so i ran faster but it caught me here

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I’ve been playing around making shoe jewelry like the awesome stuff on litter sf – cut up some studded bracelets from Wet Seal and attached them to chains from the craft store. I need to add more chain that will go underneath the shoes for high-heels, but I decided to wear what I had tonight with flats. Love them! I walked a decent bit and they stayed in place, weren’t irritating…good test run.

shoe jewelry flats

Speaking of litter sf, look at this amazing ish they’ve come up with…

litter sf necklace front
litter sf necklace side
litter sf necklace back


Some fun stuff I’ve acquired lately…I already gloated about the silver sequined jacket but here’s a daytime pic

sequin jacket day

Other things thrifted that day…this brown velvet vest. It has a lot of buttons and I didn’t feel like doing them all up for the photo – it’s double-breasted

brown velvet vest front

I love the very long satin sash that ties in the back into a big bow

brown velvet vest back

Also found a cute long-sleeved henley t-shirt that has shiny things for buttons and metallic trim…it didn’t photograph well

sparkle henley detail

And I found an interesting dress at Walmart a few days ago – it has lots of layers, is linen, and was $9! I plan to wear it as a jumper of sorts, over a long-sleeved black t-shirt, because my arms are fat. Anyway, here it is wrinkled and on the hanger…front

linen walmart dress front

…and back

linen walmart dress back

Ok, gorgeous-things-I-can-afford for once

lulus navy hoodie dress front
lulus navy hoodie dress back
from lulus

queens grommet ankle heels
from Queens Wardrobe

I guess that’s it for tonight – I’m up to my ears in schoolwork.

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you know i can’t sleep, i can’t stop my brain

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Couple of recent outfits –

ooyd 9-29-09

Old satin top from Target, skinnies from TJ Maxx, and 2-year-old riding boots from JC Penney that I really love

brown riding boots

Sitting atop my new NetFlix DVDs that I won’t have a chance to watch for at least a week due to looming midterms. Anyway, they are leather, nice quality, and have held up well…for about $70. Fashion and quality are not only for the rich.

Yesterday I felt like getting a little girly

ootd 9-30-09

Oldish thrifted ruffly banded hem top with a thrifted cute skirt and ruffled t-straps from Payless last fall. Close-ups, posted in the spring but I have new readers now…


I made a vat of chicken vegetable soup on Sunday that was not uber-homemade – utilized chicken from a grocery store roasted chicken, some frozen vegetables (but some fresh as well), canned white beans, barley I cooked myself, and the addition of powdered mashed potatoes as a thickener – it came out well. It’s nice to have something to reheat and eat when I get home at night. Even if it isn’t as perfectly “from-scratch” as I like it to be, it’s better than Taco Bell.

Gorgeous-things-I-can’t-afford file…but possibly also Gorgeous-things-I-can-afford:

ruffle pearl ballet flats
from Nordstom. About $100. Interestingly, someone told me that she is having these shoes replicated by this custom shoemaker on for $30. I am going to investigate that, as I have been wearing ballet slippers a lot lately and these are adorable.

I guess that’s it for tonight!

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all that glitters

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Did some thrifting today…I hadn’t been going to Savers, the “thrift department store” much lately because I feel like their clothes tend to be kind of boring and a little overpriced for second-hand, but I stopped by there today and am glad I did. I’ve been looking all over for a couple of months for a sequined jacket of some kind and haven’t found the right one at the right price. But I found it today at Savers! I love the shape, the color (sequins are silver, not black like it looks in the pic), it was my size, in practically mint condition, and $7.00! This picture isn’t great because I took it at night, I’ll take a better one tomorrow along with the other pieces I bought today, but here’s an idea of what it looks like…

sequin jacket

I LOVE it! The cut is perfect, it even has a little mesh in the shoulders that gives it the slightly prominent shoulder look that is so right for the moment without being over-the-top Dynasty shoulderpads. I just have to replace the single large snap that fastens in the front and it’s good to go!

It was in the section with all the Halloween costumes, LOL. Should I be concerned that I’m buying clothes to wear every day that others classify as a costume? 😛 Actually, though, Halloween IS a great time in retail for a lot of things I love: black nail polish and lipstick, crazy fake lashes, and I love skulls, skeletons, pumpkins, black cats, creepy trees…it’s not only my favorite holiday, it’s a lot of my favorite year-round loves.

