so i ran faster but it caught me here

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I’ve been playing around making shoe jewelry like the awesome stuff on litter sf – cut up some studded bracelets from Wet Seal and attached them to chains from the craft store. I need to add more chain that will go underneath the shoes for high-heels, but I decided to wear what I had tonight with flats. Love them! I walked a decent bit and they stayed in place, weren’t irritating…good test run.

shoe jewelry flats

Speaking of litter sf, look at this amazing ish they’ve come up with…

litter sf necklace front
litter sf necklace side
litter sf necklace back


Some fun stuff I’ve acquired lately…I already gloated about the silver sequined jacket but here’s a daytime pic

sequin jacket day

Other things thrifted that day…this brown velvet vest. It has a lot of buttons and I didn’t feel like doing them all up for the photo – it’s double-breasted

brown velvet vest front

I love the very long satin sash that ties in the back into a big bow

brown velvet vest back

Also found a cute long-sleeved henley t-shirt that has shiny things for buttons and metallic trim…it didn’t photograph well

sparkle henley detail

And I found an interesting dress at Walmart a few days ago – it has lots of layers, is linen, and was $9! I plan to wear it as a jumper of sorts, over a long-sleeved black t-shirt, because my arms are fat. Anyway, here it is wrinkled and on the hanger…front

linen walmart dress front

…and back

linen walmart dress back

Ok, gorgeous-things-I-can-afford for once

lulus navy hoodie dress front
lulus navy hoodie dress back
from lulus

queens grommet ankle heels
from Queens Wardrobe

I guess that’s it for tonight – I’m up to my ears in schoolwork.

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saturday, when these open doors were open ended

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I have a ton of pictures today! 🙂

First, I was sorry to hear about Dominick Dunne’s death. I knew he had been quite ill with cancer for some years now, so it’s not a total surprise, but I’ll miss his commentary on all things true crime related. I’m an enormous true crime buff and always enjoyed reading his take on things. He had so much good insider information, and really presented interesting points in many high-profile crime cases. Glad he’s not in pain anymore, though, and if there exists an afterlife he’ll be happy to see his daughter Dominique again. R.I.P., Mr. Dunne.

Second, I’m afraid my darling 18-year-old cat may not be around for a whole lot longer. She’s increasingly requiring steroid shots to reduce pain from her arthritis and also increasingly refusing food. It breaks my heart to think of putting her to sleep (I’m crying as I type this) but I won’t allow her to be unhappy or in pain either. We’ll see, but it seems like things are going downhill. My heart feels like it’s breaking.

Let’s move on to gorgeous things, I’ve got to move my mind away from kitty.

In the things-I-will-never-be-able-to-afford file, this gorgeous Lanvin dress

lanvin tiered dress
*Sigh* So gorgeous. From Bergdorf Goodman.

In the things-I-CAN-afford file, I discovered a new site today that I Tons of super cute stuff at really reasonable prices. I want a million things from there…(here come all the pictures)

So pretty
lulus flapper dress

this one could be an easy DIY with the right thrift store dress
lulus axel dress

I love this idea – those who can crochet could definitely do something like this with a thrift store dress
lulus crochet dress front
lulus crochet dress back
lulus crochet dress detail

This maxi dress would be great on someone with a sexy back
lulus maxi dress front
lulus maxi dress back

I love this jacket wrap dress…I’m a sucker for hoods
lulus jacket dress front
lulus jacket dress side

Another dress that seems like it could be a DIY project
lulus rolling stone dress

These shoes are sick
lulus zipper heels

But if you prefer flats…
lulus zipper flats

Cute sequined jacket
lulus sequin jacket crop

I’m having an insane craving for pleather shorts to wear with tights and boots
lulus pleather shorts

Great necklaces
lulus petite fleur necklace
lulus tree necklace
lulus chain veil necklace

So, yeah, now I need to decide what I need from this collection, haha.

Other random inspirations…I watched T2 on TV last night and, as I do everytime I see it, was drooling over Linda Hamilton’s incredibly buff body in it. Those arms…I want.

linda hamilton T2 1
linda hamilton T2 2

This sweater (which could be yet another DIY project)
kimberly ovitz shredded sweater outsapop
From the beautiful fall collection by Kimberly Ovitz – found this via outsapop

And this pretty cool tattoo…definitely not a DIY project

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