, very soft and pretty, and the smaller fit looks a whole lot better.

jc penney black fur vest

Lesson learned, and keep this in mind for those who are looking for a faux fur vest this season: This is one item that cannot be oversized. In the too-large one, I looked like some fur-trapper from the 1700s. The fitted one is much better. I also like the black better than the lighter color – again, less fur-trapper in a canoe, more chic. Oddly, the website said it was open front but it has a few hook-and-eye closures, which is nice also.

Found some fun stuff on theFred Flare website recently. Finally, a pair of sequined leggings that are affordable and in stock!

sequined leggings

And I couldn’t resist a calculator watch…so 1980s computer nerd. I think I secretly wanted one of these in high school but ridiculed them on nerds to fit in. Well, no more!

calculator watch

Should come in handy when I get into my accounting and biostatistics classes, too, haha.

Things-I-want-and-can-afford: This sequined t-shirt

sequined t alloy

And these acid-washed (ZOMG I can’t believe I’m wanting acid-wash) skinny jeans

acid jeans alloy

Both from Alloy.

Okay, some gorgeous-things-I-can’t-afford: Isabel Marant boots via jak and jil

isabelmarantboots jak jill

And these photos were posted for the Chloe Sevigny shoes, but I’m in love with the studded leggings

sevignybootsspiked leggings jak jill
sevignyboots2spikeleggings jak jill

Via jak and jil

Holy amazing.

I’ll post again soon – thanks for reading, those who do. 🙂

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poison, poised to come back in season

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Rachel Zoe fans (or haters, too, I guess), you MUST watch this spoof a friend of mine emailed to me today – this girl has got Zoe’s voice and speaking style down! Hilarious.

Thanks, A, for sending it!

Kind of a relaxed, lazy day. Went to lunch and hung out with a good friend who just moved back to my city. It was really fun. I hope things work out for him. 😉

I wore my new(ish)-thrifted-DIY-distressed-boyfriend-jeans that I am loving with an old satin top from Target and new chain booties from Payless

ootd 9-17-09 2
ootd 9-17-09

I wish I could remember where I got this necklace, I love it and wear it a lot
chain necklace

Went down to campus to see the chiropractor after that and they were closed for lunch (dammit, they close at random and unannounced times for lunch) so I wandered over to Urban Outfitters. Oy, so many cute things there! I had to restrain myself and only bought…

…this plaid tunic
ou plaid tunic

Leggings that look just like these (from UO’s website) but are a different brand…weird
UO acid leggings

They’re acid-washed – SWEET BABY JESUS I never thought I’d own anything “acid-washed”! Even in the 80s I didn’t wear acid-wash anything – but they’re awesome. I tried to take a closeup of the actual article
uo acid tights

I also got some really cute tights…sorry for the pics taken in the package but they give the idea, I think.

The first, a bit Rodarte-esque, I think?
uo crochet tights

The second remind me of the awesome DIY embellished tights made by cocorosa
uo floral tights

When I got home, I was looking at the UO website and found these GREAT leggings…
UO destroyed leggings
uo zipper leggings
uo studded leggings

Love. All. Of. Them.

Another great (terrible for my bank account) find on the UO website – I want these so bad
uo bondage booties

In the more-affordable-file, a new catalog arrived today from alloy and had the CUTEST over-the-knee boots! I was thinking to myself, dammit, can I rationalize TWO PAIR of over-the-knee boots…and I think I can! I will get these in BROWN lol

alloy brown thigh high boot


Cat is doing better today. Not great, but better. I’m happy as anything to have all windows and doors open tonight – summer sucks here, so glad it’s departing, little by little (I’ve heard we’ll go back to 105 next week, grrr.)

I love you all for reading. Night.

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