Went shopping at Target yesterday with a friend and bought (in the dollar bins) the cutest little flashlight…it has these little filters that you put over the light

halloween flashlight

So when you shine it, you get this!

halloween flashlight cat

So cute! Why do I need this? No idea. I also bought this great mask at the grocery store the other day – I often dress up as a black cat for Halloween but usually just use black makeup to paint on a nose and whiskers…but I couldn’t resist this for $5.00.

cat mask

Not sure if the picture shows that it is velvet-like with feathers and black rhinestones and silver cord around the eyes…so fabulous. I’m having a hard time not buying TONS more stuff, especially all the cool skull stuff. Must. Use. Restraint.

I bought a garter belt at Walmart today – I’m not actually trying to do some sexy thing with this, I just have sort of skinny legs and thigh high stockings never stay up on me, so I wanted something to keep them in place. The one I found is cute, though, it’s styled like a mini (very mini) skirt instead of the traditional style

garter belt

For $10.00, that’ll work.

The gorgeous-things-I-can’t-afford file for tonight…this “black apartment” – totally not my home style (as much as I love black for clothing, I don’t want to live in a super-black environment) but it’s really fabulous

black apartment library
black apartment shoe wall

More photos of it here.

Things-I-can-afford, these harness boots from Target that are leather and on sale for $39.99 this week

target harness boots

They look good in person, too, I saw them yesterday. I can’t decide if I need them or not, as I have a very similar pair of boots without the strap/buckle thing.

DIY ideas…

studded skirt
pic from freez

And look at this awesome DIY, from a belt to bondage anklets.

belt to anklet before

belt to anklet after
via clutch22

I die.

That’s it for tonight. Thanks for reading.

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i don’t know when i got bitter

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School, work, coaxing an old cat to eat…not cleaning my very messy house: GOAL OF THE WEEKEND.

Yesterday I wore a sheer little tunic with floaty sleeves and panels from Target last spring…

angel tunic 1

Over a forever 21 black beater, with old skinnies from TJ Maxx and old velvet quilted ballet flats from Old Navy. I had on a multiple chain bracelet that I got at forever 21 and really like the chains, but the bracelet was really irritating to wear. I took it off in class and was playing with it, and starting having visions of dismantling it and using it with some leather studded bracelets to make shoe jewelry ala litter sf like the ones I posted a picture of here. Stay tuned!

I’m always taking these pics in the mirror in my front hall closet, which is where I always walk in the front door and kick off my shoes, drop my bag, etc…why it’s so cluttered. The pillow lying in the background is kitty’s bed.

BUT tonight I got home to find my tripod had arrived in the post so as soon as I learn to use it and my camera timer, there will be REAL outfit photos on here! Second goal of the weekend.

I was wearing a vintage locket on a long chain that I got off ebay a couple years ago…


And my longtime favorite skull earrings, also from ebay about 4 years ago, that I wear wayyy too often…

skull earring

I love them because the mandibles actually work.

Today I’m wearing my “boyfriend” jeans that I thrifted and distressed

ootd 9-2-09 1

I can’t decide if they need a little more distressing but I’ll leave them for now. With a satin asymmetrical collar blouse that I got post-Christmas at Walmart and haven’t worn yet – I like it!

ootd 9-2-09 3

Payless strappy heels and a zipper bow necklace from Wet Seal

ootd 9-2-09 2

Some inspirations I’ve come across lately…

These gloves are amazing
nail gloves dirty flaws
from dirty flaws

My jaw literally dropped when I saw these – sick.
stella mccartney perforated boots
Stella McCartney, via net-a-porter

For those of us who are on a non-Stella-McCartney-friendly-budget, I found these boots online today…

payless abaete booties

Abaete for Payless and $50…think I may be ordering those.

Alright, off to get some actual schoolwork done.

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all we are, we are

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Hit up a couple of thrift stores yesterday and found some good stuff. Sorry everything is quite creased in these pics because I accidentally left everything in the bags overnight – of course I’ll wash everything before I wear it but it looks wrinkled in these photos.

Cute (and soft) blousey brown t-shirt/tunic

Basic black silk shirt
black sil shirt

Soft black polo-collar sweater
black polo collar sweater

Grey shirt that I may have trouble styling so that it looks ironic and not like I’ve been wearing the same clothes since 1987 (much as I love the revival of 80s fashion, it’s easier pulled off by people who weren’t even born in the 80s than those of us who wore it all the first time around)
studded big shirt
It has studding on the pockets…
studded big shirt detail
..and on the collar…
studded big shirt detail2
We’ll see if I can pull that one off.

