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Ah, Tuesday night, the night I have designated for myself as no homework, cooking dinner, and watching the new Melrose Place. Such a great guilty pleasure. I loved the old one, and so expected to hate the new one, but they’ve done a great job of modernizing it while keeping the old vibe. I especially love the character of Ella (played by Katie Cassidy), she’s the new Amanda (Heather Locklear’s character in the old show). She has great style and makeup, too.

And they even got crazy tonight and had Ella make out with another girl! In the old MP, they ended up cutting a proposed kissing scene between two openly gay guys because they decided people would freak out. It’s so annoying how people don’t mind two girls making out (typical guy response in my experience when this topic comes up: “ooh, can I watch??”) but two guys even having a kiss makes people freak out.

Okay, enough about Melrose Place. I don’t have any new original photos to offer (although I did find my camera!) because I’ve been so busy and wearing boring clothes, but I have some inspiration from other sites.

This is probably a bad idea for a permanent tattoo, but I think these are gorgeous pearl-and-chain fake tattoos from Chanel Spring/Summer 2010

From hey crazy

I don’t know, I’ve been wanting another tattoo for years and although I wouldn’t put permanent free advertising for Chanel on my body, I might take the idea of the chains, pearls, and birds somewhere. Filed away in my imagination.

I want this girl’s hair so much. I mean, I’d take her body and face, too, but I think the hair actually might be attainable, it’s similar to mine in many ways. I’d just have to take a little time to actually style mine. Filed in my little brain under Spend-More-Than-Five-Minutes-On-Your-Hair.

From le flassh

Everyone in the fashion blogosphere (can’t believe I just used that word) is going nuts over these Louise Goldin shoes for Topshop, and I guess I’m no exception…

From nitro:licious

And if I was gorgeous like Katie Shillingford, I’d totally do my hair like she has

From jak & jil

Finally, one last gorgeous thing: Kate Moss in this photo from Topshop

The girl has still got it. 🙂

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