Boyfriend jeans, yay! So comfy and cute. I’m going to distress them so they have some holes and wear.
boyfriend jeans

I love this boat neck striped sweater
boat neck striped sweater

Cropped cargos
crop cargo

Cute nehru-collar vest that is made of cool and interesting fabric
nehru collar vest

Another pair of jeans – bootcut – with this cool little studding detail on the back pockets. I may do something more to these but not sure what yet.
studded jeans pocket

Also found this great cuff – instead of studs it has big rhinestones 🙂
sparkle leather cuff

Also found a pearl necklace and a rhinestone necklace that will contribute to my quest to create something like the layered/safety pinned necklace I keep posting here. So, yeah, overall I found good stuff! I love thrifting.

I had the last of my roasted beets in salad again for lunch with spinach, gorgonzola cheese, walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette – like this one from the other day
beet salad

I guess it was a salad day because I had dinner before work and it was egg salad – it was super yum. I am posting here how I cooked the eggs so I don’t forget myself because they came out perfect – yolks not runny but slightly soft and not all crumbly…

I put them into cold water, brought the water to a boil and then took the pan off the heat, covered it and let it sit for 8 minutes. Then I tossed them into a bowl of ice water.

So they turned out great, and I mashed them with a bit of nonfat mayo, grainy mustard, and some of this artichoke tapenade/antipasto from Trader Joe’s…
TJ artichoke trapenade

I didn’t feel like dirtying a new dish so I pushed the egg salad to the side of the bowl in which I’d mixed the whole thing and dumped in some spinach which I dressed with a bit of no-calorie Walden Farms ranch dressing and a drizzle of flax oil
egg salad

It was freakin’ delicious. Honestly, making the eggs with slightly soft, bright yellow yolks added an amazing creaminess.

OH! And I’m excited because I found a seamstress on etsy who is going to make me a dupe of this Stella McCartney romper for a much more affordable price
stella mccartney romper
Image from (I don’t know why I can’t get this to post as a clickable link).

I love it. I’m having it made in dark grey, though, because I can’t keep white clean to save my life, and also because I can wear it practically year-round where I live – I can totally see it with tights and a jacket of some kind and boots…speaking of which, I bought these boots the other day on ebay

thigh high boots

I see that romper with those boots in the winter.

If I’m happy with this seamstress’ work after getting the romper, I have another project in mind for her…you’ll just have to wait and see what it is!

Night. 🙂

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hard to be soft, tough to be tender

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I’m really liking “Help I’m Alive” by Metric (lyrics in today’s post title)…reminds me of The Breeders in the 90s.

Took kitteh to the vet this morning and things are looking pretty good. Going back in a month, keeping her on another course of antibiotics and her iron supplements. Think we figured out why she’s anemic, too, and it makes sense and is the indirect result of a medication she’s been on for her heart. But overall, things seem cautiously optomistic.

They gave her liquid antibiotics – she’s used to taking pills – and I squirted some in her mouth when we got home and the look on her face reminded me of those DO NOT WANT lolcats…


…LOL poor thing. She gave me wounded/baleful looks for the next hour. So I called the vet and went back and got her some pills. Much better.

After her vet visit, I went to breakfast with a friend. I had a huevos rancheros thing which for some reason just didn’t taste very interesting to me.

In the afternoon, I decided to go thrift store shopping. I had a great day! Found all kinds of great basics for the fall/winter. I had this idea in my head of oversized tops to go with leggings and boots/heels as my easy/comfy fall uniform, and found lots of things that fit with that vision.

A dress:
taupe dress

An oversized white heavy linen shirt:
white linen shirt

A grey slightly-puffed sleeve t-shirt:
grey puff sleeve t

A long black cardigan (which is very similar to one I wore to death in the 80s as a teenager…with leggings quite often, lol):
long black cardi

An oversized white tee that kind of reminds me of long johns:
white pj like top

A slightly oversized men’s grey vest (that looks cute over the tee above):
grey mens vest

A crinkly jacket – I know Eileen Fisher is generally worn by the over-60 set (at least in my city) but I thought this had a kind of cool Japanese vibe to it…hope I’m not wrong about that:
eileen fisher jacket

A cropped eyelet jacket with satin trim:
eyelet f21 jacket

A slightly military styled jacket with an adorable peplum that makes my waist look small:
peplum military jacket front

Also got five other tees (just basic stuff too boring to photograph), a black turtleneck sweater, and two science-geek books. Grand total = $60. God, I love thrifting.

I’m off tonight so I’m relaxing at home. I’ll have some more of that soup from yesterday for dinner…yum.

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